Nishant (talking woods)- part 2

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Nishant(talking woods) – part 2

“You can show your anger?” unable to stand her silence he told her after they settled in the cave.

But he received silence and recalled the vogue memory of her sister once telling him…

“Jamai sa, when our chhoti bai ji gets angry its not easy to break the ice.”

Rohini had warned him about the anger once but he didn’t think at that moment, that one certain moment was meant for him to handle.

Without a single glimpse to his side she kept making the bed on the long stone-cot provided to them by the forest queen.

When she stood straight after completing her work, a tap on the entrance broke the silent of the cave…

“Queen Kritika wanted to know if you needed anything?” without coming to eyesight the man asked them.

“yes, if you could arrange some sedative herbs to apply on injuries?” she asked with the politeness.

With a hmm the man out of the cave left and the now restless man crossed her, “are you hurt?” care evident in his voice.

“no,” she answered and bent to fill the stone cup with water provided to them.

Before she could have taken a sip, the cup was taken from her grip… with the suddenness of his action she felt surprised.

In a moment she was trapped to the wall just beside a wooden torch, leaning to her petite form he caged her in his arms.

The heat from the wooden torch made her feel uneasy and she tried wiggling out of his hold but to his strong form she wasn’t a big help to herself.

“Anant…Please leave me.” she pleaded without meeting his eyes.

“where are you hurt?” he asked her and in a moment realized it wasn’t the appropriate question.

“i am not hurt.” she said with a bitter voice, “ I asked the herbs for you.”

“the alcohol made me loose my senses.” turning away from her he said grimly.

The injury on his back had stained his clothes and the stickiness was intolerable but now he didn’t have the will to see it.

“kings are allowed to keep as many queens as they want.” coming to her senses she started.“ Love is a little word…as soon as eyes see the new charm they forget the old love and find life in new one.”

“Vaidehi…” the bitterness of her words sliced him.

“kings should not leave their injury unattended, their whole kingdom looks up to them , their people depend on them .” coming behind him and helping him open his blood stained dress she said calmly.


“so I was right, he is the Prince of Ranghargarh and the girl is his wife… looking through the information she had gotten from her trusted men she mused.

“though the prince seems ignorant but I shall try my luck for the little wish of mine…” Reminiscing her years old wish she called one of the men.

“Dushyant, call your daughter tomorrow and ask her to help the princess, I am going to help the prince personally.

Smiling on her tactics, she closed the long letter she was reading.


With the effect of hot wash and herbs he felt the sleep overpowering him, and though he wanted to clear the things with her he decided otherwise.

Many moments passed with her staring his bare back, the sharp knife had injured it brutally.

the witched man wanted to kill her and with the sharp knife she had wanted to slice his throat but from nowhere a cat jumped on her and her knife was taken…

Her husband’s assuring face came to her sight who sniffed something to her after which she felt dizzy but not before witnessing the knife going down on his back…

with the memory she again felt the pain she suffered at that moment of not being able to help him.

When suddenly he turned on his back and in the nest second took a deep throat ed grunt because of the injury.

Tears left her eyes and sitting on the bed, she caressed his lush black hairs in an attempt for the sleep to take him in full control.

The creases between his eyes started fading and he extended his arm out of habit for her to sleep close to him.

But with a small smile she kept it on his side and lied on her side waiting for the sleep.

After a few hours the wound woke him up when he suddenly rolled on his side… taking a moment for the pain to subside he looked at her.

With Hairs sprawled over her head, little open lips she looked the same pristine she had looked when they had first met… and unable to control himself he bent to her pink lips and touched it with his own.

“eyes see everyday a new charm but they forget the magic of a certain pair, this king has only one queen who has possessed him for at-least this life..” he whispered to her.

He needed to control himself because one it was not easy to continue in this condition and second if she woke up he was going to get a ban of at-least one or two months to get close to her.


Hello everyone, enjoy the second part…and by the way I am really stuck to this PORUS guy.*winks*

With love Morusya.

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