Gustakh Dil 5th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 5th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Trishna walking in the hotel with Shreya and group of fans. They try to take the attention of the foreigner and Ranawat. Amit comes there as the waiter and says sorry, we will clean everything in two mins. Amit says she is Trishna, the star. The foreigner looks at Trishna and smiles. Cobra plans as Trishna’s fan. Amit messages that their plan is working. Barkha asks Ayesha do you love him, will you marry Adhiraj, where will he keep you. She asks Inder do you think this is her right decision. Ayesha says she took her decision and she will marry Adhiraj, no one can stop her. Barkha says you can’t. Ayesha says she will. Barkha says what does he have, why are you ruining your life.

Inder asks Ayesha to understand. Ayesha says I have taken my decision, I did not come to take permission but to inform. She asks them to decide whether they want to be a part of their happiness or not. The client asks Ranawat about Trishna. The client asks Amit about Trishna and sends a drink from his side. Amit gives it to Trishna and she smiles. He says this rose is from my side. Lajjo signs him to go. She goes to him and gives a rose to him as a token of appreciation. She keeps a bug in it. She says rose is a symbol of love and you are very charming. The man smiles. Ranawat stops her and says we met earlier too.

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Lajjo and Amit are shocked. He says I saw you somewhere before. Amit thinks and sends Shreya. She says she is Trishna, the winner of Jalwa competition. Cobra says yes, everyone knows her. Ranawaast says no, he does not see Page 3 covers, he saw her somewhere else. Ranawat thinks as Lajjo tells him they met at earlier party. He says yes I remember that. Inder gets a call and does not take it seeing Barkha. She talks about Ayesha, and her marriage with Adhiraj. He says please calm down, nothing will happen in this tension, talk with cool mind.

She speaks against Adhiraj. He says its Ayesha’s decision, she can’t force her. She says Adhiraj is trapping her, Ayesha is an emotional fool and thinks its love. He gets call again and lies to Barkha. Barkha thinks why is he lying, what is he hiding. Lajjo and Nikhil come to meet CBI. DK says the bug worked and we arrested that man, but we have to get the safe and his blue diary. DK asks Lajjo to keep this capsule in Ranawat’s study, I want him to be helpless and he has to vacate it. He says the room will have much bad smell and he will be helpless to shift everything.

Nikhil says if we get blue diary, then. DK says then you have to get safe and the key, take the blue diary and bring it here. Nikhil says then our work is over, you will drop all charges against me. Miss Roy says yes, you guys are free to go. Lajjo and Nikhil smile. Miss Roy asks them to be alert, if he doubts on you, we won’t be able to see you again. Lajjo says she is not afraid and she will prove Nikhil innocent. Miss Roy says I salute you, your husband is very lucky. Lajjo says I m lucky and holds Nikhil’s hand. They come home. Ayesha hugs them smiling and says good news, she is not going abroad as Adhiraj proposed her, plan has changed, Adhiraj told me his feelings and stopped me.

Nikhil jokes. Ayesha says he failed to his heart and all because of Lajjo, as she took his class. Lajjo says not much, and laughs. Ayesha thanks her. Nikhil says you did not tell me. Lajjo says don’t tell everything to husband. I m happy for you. Nikhil hugs Lajjo and says I love Lajjo. Lajjo says you should tell whats in heart. Ayesha says you are right. She gets Adhiraj’s call and is excited. She leaves. Nikhil says love. They laugh. He says Miss Roy is right, I m lucky. He says you manage everything, not bad. She says there is nothing important than love and family. Nikhil comes to Ranawat’s home and Jasmine meets him. He says Sir called me. She flirts with him. Lajjo looks on being jealous.

Jasmine holds Nikhil and he looks at her. Lajjo thinks how to keep Jasmine away from Nikhil. Lajjo asks Savita to help her, just clean this potatoes for me and cut few tomatoes. Jasmine gets closer to Nikhil. Lajjo comes with a sweepstick and asks Jasmine to get up. She beats Jasmine and asks her to sit away. Jasmine says now you will tell me. Nikhil smiles. Jasmine asks Lajjo to go. Lajjo says I will get fired. She tells her about her drunkard husband and children. Nikhil laughs seeing Lajjo non stop talk. Jasmine asks Lajjo to go.

Inder talks to Ayesha. She says now you will say my decision is wrong. He says no, sit down. He says did you think how will the life be with him, look at yourself, designer clothes, shoes, rooms, cosmetics, warbrobe. She says please Papa. All this does not matter to me now, this is nit life, love is important. She says I don’t understand when you can accept Lajjo, why not Adhiraj. He says its difference, Lajjo was poor and came into rich house, and you are rich, and going to poor house. He says I can’t think of someone who can go from rich to poor house.

He says this love will fade soon. She says no, never. I will not come to you with complains. He says I knew you will say this, fine, I m keeping a condition, a test, if you pass, then I promise I will do your marriage with Adhiraj. She asks what condition. Jasmine sits with Nikhil again and Lajjo makes her get up. Jasmine scolds her. She says you are the cook, why are you here. Lajjo says Savita told me to do her work. Jasmine says she will fire her. Nikhil reminds Jasmine to behave well with servants, talk with love. Jasmine says yes, coffee shop lecture. He says yes. She says yes, I know. Lajjo argues and says she is poor but whats wrong, she works hard and eats food.

She beats Nikhil for joking. He says Lajjo sorry. Jasmine asks him why is he saying sorry to her. Nikhil signs Lajjo to go. Lajjo says going and thinks to keep capsules in study room. Inder asks Ayesha to stay a poor life in this house from today. Ayesha is stunned. Lajjo comes in the study room and keeps the capsules. She thinks she is near her destination now. Jasmine asks Nikhil to come with her to a pub. She promotes Dare 2 dance. She says lets go for a movie and says you can’t say no this time. He says he has imp work with Ranawat. She says she will talk to her dad.

She holds his hand and tie smiling. He moves her away and asks whats your problem. He scolds her and asks do you think I m here for time pass. She says you are refusing me. He says yes. She says now I get it, you are afraid of dad, I told you I will talk to him, he will cancel the meeting. He says you don’t get it. She says alright, so you are adamant. She says she is very adamant. She says lets see who wins. She burns her hand. Nikhil says don’t do this cheap tricks, I don’t care even if you burn, jump from terrace or die. I won’t tolerate this, stay in your limits. He gets Ranawat’s call and says I m coming. He leaves. She says see how I make you my boyfriend.

Lajjo and Nikhil have some romantic moments. She gets closer and he moves her away. She flirts like Jasmine and he is annoyed. She says if wife does this, you are disturbed, what when Jasmine does this. He holds her. She laughs and says she has work. She says the capsule will be working now, I want that safe now, we will be free then. He says I m also waiting for that moment. She says I forgot I have Mumbai ticket, I can’t miss LFW. He says Lajjo, I will really miss you. Its morning, Ranawat and Shalini close their nose as bad smell is coming. She says I think its coming from study. They go to the study to see. Lajjo thinks now my work will be done. Lajjo come slot the study and looks for the safe.She says what to do, where is it, if anyone see me, what will I say. She thinks is the safe inside the wall and checks the walls. She sees a wall and gets the secret way inside.

Lajjo comes inside the secret passage and gets the blue diary. Shalini is coming towards her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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