Barister Babu 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Bondita takes Batuk’s help

Barister Babu 18th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bondita going to her room and trying to write. She fails and cries. She prays that she doesn’t fail Anirudh’s trust and becomes barrister Bondita. Its morning, Bondita serves tea to Binoy and Trilochan. She asks Batuk to eat cocoa milk. He says its not good, so much cocoa is added. Trilochan asks him to drink kesar elaichi milk. Anirudh comes. Trilochan says these foreign things aren’t in our traditions, Brij’s Kanha drinks milk. Anirudh says this can’t be trusted. Trilochan asks him to meet Kanha and see him. Bondita thinks no, my lie will be caught. Anirudh says no, you have devotion for this, you do this. Binoy says its not imp for you Anirudh.

Anirudh praises Bondita and says she will win in her life, many victories are waiting for her, she should study. She asks now? He says yes, shall I get mahurat from Brij’s Kanha. She says Brijvasi.. He says forget it now. Bondita says you should teach Batuk also. He says its a good suggestion, come and study Batuk. Anirudh teaches Bondita and Batuk. He asks her to write what she had studied yesterday. She asks Batuk to help. Anirudh checks her book. Batuk helps her. Anirudh says good, bravo Bondita. Bondita feels bad to lie to him. He reads books. Batuk writes in her book. Anirudh turns. She acts to write. Anirudh says show me what did you write. They worry. Bondita changes the books. Anirudh checks and says wow, you wrote it well. He takes Batuk’s book and asks what’s this, why do you run away from studies, look at Bondita, she wrote it so neatly. Batuk looks at her.

Anirudh says look at her, she is so smart, very nice. She recalls Brij’s words. Anirudh says I will go and meet Mini. Bondita says yes, you go and take care of her. He asks her to write 50 times. Batuk gets upset that he has to write it. Bondita stops him. Trilochan asks where are you going. Anirudh says Mini’s house. Trilochan says you were studying Bondita. Anirudh says no, I asked her to write, she is smart. Trilochan says yes, she learns quickly, she is young, she is managing everything without you, look at Saudamini, she didn’t learn to manage herself. Anirudh says she is ill, its my duty to take care of her. Trilochan asks why, Bondita is your wife, why would you take Saudamini’s responsibility, are you her husband. Anirudh says I m her friend, she is my childhood friend, if she was a guy, would I not help her, would you stop me then, it means I should not help her as she is a girl, for me, girl and guy are equal and also their friendship.

Trilochan asks him to say truth, does he believe the friendship, is it not more than friendship, it can’t be anything else. He says Bondita is your wife, remember this Anirudh. Anirudh nods. Bondita praises Batuk and reminds his promise. He agrees to help her. She fools him. She laughs.

Bondita keeps some pot in her place. Binoy comes there. He gets shocked. Bondita runs out. Binoy follows her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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