Swim Team 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Umang tells Rewa to ditch Coach..Rewa is shocked..Umang tells that she gave her full life to academy…Umang tells that if she is not in the team then …Jai tells what will change??Umang tells she is in doubt If jai is her brother or not!!Jai tells from where Rewa came in between??Umang tells jai to shut up…Umang tells For Rewa swimming is just hobby but for her its a carrer,,Umang tells please..Rewa is upset thinks and tells okey tells that If Umang will be happy she will do that..
Rewa goes…Jai tells Umang not to force anyone Umang tells that Rewa will do anything.. Jai goes behind Rewa tells that if Rewa dont want to tells Coach its okey..Jai tells that Umang commend and she follow..Jai tells not to listen Umang..JAi tells that Umang forgets everytime that Rewa has aspirations and dreams..Rewa cries and tells that it is Umang carrer..Jai tells Forget…Jai tells this time Rewa have to listen herself,,Rewa tells that but Umang will be upset.Jai tells let it…Jai picks Up Rewa and takes…Rewa shouts tells to stop it.. Coach practises Mr jamwal comes and tells Coach TK to represent Kanika in place of Umang..TK tells that he is coach and will decide who will be champion..Jamwal tells OFcourse..Jamwal tells that Kanika will manage it as its some 4.9,,TK tells its all about about ability will be known in today’s race…MR jamwal message kanika not to tells anyone that today is Race and do good…Kanika tells okey,,Kanika smiles…
Deepsi comes out of washroom in swimming suit and dupatta..Deepsi talks to her her mother on skype..Mother tells not to be late at night come before seven…Mother tells that this time her tayaaji buyed seven animals..Pixy listens and laughs…Mother tells Deepsi to learn cooking as she will get good husband…Pixy laughs..Deepsi tells that she will talk later otherwise Sir will scold…Mother cuts the call,,,Deepsi and Priyanka goes..Kanika comes tells that What Deepsi and Priyanka doing here..Kanika gets Deepsi earing.. kanika sees and tells soo many lies..Kanika takes selfie of Pixy,,deepsi and Rewa..Kanika tells that deepsi mom should see this…Coach comes and tells to be ready for race to break 4.09.09 record..All girls tells okey…Umang is upset jai tells shayaari…Umang tells Jai that TK will call her in acadamey …Umang tells Rewa will do all good…Coach tells Kanika to act like champion..tells Pixy to be overconfidence.Rewa thinks and tells she have to fdo .Tells to learn from Arjun in mahabharat use to see only eye of Bird and he doesnt care about the bushes or trees,,like that only many hurdles will come in between just need is Focus..Coach tells that rewa is temporary… Coach tells all to be ready..Rewa..Pixy..Deepsi..kanika stands in a line..kanika tells Deepsi that she know that deepsi is soo low standard..Kanika tells that her mother will see and tells daughter spoiled..Deepsi tells that if her brother ses will see become a progrom..Deepsi tells she have to go and delete otherwise all will be bad…Pixy tells Kanika is a b*t*h…Kanika smiles..Deepsi tells Coach TK she have to go as its a problem..Coach says no..Deepsi tells its Do or Die situation..Coach tells this is also Do or Die situation..deepsi tells pixy what will be happened now??Pixy tells that Kanika is a blo*dy moron..All girls jumps swims..Coach sees the time…Kanika ,,Rewa swims…Rewa swims first and comes,,Coach tells Rewa will done tells that her performance is very good…Kanika gets angry and goes…Umang sees Kanika selfie along with all girls and tells that it means Rewa lied her???UMang tells if Jai known this..Jai ignores,,
Deepsi opens her friendsbook and deletes the pictures..Rewa tells that If Coach would have not pushed she may not be here….TK tells that he thought Rewa was ordinary But today she proved.TK tells that Rewa had made a place…Rewa gets happy…

Precap:Umang tells Jai to go..Jai tells that If Umang have not proposed Coach TK this have not happened…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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