Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Amma falls down and gets hurt

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The episode starts with Rajjo dancing in the park. Happu comes to her and dances. Rajjo hits him and asks if he can not see and walk. Happu says since I saw you, I couldn’t see anything. Rajjo slaps him and asks if he don’t have mother at home. Happu says I don’t have wife at home. Rajjo slaps insulting him. Amma hears kids fighting and asks them to go and study inside. She thinks Happu’s father is not seen. He comes and says I am here darling. He tells that she did right by sending them. Amma tells Dada ji that she felt sad as her son got beaten up unnecessarily. Dada ji says I was beaten up too because of you. She says once you had lifted your mother. Dada ji says you made her sleep on your place. Kids are fighting. Amma comes out scolding them and falls stepping on the marbles. Malaika asks if she is saying truth or acting. Amma says she is saying truth. Dada ji says this is the tiger story. Amma asks him to stop his nonsense else she will squeeze the lemon. Malaika asks the kids if Dadi really fell down. Amma swears on Dada ji. Malaika asks her siblings to make Dadi get up.

Happu and Rajjo come home. He tells her that she slapped him hard. Rajjo says you had only said that you wanted to refresh the past. Happu asks her to slap him lightly. Beni comes and asks if they enjoyed. He says they are looking college type couple and asks Rajjo what did they do? Happu says it is our personal thing and asks if he will write the story. Beni says yes and tells that the story will be of a middle aged couple. He asks Happu about the pink mark on his cheeks. Rajjo says I slapped him. Beni laughs and tells that he has won a case today. He asks Pan shop to give a pan. Pan shop guy asks him to pay the money.

Malaika massages Amma’s legs. Amma tells that she has grown old. Malaika says your habits are not like old age types. Hritik tells Amma that mummy and Papa came back. Amma asks them not to tell them about her pain. Happu and Rajjo come inside. Amma asks if they enjoyed. Happu asks about her legs. Amma says she is fine and Malaika was insisting to massage her. Rajjo asks if the kids had food. Hritik says yes and tells that Dadi made nice food. Rajjo says sorry to Amma. Amma asks them to go and sleep. Happu hugs Amma. Rajjo says good night to kids and go to room. Hritik says he is feeling hungry.

Kat is singing song. Kamlesh comes there and sings song. Kat says your voice is bad. She asks him to tell poetry. Kamlesh says today is 13th day of my poetry death and tells that she has killed it. Kat says his poetry was weak. Kamlesh asks whatever she said while insulting him was truth. Kat says not really, and then asks him to think like that. Kamlesh is shocked.

In the room, Rajjo and Happu look shy. She asks him to tell poetry to her. Happu tells poetry praising her and she feels shy. She tells that she will tell poetry praising his moustache. Happu asks her to sing song first. Rajjo sings song praising his moustache.

Hritik, Chamchi and Ranbir come to fridge and couldn’t find anything inside. Rajjo hears them. They tell that they are very hungry. Hritik says he will ask Dadi to make something. Chamchi asks him not to say to Dadi. Hritik says my teacher had said that if we do anything wrong then it happens for really. Ranbir says Dadi acted to fall down, and now she fell down. Rajjo thinks she couldn’t understand that her kids are hungry and feels bad. She comes to Amma and calls happu She asks Amma why she acted. She tells Happu that Amma fell down and broke her leg. She tells that kids are hungry. All the kids tell that they are not hungry. Happu asks what did you have it. Amma says she drank something. Malaika asks them not to take tension and enjoy. Rajjo says she don’t want to enjoy and asks them to say what they want to eat. Kat asks her to make French fries. Malaika and hritik ask her to make omelette. Chamchi, Ranbir and Amma ask her to make dal chawal. Amma asks Rajjo to massage her feet after making food. Happu says I will do it now.

Later Happu calls Rajjo to room. Rajjo asks why he called and asks him not to do timepass. He says he couldn’t find his handkerchief. Rajjo says it is kept on the bed and gives to him. Happu takes her lipstick mark on it and kisses it. He says this is my handkerchief. Rajjo smiles.

Precap: Happu and Rajjo have an argument and they decide to concentrate on hritik.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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