What’s your reaction on Baawre’s end?

Baawre was based on two individuals who initially hated each other but fell for each other over a period of time. Vinita Joshi and Abhishek Rawat play the leads in the show. The characters of Nikumbh and Yamini were sketched with sincerity and love, but the show did not garner high TRPs and that was the reason for its pulling off air in three months. Life OK’s promising show Baawre which had aired its first episode on June 2 this year has finally ended, as the show stated the Final Week Episodes of the show. The show had a happy ending as Nikumbh proposes Yamini and with their unity, everyone had smiles on their faces and blessed them.

It all started as a story of two dreamers in Lucknow, namely Nikumbh and Yamini. They were very much different and yet connected by hearts. Nikumbh had a bad past as his love has ditched him, she was poor. Same concern was of Raghavendra’s, Yamini’s dad, who thought Nikumbh is using Yamini’s stardom and would not keep her happy. Yamini, a famous singer and Nikumbh, a brilliant theatre director, both teamed up to start their own theatre company.

Yamini becomes overwhelmed with joy as Nikumbh professes his love to her. Azam rejoices on learning from Nikumbh that he proposed to Yamini. Yamini receives an invitation for a fashion event. She and Nikumbh plan to visit Mumbai to attend the event. Nikumbh becomes delighted on getting a sponsorship for his show. Dadi becomes glad on learning about Yamini’s relationship with Nikumbh.Yamini’s Dadi was the only one supporting her and Nikumbh’s love. Dadi decides to stay with Yamini, in the mansion. She is upset with Raghavendra for torturing Nikumbh and Yamini. Nikumbh shows his hospitality towards Dadi and Sumitra. On Shaheen’s motivation, Yamini agrees to attend a fashion event.

Raghavendra attempts to ruin Azam’s relationship with Shaheen. He misunderstands that Yamini is getting engaged to Nikumbh, and pretends to suffer from heart attack. Yamini returns home, and takes care of Raghavendra. She criticizes Raghavendra for his misdeed. Raghavendra realises about Yamini’s concern for him. He regrets ill treating Yamini and Nikumbh, and expiates for the same. Nikumbh and Yamini prepare for Azam and Shaheen’s engagement ceremony. Yamini shares her feelings with Shaheen. Raghavendra apologises to Nikumbh, Yamini, Azam and Shaheen for his misdeeds. He blesses Nikumbh and Yamini. Later, they celebrate Azam and Shaheen’s engagement ceremony. Nikumbh and Yamini profess their love to each other. Are you happy or sad on the show’s end? Did you love the show or wanted to see it go off air being bored of it? Let us know.

  1. shamim kasim

    I think it was given short time because it could have become somethiing like the mills n boon
    The made lovely couple

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  3. But show could have been continued. It was really a nice show.

  4. Where is the last episode 5th September. .telly update. Huh?

    1. Amena

      Last Episode was on 4th September, as Gustakh Dil Maha Episode aired on Baawre’s slot on 5th September.

  5. It was nice serial 🙁

  6. i like nikumbh alot 🙁 the show was awsome 🙁 :'(

  7. This was truly unique show which in complete contrast to what we see on othe channels. The script, the characters and the original background scores where absolutely amazing which can kep you glued to the screen. The channel needs to rethink and get Baawre back with a better slot

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