Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 7th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 7th March 2013 Written Episode, Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 7th March 2013 Written Update

This week’s guests: Sambhavna, Aaryan, Amit, Payal, Pavitra
Host: Payal
Welcome drink: Dry fruit milkshake
Starters: Lentil soup with lavash
Salad: Watermelon, mint Ricotta cheese
Main: Moussaka, Tofu curry, Saffron rice
Sweet: Baklava
Theme: Arabian Nights
Menu comments:
Amit says Payal is confused for having moussaka as part of Arabian theme
Sambhavna upset that menu is veg (what does she expect from a vegetarian?)
Sambhavna comes first. Asks what happened with the food she had sent for Pavitra the previous night and Payal says Pavitra just tasted it but expects Sam to apologise (which Sam obviously does not like).
Amit enters singing mashalla mashalla. Aryan comes dressed as Sinbad the Sailor. Guests find banana instead of just dry fruit in the welcome drink and think that spoilt the drink.
Aryan says the dal in the soup in not fully cooked. Pavitra just picking on the food and not talking. Payal takes her inside and Pavitra starts crying for her humiliation yesterday. Payal tries to show her Sam’s point of view and says Pavitra had behaved like a child asking for the drink repeatedly. Pavitra says for her Sam does not exist and she is not going to pretend otherwise. In the living room, Amit tries telling Sam to make the relationship better. Sam says if Pavitra behaves like yesterday she would also react worse. So the guys give up on trying to make her see sense

Dinner time. Amit finds the tofu is floating in olive oil **So much for healthy food. Pavitra wonders why the menu is so limited. She does not like tofu or saffron. Aryan says the dish is sweet. Payal asks whether she should make something else for Pavitra. Sam (the acknowledged good cook in the group) steps in and offers to make burji. Pavitra says she does not want anything made by Sam. Payal, relieved to get some help, says she will make with Sam’s help but Pavitra says she would prefer to have the starter again instead of anything that has Sam’s touch. Pavitra says if Payal is insisting on cooking for her, she will help. Amit says Payal is being childish and that is wrong. Sam tells the others not to blame her for lack of effort (aaj achchi bachchi ban gayi hai)
Amit tells Pavitra to forget what happened yesterday. She tells him that is easy for others to say. If she had thrown Amit out, Amit would have spit on her face. Aryan seems to agree with Pavitra. Baklava goes down well with everyone.
Sam helps Payal by cooking chana masala and everyone appreciates the food and her effort. Pavitra does not have that food and gets up from the table (No idea why the additional food was made as she had made her position clear. The others seemed to want the food made by Sam ). Payal says Sam is moody but a good cook. (Old enemies are coming close thanks to Welcome. Looks like this show does not want multiple vamps)
Everyone leaves the table to let Sam and Pavitra alone. Sam starts humming and Pavitra gets up after some time. Sam finds the others and tells them. Payal goes to find Pavitra and admits she left them alone to sort out matter. Pavitra starts crying as everyone is praising Sam and she seems to be painted as the bad one while she cannot forget how Sam behaved with her yesterday. The guys go to Pavitra who is crying uncontrollably. Payal is upset as Pavitra is crying and she is caught in between Sam and Pavitra. Sam can’t undersand why Pavitra was crying as no one said anything to her. (Buddhu, that is the issue. She was feeling isolated)
For entertainment, Payal does belly dancing to mashallah mashallah. Sam joins her first and others follow soon.
Anyway, Payal and Sambhavna have become friends now. Payal happy that no left her house hungry (which is a big thing in this mehmaan nawaazi show).


Sam: 8
Amit: 7
Aryan: 7
Pavitra: 7

Update Credit to: BullsEye777

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