WHAT!! Salman Khan EXPOSES Arhan’s marriage and child to Rashami Desai

Bigg Boss house is not an easy place to live in. Here people hide their true colors and when eventually the reality comes to the surface what is left behind is heart break and despair. Tonight in the weekend ka Vaar episode we will witness some high wattage drama as Salman will be furious with the housemates.

Unnecessary violence has become the go to weapon of everyone in the house and it’s disrupting the order of the house. The tasks demand competency but violence is not called for. Salman will school the contestants tonight for the same as seen in the promo.

Along with thins the highlight of the evening will be the details which will shake Rashami Desai’s world upside down. In the promo it is seen that Salman is directing his anger toward Rashami’s boyfriend Arhan. He asks Arhan to reveal his personal details and Arhan replies by saying that he lives with his mom, dad, brothers and sisters outside of the Bigg Boss house.

Salman then drops the bomb and asks him to tell about his wife and his child as well. It leaves everyone shocked, especially Rashami. If you remember, a few days ago actress Amrita Dhanoa filed a fraud case against Arhan and claimed that they were in a five year long live-in relationship and were supposed to marry each other.

Well, now only the episode will reveal if Salman was kidding or Arhan really has a past which no one knows about.

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  1. Hope Rashmi does not trust Arhaan anymore as he has used other women financially n physically as per the media n his actress friend Amrita.

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