Million Dollar Girl 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti tells that Virat plan will fail…Virat tells that his plan will be executed..His brain is not small like Avanti..Virat tells that he ready today..Virat snatches Avanti’s file..Avanti shouts Virat to give her file her back,,Virat sees and laughs…Virat tells that he think that it is a mobile proposal..No proper presentation..Virat tells that Avanti dont know anything..Virat tells that he knows Avanti plan..Virat tells that Avanti will assemble hardware import in india and will use as second hand mobile..Avanti tells that Virat known all…Avanti tells Virat that He dont her potential..Avanti tells herself that Virat is right she have to make changes in her plan..Avanti tell she have to call kavya,,Avanti goes outside the office,,A girl comes and tells that she like avanti saree’s alot..Avanti tells thankyou..Zubair’s secretery calls Avanti not to waste time as He called her,,,Avanti goes..Virat first goes..Virat opens laptop..Zubair tells to show one word..VIrat tells that his website is e-commerce in which products will be sold which are not available in india..Virat tells that manufactures will be from outside..
Zubair tells that how cutomers will be attracted??Virat tells that customer wants intresting in the market and thats what they will do..They will bring something new..Zubair tells Avanti’s chance now…
Avanti is quiet tells its do and die situation she have to think,,,Avanti moves backwards Bumps into Virat..Zubair tells Avanti that Door is anotherside..Avanti rembember’s the girl she met outside and tells that.. that BAnaras city mixture of culture and natural..So she thinks Banaras saree are the best..Avanti tells that she is very good at selling Banarsi sarees it is her DNA ,,,She Came here with another plan but changed mind..As Buisness done from heart will be successful..Avanti tells that Banarsi Saree is in her heart…zubair tells that this passion trend is very old.Zubair tells how she will compare price and work load??.Avanti tells tht his weaver make and give saree very low.. Avanti tells about passion trend..Banarsi saree will not change weekly like Paris So they have enough time..Avanti comes home..DJ and Kavya is sitting…Avanti tells they will play Dumsharas…DJ tells what happeend to zubair because of him AVanti cannot sleep…Avanti tells tht Zubair said that will declare the result tommorrow,,,Avanti recieves mesaage and gets happy..Zubair tells that he like Avanti’s plan alot and tells to execute. zubair tells that will meet tommorrow..Avanti gets happy and shouts DJ and kavya to see…Anotherside Ranvijy and RAjat sees match..Door bell rings Virat comes with alchol..Rajat tells why Virat is distributing??Virat tells his plan is successful just have to execute..Rajat drinks..Ranvijay sees surprisingly..avanti tells DJ and Kavya not to share the message with anyone as it is zubair’s order..DJ tells Congrats to Avanti as finally her dreams are fulfilled.. Rajat tells Ranvijay that there is party….DJ shows Avanti laundry of 4thousand..Avanti tells its costly..Dj tells that it is made from hand..Avanti tells that Bhuwan is good boy but weird..Avanti sees Magazine and sees Party of young designer’s…Avanti tells that party is one for young minds..Avanti tells that one day all will be her…Avanti tells Kavya why canti they enjoy??Avanti tells Virat that they will go..Kavya tells what about mother??Avanti tells that no one will tell her

Precap::As the he party starts..Host tells All couples have to dance on paper and the paper folds..Avanti and Virat dances

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. thnkz for update

  2. Awsome precap!
    Jodi that wil be seen are-
    i m realy excited fr tmw epi!
    Btw ranvijay wil b with whom?
    Jo bhi humari top 4 jodi toh sath mein hain!
    Happy for that

  3. Yes mehak u r right!
    Par yar precap mein dikhaya tha k ranvijay kisi ladki k sath tha!
    I dnt knw who was she!
    I m also excited for tmw epi specialy for dj-bhuwan,avanti-viraj n kavya-vicky!
    Rajat toh pagal hai!
    Ranvijay is nyc

  4. I agree dear!
    I hate rajat!
    Love MDG!

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