Uttaran 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Asgar has got everyone tied and some men have come over to keep a watch on his family as well. Ammi tells Asgar that he is not doing the right thing. Allah is watching everything. He will never forgive you. Asgar is not affected. I will get so much money from this mission. After sheltering Meethi and fulfilling this mission I will get incalculable money with which I will buy all the happiness (luxuries) for me. please forgive me. I have to do this for my future. His Abbu interrupts him. I can see your future. You can earn too much money but you will never be at peace in your life. Allah will punish you such that you will crave for death but that too wont come to you. Asgar smiles. May the rest of your life pass peacefully! Don’t worry about me. My name will be in the richest people of this country very soon. zubeida laughs at him. you will be the poorest guy of the world who will have no one with him – no wife, kid, brother, sister or parents. You wont even get a place for yourself in the cemetery. He holds her hairs angrily and then leaves her. he tells his men to keep an eye on them all. Forget it that they are my family. make sure they don’t get out of this house or try to reach police. No one’s voice should go out of this house till this mission is complete. He walks out of the house while they all look at him helplessly.

Mukku comes to her locality in her taxi. They are super surprised to see her thus. She asks Vishnu if he will be her first passenger. He compliments her that she is looking very beautiful in this uniform. How can I say no to you? She tells him not to flirt with taxi driver. He agrees to come only if she will take money from him for this ride. They all sit in the taxi happily.

Sankrant and his family bring Ganpati home. On the other hand, Meethi wears the bomb while Akash looks on helplessly.

Even Vishnu brings Ganpati. Her fellow drivers are invited for it. They agree to come on her insistence. Asgar dons a new avatar for the event. Akash is keeping an eye on him. asgar’s guy tell him that the bomb is all set.

Sankrant and Vishnu welcome Ganpati in their homes respectively.

The guy shows remote detonator to Asgar. When you will press it the red light will be switched on in the bomb. The blast will happen after a minute’s time. Akash is shocked. Asgar smiles. He tells him to give overcoat to Meethi. She is fully ready now. Asgar tells his men to free Akash’s hands as he must be dying to meet his wife. He warns Akash not to act smart or he wont even think before shooting them. Meethi notices a cutter and looks around to make sure no one is watching her. She picks it up.

Maiyya prays for Akash. Meethi touches Akash’s face and they both look at each other. Vishnu wonders if Meethi-Akash will be back before Ganpati visarjan. She tells him to think positive. Meethi and Akash hug. He doesn’t want to let her go while she is sure he will come. You will not just save me but everyone else as well. Maiyya wishes that Akash-Meethi should return before Ganpati visarjan. Akash is feeling all negative but she has full faith in him. Bappa will surely give you one chance. Mukku prays for their safety. Meethi gives the cutter to Akash. They both look at each other and nod their heads slightly. Asgar tells them that their time is up.

Maiyya vows not to do Ganpati visarjan if her kids are not back before that. Meethi follows Asgar while his men take Akash yet again. they both look at each other one more time and chant Ganpati Bappa Morya. After that, Meethi walks out with Asgar.

Someone knocks at Rizvi ji’s door. the family wonders who it could be. One guy keeps a gun on Ammi’s head while the other goes to see who it is. Ashfaque warns the guy to stay after from his Ammi. The guy is shocked to see Ansari and he too is surprised to see him here. He asks for Ashfaque. The guy lies that they all have gone to dargah. Ashfaque intentionally drops a vase to make noise. Ansari hears it and gets curious. He goes inside to check but the guy yet again lies that he is doing some furniture work. We will leave once Asgar comes home. Ansari gets a call. Meanwhile the other guy warns Ashfaque not to act smart or he will shoot them. ansari has to go to embassy so he leaves while the whole family is dejected. The other guy slaps Ashfaque for his act.

Asgar and Meethi reach the embassy in disguise. He lies that they are from the catering department. Meethi prays to Ganpati for help. Akash will come to save not only me but everyone else too.

Asgar’s main guy warns other to be very careful. They cannot do any mistake. Akash is cutting the rope using the cutter.

Asgar decides to go from the back door. kitchen is there so security wont be there. It will link us directly to the main hall. No one will be able to know about us or recognize us. She nods. The tempo gets a green signal from the police so Asgar drives inside.

Akash has freed his hands but holds them back to complete his mission. He asks for water. Maybe you will get to go in heaven if you will help someone who is thirsty. The guy throws water on his face to mock him. You will go to heaven as we have booked your tickets now. akash wipes his face and chants Ganpati Bappa Morya.

Asgar and Meethi serve sherbet to the guests. He tells her to stay with him as he will anyways keep a watch on her. I will tell you what to do as the right time comes. Ansari calls out to them. meethi has her back to him while Asgar keeps his head down while Ansari picks a glass from the tray. Someone comes to talk to him just then so he leaves with the guy.

Akash has escaped from there.

Asgar shows the platform to Meethi where all the guests will unite. When the lamps will be lit there, you will go on stage with garlands while I will press the detonator’s button. It will be a message for India and I will watch it from here only today. meethi wonders when will Akash reach here as they have very less time left now.

Precap: Meethi is shocked to see Damini at the embassy. Why did you come here? Damini knew that she was in some problem. I came to take you with me. Meethi tells her to go from here. Damini cannot understand why she is talking like this. Meethi shows her the bomb around her waist. I am a human bomb. Damini is shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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