Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th September 2019 Written Episode Update – Devi nakula & sharpani fighting with each other.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mata parashakti talking with ganesh that resemblance of mahadev is nagasoor itself & devi nakula will force this nagasoor to bring in her clutches.

Devi nakula is attacking towards nagasoor within her powers while all bhandasoor’s sons are getting scared seeing her what she is upto. Nagasoor getting scared by devi nakula & bhandasoor’s mantri is telling him what is this happening so he thinks this should keep happening or I won’t be successful in bringing ganeshji. Devi nakula hits with her leg powers on ground making wild mouse’s to immerge & he intimates to nagasoors that I will kill you now. All gods & goddesses are watching how nakula devi is fighting against nagasoor. Kartik is telling mahadev that this is nagasoor who can resemble

in anybody’s forms but they will get big punishment now.

Bhandasoor is saying nobody can easily defeat my nagasoors.

Ganesh is saying now mata nakula will kill these nagasoors. All the mouse’s are killing all nagasoors & bhandasoor is shocked while all gods are happy & bhandasoor is saying I won’t allow so easily to kill them so he calls his other evil powers to help nagasoors to defeat the mouse’s so they go for that. Devi nakula is calling nagasoors saying come as your death is calling you & I will give you big punishment of this act. Devi nakula tries to kill evil but devi sharpani stops her while ganesh is saying devi sharpani is these evils mata & kartik is saying it is difficult to fight with devi sharpani. Bhandasoor’s son is saying devi sharpani’s anger will end devi nakula now & devi sharpani is telling devi nakula that my sons should not be harmed so devi nakula says that now nobody can stop me to kill them so evil sharpani says I also warn you if you do not release my sons then I will use my poison towards your army who won’t be alive but then too she does not stop then devi sharpani says so you are not listening to my warning then face my powers so ganesh says without help of mahadev it is impossible to stop this sharpani so how can mata nakula face her & bhandasoor is saying let anything happen here but my yagna will complete there & his duplicate bhandasoor is doing yagna very devotionally. He is saying now ganeshji will immerge for me & ganesh is feeling some yagna power coming on him. Devi nakula is still fighting with the evils.

Mata saraswati is telling brahmadev that as ganesh said only mahadev can resolve this of sharpani.

Nandi is pleading mahadev to please help in clearing this devi sharpani’s attack towards mata nakula & army so paravati mata is explaining him that the whole army is competent to face sharpani. Devi nakula is telling sharpani that I will face your attack so sharpani says that it will make you release my sons so nakula says you wish their release so I will release them now & she throws them towards her poison by which their mata sharpani is shocked seeing my poison is attracting my sons itself & her sons get killed. Sharpani shouts for her sons & she tells nakula to get ready for your end as you have killed my sons. Sharpani tells nakula that you will also go towards my poison now & ganesh is saying something has to be done stop her poison to create any problems.

Devi nakula comes out of sharpani’s poison smoothly & all gods are happy including mata parashakti & nakula tells sharpani that I am the mata who has the powers to end evil poisonous sharpans like you.

Ganesh is saying that now sharpani devi’s end is near but he hears sound of bhandasoor doing yagna for him so he is saying that bhandasoor is creating problems with this yagna now as he has created his two forms where one side he will be busy planning fight against mata’s army & other side doing yagna for me but I won’t allow him to succeed so I have to be stable.

Bhandasoor’s sons are saying that devi nakula has killed sharpani’s sons too so bhandasoor is saying to not to worry as sharpani will get more arrogant seeing her sons death. Sharpani is warning nakula that I will definitely take revenge of my sons.

Ganesh is thinking that I should get attracted towards bhandasoor’s yagna while mata parashakti is also thinking ganesh is getting confused about bhandasoor I know. Sharpani is saying now you can’t be saved by my attack & as she attacks but devi nakula saves herself & nakula tells her now you can’t be able to control my attack so she attacks & fight goes on within each other. Bhandasoor is saying this has to go on for some time now. Mata saraswati is telling brahmadev that devi nakula is facing strongly against sharpani which is sign of winning against her.

Ganesh is getting attracted towards bhandasoor while mata is thinking that I understand your condition that who is meditating for you has to get his wish so ganesh thinks that to forgive me mata if I go to bhandasoor.


Precap: Mata is confused that bhandasoor needs ganesh’s blessings which is making ganesh helpless. Bhandasoor is asking ganesh that I wish only one thing that to be here in my place so ganesh boons his wish. Mahadev, paravati, mata parashakti & all other gods & goddesses are shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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