Junoon 7th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 7th March 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 7th March 2013 Written Update

part 1
prithvi is restless thinking of miu’s challenge … he decides to tell miu that he doesnt care about the challenge and he will win it
prithvi goes to miu’s room and overhears the convo between her and akash .. akash tells her to eat something as she is hungry with prithvi since morning.. prithvi feels bad ..
meera states that dadi is doing so much for him by accepting him in the family.. atleast for her happiness he can eat some prasad.. his eating prasad will be his 1st step in accepting this family.. and to accomplish this she doesnt mind remaining hungry for many days..
prithvi restless knowing meera dint eat anything due to him.. he goes to miu’s room and agrees to eat prasad.. miu asks him if empty stomach has removed all his attitude he says that empty stomach has taught meera some attitude.. ..
meera takes prithvi to the temple and offers prasad.. and prithvi eats it.. hurray !!! dadi sees this and is very happy..
she tells him that everyone in the house first eats prasad and then eats food.. so now he can eat as his parcel is hidden by her
prithvi stares at the gods idol in anger and leaves..
prithvi and miu both at dining table and eating.. prithvi walks away with his plate.. the turns back and keeps seeing miu.. junoon BG
awww… prithvi is melting.. he smiles staring at miu.. both smiling to themselves.. prithvi turns and sees god idol in the mirror.. very symbolic..
dadi talks to miu in the kitchen and thanks her.. she says that she is the best DIL for the house and best match for akash and offers her a bangle.. miu doesnt want it.. she hesitates.. but dadi forces her and gives it to her.. miu is restless..
miu shows akash the bangle.. and tells him that she has given it to the DIL of the house.. and she is feeling so guilty.. akash tells her that she is gonna be DIL of the house as prithvi is also the son of the house.. so the equation is the same.. but miu says that but dadi doesnt know about her and prithvi.. aksh explains that we have to wait as there is a lot of things to explain everyone..even about her parents so wait for the right time to tell everyone

part 2

next day.. dadi comes to offer prayer and sees that god adol is missing from its place.. everyone is searching.. so prithvi says that he has taken it out,.. he says that dadi told that god is everywhere so he has removed the god and kept it outside in a temple.. he says that even though prasad was tasty but freom now on if anyone wants to do pooja and eat prasad they need to go out..
dadi applauds and says that prithvi did the right thing.. prithvi shocked

part 3

dadi tells him that he is right.. and its good that he has kept the god in a big temple.. its good that it shows that he has god some believe in god.. he is stunned.. and dadi gives him prasad.. prithvi looks at meera.. meera signats him to take the prasad.. finally prithvi has to take the prasad..
meera is happy

everyone is in the dining table.. aksh asks prithvi to join in business.. and asks him to attend the meeting.. khanna asks meera to join too.. as she is gonna help aksh in the new project after marriage.. prithvi jealous

Update Credit to: namratavyas

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