Vish 27th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Alia sacrifies life for Mira(her daughter)

Vish 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Alia looks towards Aditya and says she will now take the action. She turns to say ‘I love you Aditya’, but today she must give her life to save this innocent minor life. She was always told to be a special one; she had been selected for an important task. Even Rudra Maa says this. If all this is true, she invites all the strengths or shields which have always protected her. She tells Aditya to save this child. Aditya tries to stop Alia but she walks into the fire ring. Sabrina looks around and notices the fire rings extinguishing. She screams that her efforts can’t fail. Alia says Sabrina lost even after winning, and she won even after facing a loss. Alia’s body had attracted all the fire. She burns to ashes. Aditya terribly cries behind. Rudra Maa wakes up and asks Aditya not to let Alia’s sacrifice go in vain. Aditya tries to snatch the baby. Sabrina resists. Rudra Maa throws sand over Sabrina giving her some burning shocks. Aditya carries the womb to a corner. The protective shield finally cracks and a baby was born, crying. Aditya holds the baby in his hands. Sabrina runs to Aditya, snatches the baby and leaves. Rudra Maa tells Aditya if he wants to save his child, he must be VishPrush. He must drink the Vish near that Shivli; but must assure it doesn’t go down his throat. Aditya prays for power to become a VishPrush and sips from the bowl of Vish.

Aditya roars in agony and screams for Sabrina with red eyes. He grabs a trishol and throws it towards Sabrina. The trishol hits Sabrina right in the belly. The baby flies in the air and into Aditya’s arms. Sabrina says Aditya has won today, but Sabrina never loses. She will return for the sake of her child.

Aditya sits with the child. Alia’s lit shadow appears with a smile. Aditya says he saved their baby. Alia nods and vanishes. Aditya miss his times with Alia. He cries silently for Alia, then walks away with Rudra Maa.

A few years later, Mira Kothari was playing. Aditya is a great father. Alia hopes Vish remains away from her. Mira has the strange mark on her back neck. Aditya discusses with Rudra Maa that he miss Alia, and is thankful Sabrina won’t return anymore.

Sabrina stops a car of a young man.

Rudra Maa complements Aditya’s efforts who became a VishPrush. Sabrina wouldn’t confront a VishPrush easily. Aditya was afraid that Mira’s body still has this mark.

Sabrina pulls the heart of the young man. She says she is back to get what’s hers. Kothari must be cautious. It took her seven years to heal, but she returns even more poisonous.

Aditya tells Rudra Maa he had the mark, and he is afraid as he as well turned evil once. Rudra Maa says sometimes they are helpless in several matters. They can only pray and hope that a devil like Sabrina has left the world of humans.

Sabrina speaks to Mohit’s body that she kept him alive all these years on purpose. He is her passport to Kothari house.

Mira was playing with a butterfly. It uses its eye power to kill the butterful and says she is used to punishing those who won’t listen to her. Aditya and Rudra Maa leave and tell Mira to come along. Mira hides the dead butterfly and promises them to be there soon.

Sabrina enters the house with Mohit. She smiles towards Mira. Mira asks who they are, and who they want to meet. Sabrina forwards her hand as she wish to be Mira’s friend. She spots the mark on Mira’s back. Sabrina tells Mira never to hide anything, she shouldn’t think about the consequences. Mira becomes friend with Sabrina. Sabrina tells Mira to go and tell her Papa that Sabrina has returned. Mira calls Aditya. Sabrina tells him to get ready, another chapter of the war is just about to begin.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Shesha485

    Though, rating won’t help this show. The show has no unnceccessary draggings, useless characters also it has good cinematography and VFX. Waiting for the second season which will premier on VOOT

  2. There was never or perhaps one comment on this serial it never really became a hit with the viewers I hope season 2 becomes a hit. It was stupid on the writers part to end Alia’s life as I said most days there were no comments. Thanks Sona and keep updating on other series.

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