What’s your reaction on Nadaan Parindey’s poignant ending?

Nadaan Parindey just survived for few months on Life Ok, and ended drastically, running the script in high pace and not showing many characters prospect. Many tracks were left unanswered and it has been given a very sad ending, where the lovers Iqbal and Meher die. To give a brief of the show’s last few episodes, if you have missed it, here it is…..

Kirat becomes depressed about Purab’s misdeed. Minti informs Kirat that she does not want to marry Purab. Balbir becomes depressed as Iqbal decides to return to his homeland. Meher tries to stop Iqbal. However, he manages to cross the border. Sameer becomes elated on meeting Iqbal, in the prison. Iqbal takes Sameer’s place in the prison. Later, Balbir tries to convince Meher to forget Iqbal. Balbir tries to console Meher. Meher finds Iqbal’s note, and becomes upset after reading it. Kirat invites Balbir for akhand path, organised by him. Balbir misleads Kirat about Sameer’s whereabouts.

After a while, Meher shows Iqbal’s note to Balbir. On reading the note, Balbir advises Meher to forget her past with Iqbal. Meher and Balbir perform the rituals of akhand path. Meanwhile, Sameer strives to cross the border. Meher welcomes Sameer with a warm hug on believing him to be Iqbal. Balbir becomes elated on seeing Sameer. She becomes suspicious that Meher might have mistaken Sameer to be Iqbal. She prays for Iqbal’s wellbeing. Later, Meher learns that it is Sameer who has returned, and not Iqbal. Sameer professes his love to Meher.

Meanwhile, Balbir tells Meher that Iqbal is not a traitor. In the midst of the misunderstanding, Balbir reveals to Meher that Iqbal is her first son. Meher, taken aback by the shocking revelation, becomes depressed about her life. Later, Sameer professes his love to Meher, and tries to convince her to marry him. However, Meher reveals to Sameer that she loves Iqbal. On learning about Sameer’s feelings for her, Meher becomes upset about her life. Balbir tries to convince Meher to accept Sameer, but in vain. Later, Sameer sacrifices his love, and wishes to be friends with Meher. The next day, Balbir is taken aback on learning that Iqbal has been hanged. On learning about Iqbal’s death, Meher decides to spend the rest of her life as a widow. Balbir informs Kirat and Channi about Iqbal. After few days, Meher learns that she is pregnant. Later, Kirat advises Meher to pretend to be Sameer’s wife, to avoid criticism from the society. Meher agrees to the same. The story culminates with Meher’s death on the hospital bed, after giving birth to a baby boy. Sameer and Bebe are shown taking care of the baby and naming him Iqbal. What do you think about the pathetic end of Nadaan Parindey? Let us know.

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  1. Thank god I tendency there was no need of meher being pregnant….and dying,,,

  2. ha ha ha…..what a funny ending….i am happy that meher died….but the baby named iqbal??!!! Ha ha ha…..i left seeing the show since a month….suddenly it crashed…..

  3. The ending was bad !

  4. It was disastrous ending.

  5. yar m going to miss karam …i used to watch d show for him nly..y did it end so soon…

    1. Becoz of falling trp and deadline to end in sept.

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