Sasural Simar Ka 27th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 27th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sunnaina is crying. Simar wonders why is she crying. There is smoke all around. Roli says in heart if I go to help didi she will see me. I have to control myself. Simar tries to get up. Roli says sorry didi I can’t come for your help. sunnaina says this can’t happen. Vikrant, sanju. simar wonders what happened to them? Sunnaina is weeping. Simar comes to Sunnaina. She says simar look what has happened. Simar looks at the crashed car and the smoke. Sunnaina says why it always happens to me, my daughter. My whole family. She says this can’t happen and breaks on the floor. simar is stepping back. She sees sanju’s teddy bear there in the ground. She recalls sanju playing with it. She embraces it and cries. Simar sees roli behind the bushes. She wonders what is roli doing here. Sunnaina is still crying over the cliff. A car comes there. Its Prem she says in heart I think Prem has seen me. He will come for my help. Prem says what is simar doing here in this condition. He goes there and holds her hand. He lefts her hand and asks what happened simar? Simar says Vikrant’s car’s brakes failed. I went off the cliff. Vikrant and sanju were inside the car.

Roli comes in home. Pari says there is no timing of people coming in and going out. uma says at least people should inform so the food doesn’t get wasted. Maya ji says you were in a hurry in morning so I didn’t ask. what was so important? Mata ji says I had trust on all of you but after seeing the condition these days my trust is shivering over all of you. Khushi says roli bhabhi why are you not telling us? We were all worried for you. Pari says yeah at least the family should know where were you. Karuna says speak up roli. Surbhi’s phone rings. she says what? Prem says I am on the cliff. Simar is not in a good condition. Surbhi says you should have helped a stranger too. She is your.. Prem says inform roli. Pari asks what happened? Surbhi says Vikrant’s car met and accident. sanju and vikrant were in the car. Roli holds sid’s hand.

Cops come at the place to investigate. Sunnaina is still siting there. Police say to simar how did you get saved? Prem says look at her do you find her in condition to talk. The constable says the car is crashed she is fine how is that possible. Inspector comes there and asks who are you? He says prem bharadwaj. He asks simar’s name. simar says simar bharadwaj. he says so she is your wife. take her home she needs rest. simar tries to stand up prem gives her support.

Prem brings simar to apartment. he brings the first aid box and gives her ointment to clean her bruise. Simar screams with pain. Prem takes the cotton and cleans it himself. dresses Simar recalls when sunnaina made her turn around from his side. Prem dresses her bruises. Prem stands up simar holds his hand. She is in tears. Simar says prem ji and hugs him. He embraces her. This was all simar’s dream. Prem is standing far away from her and leaves after a while.

Precap- roli says tell me sunnaina won’t you capture simar’s body. Sunnaina says simar help me I don’t wanna live here. I want to go back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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