Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, umesh sees kirti texting he asks kirti whom is she texting she says see im gonna die now n u shd accept ur mistakes before dying so im texting my all ex boyfriends sorry bcoz i was never serious abt them, umesh says god why do i have so weird cousins, umesh asks kirti to call nisha n ask where is she n has she reached to save us, kirti cals nisha n tells her that shez keeping her mobiles flash light on so that nisha can find them, nisha recues umesh n kirti.
Dolly is practising to become seductive, roopan n vimla see this n start laughing, laxmi comes n gives dolly her shrug, roopan says sorry to laxmi about the morning scene, laxmi says its ok n she wasn’t upset about it, roopan tells laxmi about dollys practice n she starts laughing as well, dolly gets upset , roopan n laxmi start teasing her, dolly shoos them off saying she is very sleepy.
While in escape, nisha umesh kirti see ritesh n hide,kirti says why are we hiding lets kidnap ritesh, umesh n kirti request nisha to join the kidnap mission, nisha agrees n join them, they kidnap ritesh in sack n take him away while doing soothe watchmen sees them.
Dadji asks mohan to pick guests from station, kirti nisha umesh bring ritesh successfully home, nisha sees from window n says dadji went to bed now how will we open the main door, kirti says jwala n bunty must have slept n suku isn’t picking the phone, umesh says lets ask dolly, while dolly opens the door in a seductive way n seeing her cousins front of them gets embarrassed n asks wat are u all doing here, umesh says we will discuss all that later let me in first, umesh kirti n nisha take ritesh to terrace, dolly murmurs to herself shit my secret plan to meet summit is cancelled now, nisha says here ur kirti open him up n do whatever u want to do n leaves, umesh stops her n says wat hurry ur in lets wait for some time, nisha says kirti will figure out all by her lets go, umesh says wait let me call suku he shd know abt this as well, dadji finds sukus phn lying on grond n picks it up, umesh without checking wether its sukku asks him to come on terrace, while umesh is on phn suku comes from behind n asks who are u calling,cousins realise there is a big mess n hide in a room, while they hode in nearby room, dolly n summit come there to spend some time together, cousins catch them red handed, nisha asks them wat are they doing here, dolly says some imp discussion abt marriage, they hear someone coming upstair n all hide in room, nisha pushes umesh n suku out of room, dadji comes n sees umesh n suku, dadji asks wat are they doing here suku sys nothing much just enjoying morning air, dadji says have u lost it at 3 am n scolds them n asks them to go to bed, dadji gives suku his mobile n leaves,kirti says to summit shd i tell dolly that u dream abt me, summit asks how do u know, kirti says just got to know, dolly says to summit come lets go n discuss wat we where supposed to, suku says let them discuss lets go to bed, nisha says first remove mister America from sack, suku opens the sack n all get shocked to see they have picked up the wrong person, suku clicks a photo with the guy to picture as they guy is trying to kiss suku , cousins ask wat is suku doing, the missing guy is ravi his wife informs ritesh that ravi is missing while suku n cousins show the photo to ravi, nisha says to ravi if u inform anybody abt kidnapping we will show this pictutres to everyone, ravi promises not to tell, nisha drops ravi back to guest house while going back ritesh sees nisha jumping off the wall, on asking the watchman he says he saw a girl in jeans ravis wife says that shd be nisha for sure she informs leela about this, leela ravis wife n watchman go to nishas house to meet dadaji.

Dadaji says u people think ravi is here come check my house bcoz im very sure he isn’t here.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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