Choti Sardarni 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Vikram has a Stab scar on his back

Choti Sardarni 18th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Harleen, Meher and Sarab surprise Aditi with a house’s model. Aditi says what is this? Harleen says a gift for our Guddi. Meher says you will live in this new house after the wedding. Aditi says I can’t. Sarab says sign this file. There are 845 pages. You will have an equal right in all our properties and businesses. Aditi hugs him and cries. He says don’t cry. Today is a happy day. She says I miss my mom. It was her dream for me to the respect and name of Gill family. The right that you two got. But when her dream came true, I realized I only wanted my family. I don’t want anything else. I can’t take this. I only want your love. Ginni says Aditi your MIL called and said 11 am is haldi mahorat. Let’s go.

Scene 2
Surya says to Vikram why are you working on your haldi day. The case has already been resolved. Vikram says I have to find Manav. Surya says stop it. Why are you after him? You can’t find him in 3 days? He says dad you’re asking to back off from the case? Seema says my son will find him. Manav is your lookalike right? Get ready. Seema says why are you discouraging him? He says because I care for him. This city and any case related to this city isn’t good for him. He will go for a honeymoon after the wedding tomorrow to Switzerland and then will be moved to another city. Seema says I found my son after so many years. I don’t want anything to harm him now.

Scene 3
The haldi starts Harleen and Meher apply haldi on Aditi’s arms and face. Kulwant comes. She recalls what Vikram said about Manav. Sarab also applies haldi on aditi. Aditi says thank you Meher. Because of you I found my family. I hope God keeps you always happy with Sarab and your kids. Harleen asks Kulwant to come. Param says no my turn. Param says from Param’s side, Karan’s side and my little sister’s side. Meher mama would you give me sister? Everyone giggles.

The lawyer calls Sarab. He goes out. Meher steps on something. Her foot bleeds. Sarab runs to her. He says are you okay? Meher says I am fine. I am coming in a bit. Sarab picks her and says I will take you there. Meher sees her foot. He cleans the wound. Meher says I am fine. Sarab says it’s bleeding. Aditi says let me get first aid kit. Sarab says you have to be careful. He applies haldi on her wound. Sarab says now the pain has reduced. Meher says how do you know? He says written on your foot lines. Meher says people ready handlines not foot. He says I can read foot lines as well. Meher says what else is there? He says Prem rekha is there. It says you love someone a lot. Meher says everyone knows I love Param a lot. He says it says the one you love starts from S. Meher says Satinder Kaur? My bua? I love her a lot. Meher and Sarab laugh. Param hugs Meher. Meher applies haldi on Sarab’s face. Sarab applies it on her face as well.

Amrita says Meher, your couple is made in heavens. First chunri, then ring, then haldi. God is fulfilling your dreams. When you got married, you weren’t very happy in any ritual. Now you’re happy. So God is repeating everything for you so you can own Sarab with all your heart. Meher says already did. I am grateful that God gave me a life partner like Sarab. Hones, brave and so respectful. My 100 lives are sacrificed on him.

Rana gives Meher phone. It’s Seema on video call. She says how is everything going on> Meher says very good here. Seema says haldi has started her. She trips. Vikram holds her. He says mom careful. Seema says nothing can happen to me when my son is there. She says I can’t tell you how happy I am. All the girls say we will apply haldi first. Vikram says mom will do it before anyone. She says I am always his first priority but now beta, I want Aditi to be your first priority. He says no chance. Seema says give him blessings pandit ji. Meher says show to Aditi.

Rana comes to Aditi. Kulwant says no, the bride and groom can’t see each other in Haldi. Kulwant sees a stab scar on Vikram’s back. She’s shocked. She recalls stabbing Manav. Kulwant says this means he’s Manav.

Precap-Meher looks at Sarab. Harleen says now the grooms will identify their wives, their loves with chunri on their face and make them wear this necklace. Vikram comes to a girl. Sarab stops him and says she’s my love, my Meher ji.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Hope this vikram manav drama and sarbia end soon… Waiting for sarab and mehar love story….

    1. Even me too I wonder wer from dis vikram tin

    2. i agree with this, hopefully d writers dont ruin it with vikram been manav. would b great to c who the culprit is behind d serbia kidnapping it will also solve who got robbie under control to make him help them.

  2. I’m waiting for kulwant to get punished and Sarah to know whole story of mehar and manav and what had happened to manav

  3. Shaheera Khan

    thankyou vey much for the wu , yes i want the other issues to be resolved the sarbia ,case robby s truth and who have been black maialing momsi.

  4. One thing I don’t understand … Why do parents say and pretend Vikram is their son .. OK the father wants his son to get married and leave .. But the mother why she would lie … Anyway. I’m disappointed that he’s back Manav .. Because in the end he will separate Sarab and Meher. While the two love each other .. Yes it is true that Meher should have told the truth but did nothing to punish her mother and her brothers .. Yes she hid a crime from Sarab so Manav was a friend. .I find it a pity that the baby calms down just with the touch that Manav / Vikram … Anyway .. What it will be for the future ..

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    I think writers are themselves confused in protraying vikram and manav and aditi drama.. i mean aditi drama was ok to be understood but on this vikram/manav thing even writers are seem to confuse.. they have done sooo many silly mistakes:
    1. How mother didn’t know truth expect father even if its twins or not?
    2. After death of manav no body found death body??? So how they showed him dead???
    3. Manav just went for ias exam how he is cbi officer???
    N many more…

    1. I agree , I call it lazy writing they cant come up with an original story to bring back look a like manav. poor meher grieved for manav and in the end got rid of her memories of him. hope they don’t ruin meher/ sarab relationship.

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