Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mr. Bhalla telling Ishita that he will drop Ruhi. She says thanks but where is she. He says she might have gone to call Shravan. She says good, they don’t fight these days. Raman comes and Mr. Bhalla asks did he not sleep well. Raman says we was on social sites to catch with some sites. He dislikes the tea and is annoyed. Mr. Bhalla asks him to rest and then go to office. Ishita laughs reading Mani’s joke on message and says he is too cute, he knows how to lift my mood. He gets jealous and asks does he not have any work. She says he has much work, but he is superb, and says she will tell his joke. He says he is not interested. Romi smiles seeing Raman’s reacting. Raman leaves. Ishita asks whats his problem, can’t he smile. He says he is jealous. She says but why.

He says as you are praising some other guy. She thinks great, I m feeling good, this jealousy looks good. Raman gets ready and asks Neelu to send food to his office. She asks him to tell her any joke, as he is very funny, she has to forward. Raman sees Romi smiling and scolds him, asking him to go to office. Romi says yes and leaves. Raman gets annoyed and says I don’t have waste time like Mani to send stupid jokes. She says just meet him once, you will fall in love with him. He says I m fine the way I m, I don’t love men. She says he is so cutely jealous. He says she is mad to make me love that Mani, and asks her to stop laughing and make the car design final with Mihika. She laughs as he leaves.

Mihika likes a visiting card and asks the man to print it, as the wedding card selection is not done. Ashok’s cards fees is given. She asks the man about his cards. He says its not printed, he just took samples. Mihika says Shagun said Ashok has printed the card, then why did he just make sample, he is playing a game with Shagun. Ishita is going to meet Mani, and asks Raman does he want to come. He says no, I also lost the contract because of Ashok, so I don’t want to come. She asks him to have food with Ruhi and asks Neelu to heat the food. She leaves. He gets angry as she got dressed very well to meet her friend, its not safe on Delhi, but I don’t care. If anything happens, her Mani will come to safe her.

Ishita comes in the restaurant to meet Mani. Raman too comes there and looks at her sitting at her reserved table. He says how is her friend, he called her and made her sit alone, whats this name, Mani, I don’t do this, friendship should be done well, not half like this. A man Murli comes to meet her and says Sir has sent me. Raman thinks he is Mani and comments on him. Murli says Sir will come in 10mins. Ishita says its ok. Raman says is he her friend, I was afraid of him? Murli says Sir did not wish to make you sit here alone, so he has sent me. She says yes, he always thinks for me, come sit. Raman thinks why was I afraid, he is incomparable to me. He waves to a girl and says girls still die on me. He is relieved that the man is not macho, enjoy Ishita.

Ishita talks to Murli and asks are you posted in Turkey or Delhi office. He says Delhi. Mani (abhimanyu) comes there and says Ishu…….. She smiles seeing him. He says I m really very sorry. She says Mani and hugs him. He says I don’t like coming late. She says its ok, it happens. He says its bad manners to make ladies wait, so I have sent Murli. Murli asks them to enjoy the dinner and leaves. Abhimanyu asks about her husband. Ishita says he did not come. He gets an urgent call and says after one hour. He ends the call and asks why did her husband did not come, is he afraid. She says no. Raman comes home smiling.

Raman says I went to spy on his wife for that man. He gets a call and says he got a zoo to see a new animal. Abhimanyu and Ishita have the juice and he asks her to come home to have dinner, as he signed the contract with his friend, so he kept a party at home. He says you will be the hostess of my party, as you know there is no one in my life, help me. She says your parties are always perfect. She says you can make it perfect. She says I won’t come as I don’t know anyone. He says you know me, you are my best friend, please, come on. She agrees.

He says call your husband and asks him to join us, you will get company too if I get busy. She says why did Lord not give such manners to my husband. He says not fair, don’t compare. Ishita thinks don’t know will Raman come or not, let me see he is insecure or not. Ramna meets his staff man. Ishita calls Raman and asks him to come in Mani’s house party. He says he will not come. She tries to convince him for the house warming party. He says he does not care, do house warm or burn, whatever. She asks why can’t he come with her, when she always comes, I did not ask you love, I m asking small things, you can come for me, what to tell him now. He says don’t keep expectations, I can’t come. He ends the call and says her words that she is not asking for love, am I here for distributing love. She says he ended the call, he does not care for me. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays…………….

Abhimanyu sees Ishita crying and asks what happened. She says nothing. He says I know husband and wife’s fights, he might have said why should I come to come in your friend’s party. She says you understand relationships so much, why are you alone then. He says such girl did not come in my life, and no one can bear my fights. She smiles and they leave. Raman talks about work and is thinking about Murli. He laughs and says my wife’s best friend is exactly like you, slim, wears spec and smiles. He asks about his college friendships. The man says I had a friend, but I did her homework and she made me brother. Raman calls him Chusa type and says guys like me take such girls, and says about him and Ishita.

Ashok tries some suits and Shagun sees him online. She says he is looking handsome. She asks him to take her to the party, and she is feeling bored, she did not go to spa. He says yes, go to spa, I will do the booking, no meeting till marriage. She hears a sound and asks him who is in the room. He says trust me, don’t doubt and shows Ramdeen. She says sorry. He gives a good impression and ends the video call. He says this one month break to be converted in life long break.

Raman comes in his room and says shall I go in Mani’s party, but why, he is her friend. I spoke to her rudely, if I go, she will not be happy, why should I go, did she try to convince me, she did not msg or call. He gets bank’s call and thinks its Ishita. He says I don’t want credit and smiles seeing her pic. He says she does not look so bad. He says why am I taking clothes if I don’t have to go.

Raman drinks water and says see she does not have sense of time, its so late, I will pick her up, else she will be annoyed and make me eat idli sambar, she will be happy if I go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  6. Why people read the update when they find the episode awful and poor

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