Walking together through the memory lane (Samaina FF) – Episode 6

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6. Naina calls Sameer through Phone

Sameer: But atlast you spoke to me ONLY.

Naina and Sameer smiles.

“Naina” – a voice comes from the entrance of their house.

Naina – “Sonakshi…”

Sonakshi – “Hello birds, Seems I have disturbed you both guys “.

Sameer – “No di. Come on.”

Sonakshi is Agarwals family Nutritionist. Even though she is a nutritionist for just 2 years, she shares a special bond with all the members of the family. Sonakshi and Anand shares a daughter-father bond. She is elder to Naina by 2 years and Sameer by an year but Sonakshi-Naina behave like friends.

Sonakshi – “Now you both are writing a book based on your love story. So, narrate to me also.”

Naina – “Sure, Sonakshi. Without you, writing this is no fun.”

Sameer – “Yeah Sona di.”

Naina recited all from the beginning to Sonakshi.

Sameer – ” However she would online in FB only thrice. If I am not online, I could not even reply. She shown too mcuh attitude to me.”

Naina – “Hello Mr., I could not go to Shefali’s house everyday and talking to you. No one except me knew about I am talking to you.”

Sameer – “But except you, all knows that I am interested in you.”

Sonakshi burst into laughter.

Sonakshi: Naina, look. If a girl loves a boy, only she knows. But if a boy loves a girl, except the girl, everyone knows. How is it, Sameer ?”

Sameer looks up and down.

Naina – “Because, he himself a generous lord. First he begged for my number, then Facebook ID. As I didn’t give, he  himself give everything.”

Sameer – “That is honorable request from Mr.Sameer The Great.”

Naina – “Hoooo.”

Three of them laughs.

Sameer – “Then, Naina’s family got internet connection in their house.”

Naina – “But my family strictly restricted not to use Facebook. Otherwise they would beat me through broomstick.”

Sonakshi – “Then how did you undergo after your affair got into limelight?”

Naina and Sameer – “Same broomstick only speak with us both.”

Laughs heartily.

Naina – “Slowly, he roots for my Phone Number. He gave so many excuses like exhibition in Gujarat, Punjab etc….”

Sameer – “Actually, I am interested in science” (with a foriegn slang)

Naina – “Yeah, I know that it is written in your itself that you’re dumb in science.”

Sameer – “Don’t appreciate me, Naina.”

Sonakshi – “Really, you guys are fun-packed couple.”

Naina – “Actually, I was interested in dance those days. So, in the excuse of practicing dance in my room, I would lock my room, switch on the song and I would be chatting in FB.”

Sameer – “Slowly, we started to chat daily and even closer.”

Naina – “It feels it is like a mild addiction. I befriend with Sameer soon.”

Sonakshi – “Not bad, my boy. You have brought her under your control.”

Sameer raises his collar in pride.

Naina – “Wait, Sona. He actually don’t know how to flirt.”

Sona looks at her in surprise. Seeing her reaction, Naina and even Sameer burst into laughter.

Naina – “But now he flirts a lot.”(blinks one eye to Sonakshi signing that she is just making fun of Sameer)

Sameer – “No, I am a baby. I don’t know to flirt.” (Keeps his face innocent)

Naina – “Yeah ok, he don’t know that even now. Usually boys would compliment ‘You’re eyes are addictive’ & ‘You are looking gorgeous’ like that. But this man…..”

Sonakshi – “Tell soon, Naina.”

Naina – “He would ask ‘What soap are you using?’ or ‘What brand chappal are you using?’ like that he flirt lame.”

Sonakshi and Naina laughs again. Sameer is shy.

Sameer – “Di, you too joined with her.”

Sonakshi – “Oh, my Sameer. Di would always support you.”

Naina – “Enough of your dramas. Actually I like those so called flirty talks. Mostly I would talk with him for that particular reason. If I get a chance like choosing one person from ten persons for having conversations, I would definitely choose him.”

Sameer and Sonakshi – “Hoooooo.”

Naina feels shy.

Almost 7 months passed,

Sameer and Naina were chatting through Facebook. Sameer thinks – “I should get her number somehow.  I think I should start the same game now.”

Sameer: I know you’re the fake ID.

He went offline.

Naina looks at the same message. She was highly agitated by his behavior.

She scolded Sameer in her mind by whatever bad words she knew. She was also confused. Naina is almost addicted to Sameer’s conversation. If he spoke at beginning, Naina won’t care that much. But now, Sameer has created a strong impact on her. She couldn’t leave him so easily. She tried many possible ways to convince that she is the actual Naina he met at exhibition. She remembered that he gave his Phone Number in Chatlist. So she thought of ringing him through Bela chachi’s phone. She thinks to scold Sameer and wished to cut her friendship with him.

She locked her room and dialed Sameer’s number. Sameer attends the call – “Hello…” Thats it. Naina didn’t leave him to speak anymore – “Hello, Its the same Naina you spoke in exhibition. What kind of man are you. Don’t you have sense……..” Continues for five minutes. But Sameer didn’t answer anything. Even if he speak, she won’t let. She cuts the call in anger and sitting there itself.

Sameer is actually eating his favorite ‘Chicken Biriyani’. He looks at phone and as it seems like unknown number, he attended casually. He recognized her voice well. But he don’t have any idea that Naina would call him so soon. His mother and father too were eating there. So, he could not speak anything. One side is his, favorite Biriyani and other side is Naina. He was so confused. After eating the food hastily, Sameer infomed his mother – “Ma, Munna has called me to his house. I’ll come in sometime soon.” She approves.

Sameer goes to his house. He was confused whether to call her or not; What if her mother attends the call instead of her. So, he just thought of opening Facebook. 

 Sameer is almost lost after hearing her voice that he longed for almost 9 months . Its feels like Naina said ‘I love you.’ to him. Though he clearly doesn’t have any such feelings for her, he longs for Naina without reason.

He texted – “Hi… I am sorry.”

Naina was actually online that time who was reluctanly waiting for his reply after her volcanic eruption of words.

Sameer – “Your voice is so beautiful. Its more sweeter than Shreya Ghoshal. Please avoid rudeness and add sweetness by speaking sweet words.”

Naina was actually surprised to see his compliment. He is usually a bad flirt but still he complimented her. She also felt like talking to him.

She ringed Sameer again. He too attends. 


The song plays till the end (Duartion: 1.25- 2.55)

Naina – “Hello Sameer.”

Sameer – “Hello Naina”

Sameer don’t get words to speak with Naina and the same with Naina. After hearing her voice eventhough that is just an ordinary voice, he feels he is flying from  one cloud to other cloud. 

The couple repeats Hello for fifteen minutes but none of the both speak anything else. The call gets cut as Naina’s chachi is calling her. Sameer jumps in joy as her heard her voice. He dances a little.

To be continued……




  1. Jasminerahul

    surprised about sonakshi’s entry.sona samaina bonding was nice.flirting dialogue esp soap chappal part was funny.why was naina yelling at sameer on the phone?sameer telling naina that her voice is sweet so she should add sweetness to her talk removing rudeness was cool .only hello.ha ha.perfect pics

    1. Shesha485

      Thankyou so much. Sameer is trying to get her phone number. So, he once again started from first that she isn’t Naina but fake ID like that. Just to prove that she is actual Naina, she ringed Sameer and scolded him for calling her Fake ID once again

  2. Adhu

    Nice episode. Sonakshi’s entry was surprising.. Sonakshi’s conversation with Sameer and Naina was nice .. Sameer gets lost in her voice always .. Oho !!! Naina is a angry young girl .. Sameer’s tactics to get her number was funny but it worked!!!

    1. Shesha485

      Thanks a lot. Yeah, Sameer is lost 😂😂. Have you read the Second Episode?

  3. Adhu

    Yes I read second episode.. but comments were closed..

    1. Shesha485

      Okay👌 😊

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