Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Anupriya kills D’Souza

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 18th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. D’ souza trying to run away. She says I have to tell everything to Riddhima. Riddhima is in her room. The yellow gloves person catches Mrs. D’souza and takes her. Riddhima goes to see and says I felt someone called me, there is no one here, who called me. The person injects Mrs. D’souza. Riddhima looks around. She says I feel something is wrong. Riddhima doesn’t see anyone under the staircase. Vansh comes. He asks what happened, why do you look so worried. Riddhima says I heard some sound and came to see. He asks what sound. She says I was sitting in the room and heard some sound, so I came to see here, is it the yellow gloves person. He says or your illusion.

She says you think so. He takes her to the room. He says I spoke to doctor and he said patient’s mindset become such after a shock, he is coming for your check up. She says I m not mad, I heard someone calling me, trust me. The person drags Mrs. D’souza. Riddhima says there is a gut feeling, anyway, leave it, you will not believe me. She sees Aryan going and having yellow gloves in his bag. She says why didn’t I think of him. Aryan comes and says I m your yellow gloves man, not everything you see isn’t true. He shows the yellow cloth. Ishani comes and says Aryan you fooled Riddhima well. Everyone comes in the living room. Dadi says D’souza didn’t arrange the dining table, so we made this arrangement. Vansh passes a plate to Riddhima. She takes her plate. Dadi says such little fights make relations fun. Aryan sees something fallen in the curry. He shows the earring. Chanchal says its D’Souza’s earrings, she made the food carelessly, call her. Anupriya says she isn’t answering. Vansh asks Angre to find her out. Riddhima sees the blood drops on the rice. She looks up. The dead body falls. She screams. Everyone gets shocked seeing the yellow gloves person. They see Mrs. D’souza. Vansh holds Riddhima. She says yellow gloves. Vansh says relax.

Riddhima says Dadi slept by difficulty. She cries. She says I can’t believe that D’souza did all that, she tried to kill us, she came to me and told me that she has seen the yellow gloves person in the storeroom, I don’t understand anything. Uncle and Anupriya come. She says she did all that so that none doubts her, Angre got some reports in her room, she was facing mental issues, they can do anything. Vansh says I don’t believe this. Uncle says she was an old employee, seeing the suicide note, there is no doubt. Vansh reads the suicide note.

Riddhima says if she had a big problem, why didn’t she tell us. Anupriya says she would have told if she was normal. Vansh says its clear now, we will know by postmortem report. She asks do you think we should involve police. Uncle says she is right, we shall forget it now and give a good farewell to her. Vansh says yes, I have seen her since childhood, its tough to get loyal people like her. She thinks did Vansh kill Mrs. D’spuza so that I don’t reach Ragini.

The yellow gloves person reaches some place and burns the gloves. Kabir comes and says amazing, no one had any doubt. Anupriya removes the coat and burns it. She smiles. Kabir says mom, I love you and hugs her. She says you are my real son, Ishani and Sia call me mom, Vansh too calls me mom, they don’t know the difference between real and step relations, I love just you, I loved your dad a lot, you were born before my marriage, I couldn’t get you in front of the world, I had no status to survive with you, I was helpless to marry Vansh’s dad, I did injustice with you Kabir, I couldn’t raise you, I wanted to get a day in your life when you get all this money and luxuries, its time you get everything. He says no, you didn’t snatch anything from me, you forget it, we have one mission, to ruin Vansh and get his empire, come on, so I sent Riddhima there. She says I felt you will not succeed with her, but you had full faith on her, wow, she caught me and I cried to make her realize that I m doing it for Vansh.

Kabir laughs and says Sunny was a threat for us. She says yes, it was Vansh’s master stroke, I knew Vansh had planned his entry. He says fine, Vansh couldn’t defeat his enemy, we made a plan for Riddhima, Vansh’s trust returned for Riddhima, D’souza got killed. Anupriya says I had written that message on Riddhima. She recalls cleaning the mirror. She says I was scared when she caught you in VR mansion, D’souza had seen me and I had to kill her, and ended the yellow gloves story, if we have to win in this mission, then we have to go to phase 2. he says I m ready, I will make such a plan that Vansh can’t think of.

Precap: Riddhima opens the door and a man (in disguise) introduces himself as Devraj Singh Rathod. Later, he offers Riddhima help to put on her bangles. She nods ok. Vansh stops him saying he doesn’t trust people easily.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. We all were doubting Sia but it was actually anupriya, well I’m happy atleast siya didn’t turn negative.

  2. How do you watch Ishq Mein Marjawan? On what website you watch?

    1. Just subscribe voot you will get to watch

  3. On what website do you watch Ishq Mein Marjawan???

    1. In voot
      We have to subscribe select for viewing 24 hrs before episodes otherwise normally we can watch old episodes

    2. Voot

    3. You can also watch it on wserials or apne tv as they have high quality links

  4. Anupriya did injustice to kabir. So she should earn for kabir. Why is she planning to snatch everything from vansh and give it to kabir?🤔😅

  5. Finally the mystery of yellow glove person is clear…. it’s anupriya. …but still I think that there is one more mystery person in the mansion,who wants to kill ridhima because from conversation between kabir and anupriya it’s clear that anupriya don’t want to kill ridhima.

  6. I’m so happy that siya is not in negative role!!!😊😊
    By the way! Did anyone else notice in previous episode when anupriya gives vansh a galss of juice and then talks to him he was looking like he is hypnotised 🤔

  7. On voot you can also watch this serial on voot

  8. Your updates are just awesome continue to do the same

  9. @shan they watch it on voot select…..but for that u have to subscribe

  10. I knew it.. Damn
    This anupriya would turn into kabirs mother. Wow I’m so predictable. And this mask I was confused between anupriya and siya.But was more sure of siya than anupriya.. Anyways riansh is becoming more intense and 🔥

  11. I’m glad that siya is not in negative role!!
    I suspect on anupriya in previous episode in which she gives a glass of juice to vansh and he get freeze

  12. i dont think this show will end in a happy note….because the title itself hides a lot of tragedies and the caption of the first episode of this show that aired on voot was ‘A tragic love saga unfolds’.So this story is going to be another tragedy ?Even if Riddhima realizes her love for Vansh/or Kabir s deceit it would be too late,maybe…
    But how i hope that, at the end, Vansh and Riddhima leading a happy life together!!just hope remains…they are a really awesome pair,Riansh!

  13. Not really happy…I would actually just love to see Vansh as the mastermind…But that’s ok…Hopefully the writers will have more in store rather than this property drama..This is actually not what I wanted…
    BTW thanks for the updates…

  14. I don’t believe it….. It’s really very disgusting… But am sure about one thing, thier is going to be a big twist in this serial in very soon…

  15. God Vansh and Ridhima together find out the truth and punish Anupriya.

  16. Heard that Rrahul Sudhir is leaving the show..Damn!!!If this happens I’ll stop watching.
    Anupriya drugs Vansh for sure.
    Vansh will never find out that it’s Anupriya bcz he’ll never doubt on her. Riddhima will understand real soon and try to convince Vansh about that and Vansh will never listen.
    Good to see Riddhima Is becoming a pain is the ass of Kabir now…LOL!
    Plan backfired on him..
    But I’m really gonna stop watching if Rrahul Sudhir leaves the show..

    1. Is it true rahul sudhiris leaving the show . From where you got this news

  17. How can Anupriya arrange Mrs. D’souza’s fake reports in so much less time? And what did Kabir said to Anupriya on call when Mrs. D’souza came.?
    I feel the serial is going too fast. First makers will show all cards and then they will drag. They shouldn’t have revealed secrets this much soon.

  18. How can Anupriya arrange Mrs. D’souza’s fake reports in so much less time? And what did Kabir said to Anupriya on call when Mrs. D’souza came.? First makers will show all cards and then they will drag. They shouldn’t have revealed secrets this much soon.

  19. Omg! So finally the big secret is out. I suspected that Anupriya had definitely something to do with all this, but I wasn’t expecting much that she herself would be the yellow gloved mystery person.
    But Sunday’s promo shows someone trying to kill Riddhima. If Anupriya is involved with Kabir, why would she want to kill her? Maybe there’s some other enemy hiding out in the mansion.

  20. I am feeling bad for much he trust,love and respect anupriya and she is hell bent to snatch everything from vansh.afterall she is step mother..i think except dadi and siya nobody love vansh.and there is another addition of riddhima who hate him.i strongly feel that riddhima may have soft corner for vansh but she will not love vansh will start to fall for her and for her happiness he will do anything and she will make him do anything.i think riddhima is also with anupriya and kabir

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