Uttaran 7th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 7th March 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 7th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts at Thakur House where everyone is sitting relieved after reading the e-mail from Vishnu. Damini complains that they should have called…they know she cant read or write. Both Iccha & Baby ji are worried equally. Our love has spoiled her. Kanha tries to tell her that Vishnu has mentioned their International calling Card is not working properly. Divya supports him that they have at least informed us.
Nani says..Ram Hi Rakhey, at least they have mailed or I was starting to believe that Mukta was right.
Divya corrects her that nothing of that sort is…they have mentioned that they are happy. They haven’t called only….rest everything is fine.

Jogi tries to reassure her that everything is fine. Vishnu will take good care of Meethi.
Surabhi too joins in saying that Vishnu has madly fallen in love with her that is why Meethi ha sforgotten all of us. Husband’s love has become a sweet cage for her.
Damini still protests but Jogi calms her down showing her the s-mail and tells her that it has been sent to Veer & Iccha as well…don’t worry.
Divya says….younger generation kids and their new styles.
Damini says that the younger generation needs to understand that they are old…plus she is illiterate. She shares that she first heard of phone when she had come to Bombay.
Kanha again tells her that they have mentioned that they will call them as soon as the phones start working & tells Surabhi to not worry about it as well.
Surabhi thinks….they have so much trust on me. What will happen when they will realize that it is actually her who has planned & executed all this?
(She could have realized what she was actually saying).

Pavitra & her other sister bring in Meethi (with her eyes covered) to her room. They remove the cloth & Meethi gets shy seeing her room decorated with flowers & candles.
Both tease her lightly about suhagraat and Meethi smiles shyly.

Scene shifts to Maiyya & Akash standing looking at Avinash’s photo.
Maiyya says…that they have waited for so long but today the time has come when our son will get intimate with that lady’s daughter. (ok, the dialogues are so so heavy). She asks him to take his dad’s blessings that he wont forget the revenge that he has to take. Maybe tonight he comes close to Meethi physically, but he shouldn’t get lost in her & forget their real motive behind their marriage. Its not for love but for revenge.

Meethi is shy & both the massi’s tease her & then leave her alone in the room. Meethi looks at the room & decorations & smiles.

Maiyya continues…that rose petals are spread in their room but he has to make sure that he gives her immense pain just as its thorn gives…and make sure that it stays for life.
Akash nods in approval. He says he doesn’t love her at all & tonight will be the night of hatred.
Pavitra asks him to go as Meethi is waiting for him. Maiyya reminds him not to forget the pain while enjoying with Meethi (she sucks 🙁 ). Akash takes her blessings and leaves. She looks back the pic nostalgically.

Meethi is sitting on the bed….waiting for Akash. He opens the door (his background music is playing). Both look at each other while Akash recalls his mother’s words. He closes the door & walks up to Meethi. He teases her what she wants…a football team or a kabaddi team. Meethi doesn’t understand….he clears if she wants 11 boys or 5 girls. She smiles and punches him lightly. Kuch iss tarah is playing in the background while they run, chase each other & finally come closer in an embrace.
Meethi asks him if he will love her like this forever. He says yes…forever. He thinks that he will hate her…forever! Meethi happily puts her head on his shoulders.


Next day, Tappu comes to meet Amla at her home. (Amla is looking very beautiful in pink).
Tappu asks her how she is. She replies that she is good….but she thought that tappu has forgotten her,
Tappu says…whatever you have done for us all, how we can forget.
Amla wants to go and get her her favorite coffee but Tappu asks her to sit…she has come here to speak with her. Its been so many days that she hasn’t spent time with her. She hands over osme gifts to Amla from Bundela family.
And one special gift from Iccha. Amla is hesitant but Tappu insists her to open it and see.
Amla opens the gifts and finds bangles…she is speechless. Tappu tells her that there is a letter as well.
Amla says…she cant read as she is illiterate. Tappu reads the letter for her.

Amla ji,
How should I thank you? You supported what was right and gave me back my rightful place in Bundela House. I will always be indebted to you. It was my daughter’s marriage…forgive me that I couldn’t invite you but please bless her & pray for her happiness always. I am sending a small gift for you.

Amla becomes nostalgic……gives her love & accepts the gift. She asks Tappu if the marriage went by smoothly.
Tappu becomes sad & says….it was ok ok. The marriage did happen but there were a lot of hindrances as well. One daughter was getting married and the other daughter was kidnapped on the other side. It was a relief that her father was there or God knows what would have happened. I firmly believe that Tej Singh was behind this. I want to throw him out of the house but don’t have any proof against him. Chanda didi was also saying something….maybe Tej is indeed somehow responsible for Daddaji’s death.


Tappu says….she feels Chanda didi has some proof. I am sure about it but she won’t trust or believe me.
Amla has flashback of Chanda stealing some jewellery. She gets up and says…who better than her to understand Chanda’s antics. She was the no. 1 thief. I have seen it from my own eyes.

Tappu gets up and asks her if she knows where Chanda might have hidden the proof? Amla remembers where she used to keep the stolen things. She shares that she keeps uttering Kanha ji, Kanha ji whole day but she hides the things under his idol only. And when no one is at home, she shifts it to a sanduk (an antique jewellery box) that is kept hidden in her room. Episode ends on tappu’s face.

Precap: Chanda is frantically searching for the Tape & quickly hides it in the sanduk when Tappu walks in in her room. Chanda looks at her in anger and asks her what is she doing here…..is she is spying on her again?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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