Warrior High 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Warrior High 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Urmilla stands in front of window, pained about slapping Sid. She says I am sorry Siddhardh, I held hand on you for first time for someone else’s children, she murmurs they can’t be, it can’t be him. She was disturbed.
Parth sits in an empty room, remembering Utkarsh had shown great care for him, called him brother and friend. He remembers his own promises, then the crying Urmilla with Utkarsh in lap. VIbha comes into the room and asks if his anger has come to low. She asks how he would reach his home had he even crossed the boundary, sometimes one must stay calm as well; decisions taken in anger are often a mess. He asks about his mother, she says his mother will be called here. She leaves saying she has some work to do.
Siali and Niti come to corridor, Siali says to Niti they can’t go from here this way, security here is really strict. Both were worried how Utkarsh would be. Kamini comes to them, Niti begins to cry asking her to go to him, they want to see him as he is really hurt. Kamini wipes Niti’s tears, and says she can understand them but Utkarsh will be brought to school well and fine. They must go to their dorm room and try to sleep, Vibha stood behind. Kamini asks Vibha to take them to dorm room. VIbha says both of them must be very relaxed after her consolation, Kamini asks why is she smiling then; she leaves saying she has something important to do for Urmilla.
Vibha comes to Siali and Niti, they say to Vibha that no one here is a friend of someone. Siali says they trusted Parth, but he isn’t their friend as well. Vibha says she will be here in a while, she comes to Parth and says his friend needed him the most today and see what his anger has done to him. She takes him along. Parth asks Siali about Utkarsh, Siali was angry. She asks him not to take his name even, he called him brother but what he did. They beated Utkarsh like animal, and they had done so much for him, why he didn’t come to help when it was his turn. Vibha asks them to calm down, the three of them need to talk in detail but right now they must go to their dorms. The girls leave, so does Vibha.
Anvesha was in the car when she gets Rishab’s call. Rishab says the girl staying here in school isn’t Angela, her picture doesn’t match to the girl in the school. Anvesha says she knew about it. Rishab further tells her that Parth tries to escape from school but Urmilla is taking care of the incident now. Thirdly the boxing match unfortunately didn’t turn out to be well, a student was badly injured. Anvesha asks is Siddhardh right. He says Sid is fine but Utkarsh was taken to City hospital.
Vibha comes back to Parth, she says he must give them time it will be alright. Parth says they would never gain the trust he broke, he is a loser, and neither could he help his mom nor Utkarsh. Vibha assures him she is with him, then asks him to go and sleep.
Sid and Charlie still called Parth and Utkarsh a loser, Ayaz comes and angrily says they beated a boy who doesn’t know how to wear boxing gloves. He says he was bound by rules, else he would have stopped them. He scolds Charlie and Sid saying that wasn’t cool at all. Parth enters the dorm, Ayaz says to Parth that he hasn’t seen a loser like him in life. Utkarsh is really a winner, he didn’t accept defeat.
Krissane distributes candies for Sid’s victory, Niti and Siali come to dorm. Krissane calls Utkarsh idiot for fighting with her boyfriend. Niti felt angry and clings up Krissane’s back, Siali and Niti both cat-fighting Krissane. Kamini comes and asks what this all happening is, she scolds Niti and Angela. She says it was her fault that she talked to them softly. Krissane cries complaining, Kamini scolds her even more and shouts at them to get to sleep. Siali and Niti lay on bed heavy heartedly, SIali thinks it is only her mistake, if she hadn’t given that box to Sid, this wouldn’t have happened. She weeps silently.
Niti was also thinking about Utkarsh.

PRECAP: Rishab announces about the next round of Mr. Fresher, announcing Parth has been disqualified because of what he did last time. Anvesha asks Siali, if she is Siali? Utkarsh, Niti and SIali were silent. Siali holds Niti’s hand saying she doesn’t want to stay here anymore. Krissane says they poors are such hypocrats, why they came here and participated in Ms. Fresher’s competition even. Siali says she isn’t interested in any of this now.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Epsd was gud, ndvalso heart touchng..
    Waitng to see tmrw’s epsd..

  2. Hp they dnt tell siali to get out frm wh…

  3. awsome epi
    really interesting

  4. Ohh god .. ayaz is such a sweetheart .. i really love him .. he is a nice guy .. n ha cheapo krissane n sid n charlie i hate u fr this one bt love u otherwise. . Bt ayaz ko to i loved today

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