Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Samrudhi gets worried for Vaishnavi

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 6th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mahipal thinking to take Chandra and Vaishnavi to Palace soon. He tells Vaishnavi that they shall leave, your brother is getting sleepy. Vaishnavi says ok. Bhakti tells her that she is very precious for them and they will be grateful to her always. They tell that they will take Prasad and aarti from her hands. They ask her to do aarti. Vaishnavi says I will come and asks them to go. Mahipal says we have to go, if sunrises then it will be difficult to enter Palace. Chandra says we shall leave. Mahipal asks her to send Chandra and says I will not take much time. Mahipal asks her not to take much time. Vaishnavi gives aarti to everyone. Bhakti says we shall give aarti and Prasad to others in the village. Loknath says they made her God and she is giving aarti to everyone. She says they will make her sit inplace of idol and do aarti. Bharti tells her that she had saved her from Pisasch, else don’t know what would have happened with her. Vaishnavi says you have faced that Pisasch and everything is fine because of you.

Moor/Kali is still seated with his eyes closed. Devraj Indra comes there and asks him to wake up, else Mahadev will make them sleep for forever. He tells that if anything had happened today to that girl by Pisasch Raj then tridevs and tridevis wouldn’t have left me. Kali/Moor opens his eyes and tells that Kali’s Kaal will start. He laughs. Devraj Indra says you didn’t know what had happened and tells that his Pisasch Raj is dead by the girl, but how? He says how that other girl killed him and that’s why Mahadev…Moor says Pisasch Raj died due to his foolishness. Kali/Moor tells that whatever had happened was her shakti pariksha, in which she has passed. He says I am Kali/Kaal, Vikraal and Taal.

Mahadev thinks what Narayan is thinking. Vaishnavi gives aarti to everyone in the village, going to their house. Bharti says everything will be fine in our village. Vaishnavi tells Mahipal that they don’t need to come here again, everything will be fine here. Mahipal says we shall leave now and asks her to meet everyone. Vaishnavi sees an old house and asks why there is a darkness there, I didn’t give aarti there. She walks towards that house. The boys and others get afraid. Loknath looks on. Bhakti stops Vaishnavi and comes to her. She says nobody stays here, so no need to give aarti here. Bharti tells that nobody stays here, and this place is not safe. She says senapati ji is calling you. Vaishnavi looks at the house. Bhakti and bharti asks her to come.

Later loknath comes to his house along with his sons. He scolds them and thinks Trikuta went from here, now this is the time to scare villagers. He looks at the isolated house and thinks he will call him.

Devi Lakshmi tells all devs and devis that Vaishnavi has blessed everyone in the village. She tells that everything will be good in the village. Narayan is silent. Brahma Dev thinks why Narayan is worried. Devi Lakshmi tells that they all shall bless Vaishnavi. They show their hands to bless her, but Narayan uses his left hand to bless her. Mahadev thinks what is his aim? Narayan thinks this work is important and makes Samrudhi wakes up shouting Vaishnavi’s name. Samrudhi thinks Vaishnavi left and thinks what kind of dream I have seen. Ratnagar Sagar comes there and asks if her sleep is done. He asks if she is fine? Samrudhi asks where is Vaishnavi? He says she must be in the Palace. Devi Lakshmi says Vaishnavi is not in the Palace, and Samrudhi..Narayan signs Mahadev not to say. Devi Lakshmi says they have to do some magic. Narayan stops them. Devi Durga asks if Samrudhi will find out. Samrudhi comes to Vaishnavi’s room and finds her missing. Ratnagar asks what happened? Samrudhi searches for her still. Mahipal and Vaishnavi are on the way. Vaishnavi thinks the flowers are beautiful. Mahipal thinks to take her out of Palace for 10 nights were more difficult than fighting in battle field and thinks she shall be happy always. Samrudhi comes to the toy room and gets more worried.

Precap: Ratnagar asks his brother to ring the bell of trouble and also announce that Vaishnavi and Mahipal are not in the Palace. While they are returning to Palace, they hear the bell and get worried.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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