Twinkle and Kunj sitting in living room with kiara and Kunj and kiara playing with each other’s both of them giggling like anything.

Ahah papu she scream and Kunj bite her cheek.

Acha now you becoming screaming beauty he said and she nodded in no.Twinkle look at Kunj he too and realised even Kunj calling her screaming beauty.Kiara cupped Kunj face she bite his cheeks as well.

Rambo come and jumped on twinkle lap..

see Rambo kiara said.While Rambo barking on kiara.

Now see you teasing him now he giving you back Kunj said.

Acha Papu why he always barking she asked. Kunj look at twinkle.

He went on Ram Taneja ?he murmured but enough audible for twinkle she give him look.

He is pip na this is his work bacha he added..

There Gauri and dadi come and get surprised to see Kunj.

Wow today you come so early how dadi asked.

Maybe because Twinkle Bhabhi Gauri added.

Kuch bhi haan Gauri you become mad he said and get up.

Acha I’ll get freshen up kiara you play with your pup he added.

Kunj bhai come we will have lunch together twinkle and me made everything she said and Kunj blinked his eyes and went upstairs he goes in his room.

Babaji what I’ll do i can’t live like this I don’t know what I’m going If this is right or not but never I look into her eyes I just see pain and pain only why her face saying different story and her action totally weird. Because of this all things my mind wasn’t working I was okay without her in this years at least suffering in my heart now it’s because of horrible man he said and went in washroom.

Twinkle and Gauri went in kitchen and see servant already heat up all food.

Twinkle you go and call Kunj bhai she said.

Okay she Hummed and went in her room.

Kunj come out after get freshen up he was in his trouser.Twinkle didn’t look at Kunj she going and Kunj as well both bumped with each other’s twinkle about to falls down Kunj hold her on time. Both looking at each other’s face. Twinkle hands resting on his bear chest while his around her waist.both completely lost in each other’s. Twinkle turned her gaze both leave each other’s.

What is this don’t you know before coming in anyone room you should knock he said.

Really this is my room as well for times Kunj she said..

Huhu he muttered.

Everyone calling you for lunch she said.

Acha why you come to tell me for lunch I can come myself don’t behave like wife he said.

Acha I think this you should asked to your Gauriii she added..

don’t spoil her name she is Gauri he states.

She making faces?sadu she said and went from there..

Still same so soon get insecure ?Kunj murmured and he wear his T-shirt and went down..

All ladies of Sarna Mansion comes Kunj sit twinkle opposite of  him.Servant served them.

Smell coming awesome dadi said..

Haa dadi I never knew twinkle is such a amazing chef Gauri added.she give her smiles.

Haan my Twinki mumma is the best kiara said with smiling face.they start the lunch Kunj look at twinkle each other’s.

Kiara come lets have lunch Kunj said.

Nah she deny and playing in side.

You have lunch Kunj she will have later dadi added.Kunj nods in yes and have his lunch.

Really delicious food what’s say Kunj bhai Gauri said. Kunj looked at twinkle he just Hummed.Twinkle give smile..

Kunj have his food quickly he take plate and went towards kiara who playing and busy in her masti..

Kiara have first I wouldn’t leave you he said.

Papu see I’m playing I have no mood she said.

Acha than who will take medicine don’t do drama he said.She open her mouth Kunj feed her and she going here and there while Kunj behind her and feed her in this way only. All smiled to see this.

Kunj bhai toh really can’t leave Kiara he take care of her like anything see she making him run behind her Gauri said.Twinkle admirer Kunj he actually bearing his doll all tantrums.

Kiara please have na this much fast he said.

You are impossible papu see me and Rambo playing na now I eat enough she said and covered her mouth.

Acha you play but have this much he said.

He feeding her and she having this scene give twinkle pain because after see Kunj care for his daughter extremely unconditionally.

Kya twinkle beta dadi called her.

Nahi dadi just see them and get happy I never seen Kunj this side he really get irritated but see him how Kiara making him dance oh her moves twinkle said.

That’s true twinkle beta his daughter is his everything he take care of her each and everything she eat on time or not perfect father he is dadi added.They trio lady smiling.

Basss Kiara scream.

Okay Meri Maa Kunj said kissed on her cheeks and made her drink water with his hands.

Last morsel is left Kunj have it and lick his finger.

I must say she really become cook tasty food he murmured..

He went and keep the plate back on dinning table.

Arey you have your lunch properly Kunj dadi said.

I’m okay my daughter have bas he said.

Acha Chal I’ll feed you she said and Offer him he smiled and immediately have.

They done with lunch and all sit in living room.

Where is rudra dadi Kunj asked?

Don’t know where he went maybe he went out she said.

Acha I’ll see him he just roaming here and there I have to make him busy in something or else he get spoiled he said.

Yeah Kunj bhai Gauri said. Kiara come and she is fully dirty in paints..

What is kiara twinkle asked.

Twinki mumma see all paint falls on me she added.she about use her hand on her use.

Ahah kiara you are so naughty wait I’ll throw that Rambo out from here Kunj said and about to move towards Rambo who also drenched in paint.

Ahah she started screaming loudly and stamping her foots on floor.Kunj stop and look at kiara twinkle went towards him.

Ah kiara what is baby Leave this and Rambo will not go anywhere don’t cry she said Kunj raise his eyebrow and looks at her.Dadi and Gauri smiling..

Rambo twinkle give him voice he immediately went to twinkle.

See he is here first I’ll clean you she said and lift her in her arms and they went upstairs Rambo too going with them. All looking at them.

Dadi see twinkle is so good and In very few days only kiara fond with twinkle and even she too giving our kiara baby all love didn’t look like she is her stepmother she said. Dadi and Kunj looking at each other’s her stepmother word prick them.

I’ll come she said and went from there.

Kya Hua dadi Kunj asked.

I didn’t like this obviously she will give her love because she is her mother she said Kunj went towards her.

She isn’t her mother and Gauri is right she is her stepmother only I think stepmother is better than her I can’t forget what she has done with my baby he said.

Kunj you taking her wrong you think she taking care of kiara and still you thinking about this for her Kunj try to understand something is behind her all things she added.

For your this dubiety I marry her again and wanted to know each and everything behind whatever she has done with us he states.

She hold Kunj hand.

Kunj I saw in her eyes Kunj that she is all innocent ?she sacrifice her happiness for something big she said.

Hmm let see dadi whatever you feeling it’s true or not he said and both went

In their rooms.

Twinkle give bath to kiara and Rambo they come in room twinkle wiping kiara body with towel and she blabbering. Rambo sitting in side Kunj entered in room and see this he went towards bed and sit.

What happened baby doll hehe see this pilla ?fully hello Kunj said and making fun of Rambo twinkle and kiara see him..

Kiara turned and give look to Kunj.

Huhu papu she said.Kunj showing her tongue ?..

baby leave first let me wear you clothes twinkle said.

Leave me Twinki mumma she said and jumped on Kunj and pulling his hairs fully.

Aha kiara i m your papu leave me he said.

You making fun of me and Rambo papu not good she said.His hairs not coming in his fist as well.

Leave Kiara come twinkle said and pulled her back towards him she was hell angry.

Twinkle dressed up her.She making faces Rambo come to twinkle she cupped his face and kissed on his face.

My Rambo twinkle said Kunj rolling his eyes.

Kunj pulled Kiara.

My baby what happened Hoo angry bird he bite her cheeks sorry na he said.

Huhu papu she added.

I don’t like this pilla Kunj said.

He is Rambo twinkle said.

Acha what so he isn’t my saala whom you bring in your Dahej he added. ?

Very lame ?she said.

Come Rambo kiara said Rambo went towards her and she started playing with him.

He is so cute papu she said.

Hmm I know ?Kunj murmured.

Acha Kiara take your medicine he said and bring her medicine.

Ahah again this medicine why she said.

Because my Kiara become strong after this he said and cupped her face she didn’t do Lot drama quickly Kunj give her.

Kiara rest her head on Kunj lap he caressing her hairs.While twinkle take Rambo in balcony and give him his food.

She come back in room and sit in side couch and admiring Kiara and Kunj. While due to medicine Kiara dozing off.

Can I asked you one think twinkle said.Kunj looked at her.

Hmm he hummed.

Why you giving her medicine she asked.?

Kunj looking at her only he having tears in his eyes.

She is weak that’s why he added.

Hoo she said.Kunj kissed on kiara forehead and covered her with blanket just than Kunj phone beep he immediately received the call.

Hello he speaks.

Hey Kunj I’m yuvi if you free let’s go out if you don’t mind yuvi said.

Well yuvi I’m free but right now toh not resting I’ll meet you in evening he added.

Okay promise you will come he said.

Haan promise I’ll come Kunj states.twinkle listen and get happy again both buddies coming closer back.

Okay bye he said.

Bye Kunj added.

Kunj went in washroom he come back after some minutes twinkle coming her back facing to him.Both bumped with each other’s and falls down on side chaise lounge.Twinkle was top of Kunj his face covered with her hairs.Kunj side her hairs and both look at each other’s.

She blinking her eyes and he looks at her and see her eyes and try to read what she hiding from him.Kunj Tucked her hairs behind her ears.

Tears falls from twinkle eyes and landed on Kunj cheeks. Kunj cuddles her.

Tell me everything twinkle please he said.

There is nothing Kunj she added in low voice her rolled down her and come above twinkle.

Than why this tears haan he asked.

This written in my fate Kunj she replied.Kunj wiped her tears and went closer to twinkle face.

I hate twinkle Kunj said.

I know she states.she try to get up but Kunj linked his fingers with hers and didn’t let her move even a bit.

He kissed on her eyes she clutch his tshirt and groaned.He caress her face kissed

On her face everywhere she just closing her eyes.She open her eyes both lost in each other’s eyes keep everything aside their pain hate ego everything just wanted to be in each other’s embrace for that they both were longing.Kunj place his lips on hers she heaven a sigh.Kunj started kissing her she too started reciprocating with him.Both kissing each other’s gently no rush just feeling each other’s.they break the kiss she breathing Kunj looking at her.She turned her face Kunj move her hairs in side and make place for himself in her neck.He went near her neck and nuzzles his face in her neck and giving her wet kissed she moaning slightly and caressing his hairs their toes linking with each other’s.twinkle come in sense she realised their position and what they doing it kiara was in room only she immediately break the ice .

Kunjj please stop he leave her neck and looks at her.

Why?? He asked.

Kunjj kiara leave me she said.

You really not feeling Haan anything he said.

Leave nah Kunj I know you just doing because of something and I don’t have anything no answers of your questions this will hurt you.He bite her hard on her neck she moaned loudly in pain and push him he falls down on floor.

You siyappa queen he said and get up she composed herself and looked at him .

Don’t do Kunj please she said.

Sach bolde twinkle I’ll leave everything it’s my promise he said.She having tears in her eyes.

You said you understand me na than try to understand your twinkle you didn’t give a chance to explain myself and ready to shake hand with my father whom you know than let the thing same which already scattered she said and went in balcony and crying hard..

I don’t know twinkle what you saying you didn’t telling me anything playing with my feelings that’s all he said and went down.

While twinkle crying and thinking about their moments and just now they both had desire for each other’s which they never deny always ended up like this only..

Kunj you saying you will understand me and my silence but what happened to you today you can’t understand her inner self speaks..

After sometimes later Kaira wake up twinkle bring coffee for Kunj and milk for Kiara Kunj getting ready to go out she entered in room with their drinks..

she keep in side table Kunj see her. Twinkle twinkle went towards bed and caressing kiara face who half sleeping.

Baby wake up drink your milky she said kiara open her eyes and give smile to twinkle.

Twinki mumma she get up and sit in her lap and kissed on her cheeks.Kunj see them.

Now drink milk we will play that she said.

Why milk mumma she said in cute voice.

I’ll tell you afterwards twinkle said and make her drink with her hands she drinking happily Kunj smiled. She finished the milk and Kunj too his coffee twinkle wiped her mouth.

My good girl she said.

Papu where you going she asked?

I have work so I’m going baby he said.

Take me and Twinki mumma too she said.

You stay here only I’ll bring pastry for you kunj said.

Okay come soon she added and Kunj kissed on her forehead and left..

Kiara still feeling lazy she her head on twinkle chest and cuddling her fully.

Just than leela called twinkle she pick up her call.

Haan Maa she said

Keshi hai tu she asked.

I’m all okay mumma twinkle replies.

Where is kiara she asked.

Here only maa she tuned and video called her leela see kiara who she nuzzling her mother she smiled.She grown up without her still her mother embrace peace she get in her lap only..

hi kiara leela said she open her eyes and look at twinkle than in phone screen.

Who she is she asked.

She is my mumma twinkle added.

Hoo mumma she said. And give leela smile.

How’s you kiara baby leela asked.

I’m good mumma ki mumma she said leela and twinkle giggles.

Where is Kunj leela said.

He went out to meet with his buddy she added.

Hoo hope everything back to place again twinkle putter even Avni and yuvi relationship too like before she said.

Hmm maa she Hummed.

I’m going to dadu twinki mumma she said.

Okay but carefully Papu will scold you she said.

Nah papu huhu she added and went downstairs.

She is so cute I’m happy to see her with you twinkle puttar leela said.

Haan Maa even i m too my baby with

Me she didn’t leave me but maa I can’t become like Kunj he is best father she added.

Haan puttar Aur suna she said.

Kya maa I’m just thinking about my life everything is messed up in my life now I’m entered in Kunj life I wished I didn’t scattered his and kiara life again she said.

Nah puttar don’t think I’m saying you na leave everything give one more chance to your and Kunj relationship she said.

I don’t know my each words pricking me think about Kunj he love me I know but he had that pain and hatred in his eyes for me as well which shatter me fully she added.

I understand leela states.

And what about papa twinkle tell him about his and Kunj deal matter she was shocked.

Maa I feel so bad when I get to know i never thought maa he will be like papa she said.

Please don’t cry twinkle I know but think why Kunj did this all he wanted you back in his life that’s why and you know in which language your father understand his deal with him in his way only I don’t find anything wrong puttar ji she said.

Pata hai maa he thinking something is fishy behind my behaviour she said.

Twinkle break your promise and tell Kunj everything than see how he will fight with everyone don’t you know he can’t see you in pain leela said.

I can’t maa I can’t see him in guilt he give me happiness only if he get to know about all things than he will not leave that I don’t wanted I can’t see him again in trouble he is very precious I can bear all pain and separation as well just to see him happy na maa she said.

I wish twinkle everyone get partner like you who love like anything meri bachi acha Chal I’ll talk to you later leela said.

Okay bye she said and both ended the call.

Twinkle composed herself.

She went down and see kiara playing with tej and Rudra twinkle went and bring tea and snacks for everyone and served them.

Yuvi was waiting for Kunj just than Kunj come in a auto yuvi see him and smiled.

He went towards him.

Auto Kunj Sarna he said.

So what tere mere mein this things not matter Acha Bol he said.

I’m happy Kunj you become my old buddy he said.

Yeah he added both share a hug.

Aur suna how’s everyone yuvi asked.

Great everyone Kunj replies.

Where is kiara bring her as well yuvi said.

She is with twinkle Kunj added.

Kunj are you sure again you wanted twinkle in your life back yuvi said.

I don’t know anything yuvi my dadi wanted her but I wanted to know something till when I didn’t get my answers I can’t leave once I get to know who is wrong and who is right I wouldn’t leave if it twinkle or someone else do you know yuvi he said.

Like you I’m too stuck in everything I don’t know about anything after that night everything finished for me Kunj.I’m just staying in Sarna Mansion me and twinkle hardly talk she cheated you even me too and Avni he stop Kunj looking at him.

And Avni what yuvi he asked??

Nothing Kunj for him my sister and love both finished that night only me and Avni just staying in one roof because she is my wife and I can’t leave her my heart beating for her but what she has done I can’t forgive her he added. And Kunj was shocked he was angry with yuvi but for him he make his life hell.

Why you doing this with yourself yuvi please forgive Avni you love him he said.

Even I love you too Kunj she and twinkle knows how much our friendship is important for me still she depone against you that’s why he said.Kunj give him side hug..

I think I shouldn’t fall for twinkle but actually for you that wouldn’t be awesome world will remember us in lover list??Kunj said and yuvi giggles.

Our bad fate yuvi said ?.but if you are girl or me than awesome yuvi added.

It’s not important bro nowadays we can also even legally bhi allowed hai Kunj said.

Acha?than think again tomorrow only I’ll come with my all luggage at your place even Kiara is there everything is set also baby ?both laughs out fully and went in side and sit and Oder tea for them.

I’m happy Kunj you become so big man yuvi said.

Hmm I just wanted to give everything to my daughter this all for her only after all she is my everything yuvi whenever I see her I feel so helpless me and twinkle fall for each other’s and bring her in this world what we did with her twinkle leave her after birth immediately to my baby is it good for that things I can’t forgive her i m helpless yuvi neither i can’t hurt her Nor I neglected whatever father and daughter has done with me he added..

Absolutely right you are Acha Leave this lets enjoy our desi tea he said and both cheers the tea.

After tea both walking and visit their favourite place where they used to spend time together.

Other hand at Sarna Mansion everyone sitting and chit chatting with each other all get so happy with twinkle everyone find her so good.

Rt was sitting with raj and karan.

What is this uncle how can kunj marry twinkle Haan karan said.

I don’t know karan wait I’ll out that Kunj again from my twinkle life don’t worry he added.

Please rt buzz off this I listening since start first your daughter went against your will and marry that poor Kunj now again they become one. And move over now Kunj is not anymore poor and helpless get it so I think I should end our partnership here only I’ll find a good and rich girl for my son raj said and rt and karan shocked.

But papa I love twinkle karan said.

Shut up let’s go from here karan raj said and take his son and went from there while rt fully shocked everything going against his will.

I wouldn’t leave that Kunj Sarna that oaf he said and fuming in anger..

After spending time with each other’s yuvi and Kunj left..

Kunj come back home with Many after all his doll wouldn’t leave him even not let him entered inside.. he entered kiara see him and went towards Kunj.

Papu you come what you bring for me she asked.

Hmm I bring many things for my baby he said and hold her hand they went towards couch area Kunj settled down.

Where you went tej asked him?

Woh I went out just to meet with yuvi papa he added.Tej nods in yes.

Papu show me na first she scream.

Acha wait Meri Maa Kunj show her each and everything.

Aww new doll for kiara she said.

Yes Kunj states.She sit on Kunj lap and Kunj give her other things as well.

Twinkle and Gauri checking dinner just than Gauri eyes went on twinkle neck and see love bite mark she giggles.

What happened Gauri twinkle asked innocently.

Nothing hide this before anyone notice this she added and covered her neck slightly twinkle understand.

So sorry she said and looking here and there.

Don’t be sorry ?aww and Kunj bhai she said and twinkle slightly blushed..

sadu sarna twinkle murmured..

They went in living room.Papu I’ll have pastry now only kiara said.

Nope you have afterwards you will not have your dinner Kunj said kiara making faces.

Bhaiya you give me this and you just bring things for your lovely daughter what about us rudra added.

You are small baby Rudra you leave this and tell where are you whole day haan he said.

Sorry bhaiya wo I went out for movie just he said.

From tomorrow you going to office with me rudra Kunj said and Rudra shocked and Omkara giggling.

Right Kunj take him tej said.

Bhaiya I will not become like you who just do work and work rudra said Kunj throw cushion at his face..kiara having toffee she gulp and which stuck.

Ahah she chocked badly.

What happened Kunj said and cupped her face.She started coughing badly Kunj patting on her back.

Shhh twinkle bring water for her and Kunj made her drink.

Bas Bas Kiara he patting on his back she become okay.

You always scared us tej said.

What you having Haan Kunj asked in anger.

Toffee?she said in low voice.

Who give her this in stern voice because he strictly tell everyone don’t give anything to kiara like this.

Woh I twinkle said in shivering voice Kunj looked at her.

Before giving her anything asked me once twinkle this bad for her health he said.

Sorry she said.

It’s okay Kunj added.Just than a lady come there.

How she will take care of her Kunj after all she is her stepmother a lady speak from back everyone turned and looked at her and get surprised to see them.

Maa Omkara speaks.A man too come with a bag.

Choti maa aap Kunj said.

Yes I’m here missing my babies she said and all meet with them.

So she is Usha and Manohar parents of Omkara..

haan what I said so she is twinkle and Kunj new wife and our kiara doll stepmother she said twinkle look at her and shocked with her words.

Usha dadi said.

Sorry mummy ji she said. I’m just saying right because she don’t know and she can’t take care of our kiara because she is her not real mother Usha added all shocked.

Kunj looking at twinkle than Usha.

Choti maa nothing is like this Bhabhi is very nice Rudra said.

Haan Usha good you and Manohar come back we just missing you both only dadi said and they both take their blessings while Usha stepmother word prick twinkle..

Twinkle beta she is Usha and Manohar second parents of kunj and Rudra or Anjali tej said.

She nodded in yes and Gauri take their blessings dadi gestured her she too take their blessings.

God bless you beta Manohar said and blessed her.

And how’s our kiara baby Manohar and Usha asked.

Good dadu and dadi she said and they hugged her.Dadi looking at Kunj face both see twinkle who having tears in her eyes.

You both go and get freshen up let’s have dinner together dadi said all nodded in yes twinkle immediately went upstairs and goes in her room. And sit in side and crying while thinking about Usha words.

You go and see her dadi said and Kunj nodded in yes and he went upstairs and about to entered in room but he stop..

I’m not her stepmother I’m her real mother who give her birth babaji how can I think Bad about her she stay in my womb for 9 months she cuddles her tummy and cry hard Kunj listen and feel bad but he can’t do anything.

Hmm he cough and twinkle look at him and she composed herself.

Woh dadi calling you for dinner he said.

Haan I’m coming she said and went in washroom.

Twinkle I know you feel bad but what I can do you didn’t leave anything for me he said.

Even I feel bad when choti maa Said that words for you he added and went downstairs.

Everyone come for dinner all take their respective seats twinkle come down and she and Gauri bring all things and started serving them.All happily having their dinner.

Kiara having food with Kunj hands he feeding her normal food not this spicy and oily things.

Papu why you feeding me this food everyone having this yummy food kiara said.

Acha Kiara baby Kunj added.

By the way food is amazing Usha said.

Haan mummy ji twinkle is very good chef Gauri added.

Acha nice twinkle and haa sorry she said.

It’s okay don’t be sorry twinkle states and get normal.

My Twinki mumma is very good cook she made yummy food dadi she said.

Acha we toh don’t know about this Usha said and she chuckled.Twinkle and Kunj share eye locks.

I’m toh happy finally Kunj settled down in his life again Manohar added all nodded in yes.

Happily they finished their dinner than they even have dessert.after this they all sit in living room.

At Taneja mansion even they all too having dinner and rt tell yuvi about their deal with Khanna’s

Oops papa this sound bad I can understand your pain yuvi said.

You are my son still always sprinkle chilli on my wounds rt added..

Because you doing same papa he said and everyone looked at each other’s. Scene shifted again to Sarna Mansion.

Usha give them their gifts all get happy.

Dadi what about my Twinki mumma haan she said.

Our Kunj doll become crazy behind her new mumma very soon Manohar said.

Haan our kiara love her twinkle mumma lott tej said. Usha give gift to twinkle also.

Thanks aunty she said.

Arey don’t call me aunty Usha added.

Okay mummy ji she said Usha give smiled.

Kunj feel so good he wanted to live like this only with twinkle and his family but his all dreams shattered down..

Now let’s go Kaira it’s your medicine and sleeping time Kunj said.

I don’t feel like sleep papu she said.

I know what you will do even your Rambo too sleep Kunj said and lift her in his arms take her in his room.

Both father and daughter watching cartoons.

Twinkle and Gauri doing kitchen chores.

Mummy is very good twinkle Gauri said.

Haan I can see everyone is so good here I never seen this type of family no tension here she said.

Why you a have family also Gauri said.

Yeah but I never get this in my family she murmured.They finished their work and went in their respective rooms.Twinkle entered in room.

She went towards wardrobe and take out their night dress.

Come I’ll changed your clothes Kiara twinkle said.

Don’t worry I’m here for her twinkle Kunj said. Meri beti ko apni aadat mat dalo please because she is very sensitive once she attached with someone Than it’s hard for her to Stay away from that person and I can bear heart break but she can’t he said.

She didn’t said anything and went towards Kaira.

Baby let’s changed clothes twinkle said.

Haan she engrossed in cartoon.She get up and twinkle change her clothes and made her wear night dress.

Because I’ll here with my baby always wouldn’t leave my doll she said in low voice

and Kunj listen and kissed on her forehead.

Kunj give her medicine as well and she take

Mumma my Pastry she said.

Wait I’ll bring Kunj said and he went down and bring pastry immediately for her he come and sit beside him kiara get so happy.

Twinkle and Kunj feed her with their hands she happily having and making faces after see her happiness it’s give them utmost happiness.Kaira feed twinkle and Kunj as well.And they giggles too slightly Kunj put on kiara cheek she frown kiara pulled his cheeks Kunj making cry faces twinkle laughs out loudly..

mumma and kiara is in one team kiara said and both cuddles each other’s.

Acha bachu Kunj Said has tickles kiara.. their sound going out of the room dadi heard and get hell happy..

she having hopes both lover will come together..

Papuuuu she scream.

You screaming duck Kunj said and kissed on her cheek.

Sa…du she said and kissed on his cheeks they shocked ???kiara showing Kunj her tongue while twinkle laughing loudly.

I’m sadu Haan Kunj said.

Mumma calling you kiara added and Kunj give look to twinkle..

you look so good my baby twinkle said and kissed on Kaira cheeks.

Bas Bas Kiara now sleep she said and wiped her face.She rest her head on twinkle chest. Kunj see this.He knows his daughter denying for this love.which he can’t give her..

baby and mother relationship is different in this world totally..

Mumma story she said.

Acha I’ll tell my baby story of princess she said.

Acha I’m papu princess she said.Twinkle remembers even she is too princess of her father but he didn’t even treat her like a servant.she wiped her tears.

I wished my princess get all love she said and telling her story of princess while Kunj too listening carefully kiara listening and twinkle patting on her head and dozing off.

Story complete twinkle said and see kiara already slept.twinkle kissed on her forehead.

She place her on bed carefully and covered her with blanket.Twinkle take her night dress and went in washroom she come wearing long night down she went towards dressing table her eyes went on love bite she touched and she see Kunj through mirror he too see her twinkle applying ointment on mark..

Kunj went towards her he give her backhugged.

Kunjj she speaks.

Twinkle please tell me everything he said

She turned. Goodnight and sleep please she said.

You ignoring me I know this he said.

I want you he said.she shocked and looking at him in shocking way..

are you okay na she said.

Don’t be innocent you know what I’m

Saying it’s not first time we had done lot before he said and she blushed hard.

Bas tell me why you have done this all things with me and Kaira he said and twinkle understands why he saying this all because he bring out all truth from her mouth in this way when he touched her she lost her sense.She push him.

Don’t smart sadu sarna twinkle said and went towards bed and she lay down and cuddles kiara.Kunj lay down he too cuddles kiara his and twinkle hand touching with each other’s..

I think nothing is like this with her my dadi over thinking but her action and words totally different I know she feel bad when choti maa said those words and called her step mother why you didn’t feel bad that night twinkle I know you kept her in your womb for 9 months it’s long time and you feel her inside of you. He get up slightly and kissed on twinkle and kiara forehead..

please twinkle tell me each and everything I wanted to know everything I don’t wanted to loose you again just tell me you do everything in pressure I don’t want anything your Kunj still crazy for you like anything his inner self speaks..While thinking this Kunj too sleep..

Again next morning come Kunj get up and went in washroom he get freshen up and come and see kiara and twinkle see twinkle holding milk bottle and understands she wake up in middle of night for kiara didn’t wake up him and she itself handle her he give smile and went down for jogging..

Omkara join Kunj for jogging both brother talking with each other’s..

Twinkle wake up and open her eyes smiling fully she see kiara.Mera baby she murmured and cuddles him tightly.she looking for Kunj she get up and went in balcony and see Kunj he going jogging with Omkara.

Sadu sarna Even Kiara too??she murmured and went in washroom to get ready.Twinkle come after some times she went towards dressing table and getting ready meanwhile Kunj come. He went near Kaira who still sleeping.

Kiara wake up let’s take bath together I’m missing water dance Kunj said .

Ahah Papu mumma she scream.

What mumma mumma I should call rosy than he said and kiara immediately open his eyes and look at him. She get up and jumped on his lap.

Ahah you are my Papu only Kaira take bath with you no rosy huhu she said. Twinkle giggles Kunj pulled her cheeks.

I know mera jealous baby he said

Ahah chi chi she closed her nose twinkle loudly giggles.They both remember their days even twinkle do same with Kunj whenever he come after jogging.Kunj lift her in his arms.

Good morling Twinki mumma she said.

Good morning bacha she said and went towards her and kissed on her cheeks.

Kaira making faces while looking at kunj. Twinkle too same.

You both drama queens huhu he said went in Washroom..

They both started dancing under shower kiara playing and Kunj wasn’t less twinkle see this though Washroom glass window she giggles curtains there off..

She smiled and take out their all things like a good wife she ready his all things.Kiara and Kunj come out of the washroom kiara shivering twinkle take her in her arms.

Ahah mumma shh she shivering.

Yours clothes Kunj she said and gestured him he see and nodded in his eyes Kunj take his clothes..

Shh kiara stop move now I’m going na twinkle wiping her body and she dancing and teasing her fully.Kunj giggles to see twinkle face expression.She dressed up her fully

Kunj went towards her and give her tie.

Twinkle take tie his tied tie in his neck.

You duck Kunj pulled her nose and she giggles.Kunj went downstairs twinkle make her hairstyle and everyone sit for breakfast and they asked about kiara and twinkle.

Where is kiara still sleeping Omkara asked.

Nah she wake up already getting ready teasing twinkle Kunj said.

Surprised Kunj you leave Kiara on twinkle before you never ever how? Omkara said. Kunj look at him didn’t said anything.Just than they come downstairs and kiara went towards tej and wished him good morning.

Wow today kiara duck looking cute Rudra said.

Thanks chachu she said. She sit in tej lap..

about to have oily breakfast Kunj immediately stop her

You silly doll come to me I’m seeing this you having nonsenses things Kunj get up and went in kitchen he immediately called chef and scold him why he didn’t make kiara breakfast he said he already make it kunj take and come back to kiara.

Daduuu I wouldn’t have this it’s not tasty papu please she said Kunj sit beside her.

Acha I know you having this things that’s why open your mouth.she nodding in no she hide her face under tej chest..

Kunj Leave let her have na dadi said.

From today don’t give her anything she will have only what dr recommended her get it they all nodded in yes and you twinkle not anything and I’ll send you play school tomorrow you naughty doll he said and kiara showing him tongue all laughs out.

This will happen first you spoiled her dadi said.

I know dadi I’ll see this chui later he said and I’m going office without having anything huhu he added and making puppy faces kiara looks at him..

Huhu k for kiara will have this food don’t go papu she said and making faces?

Kunj smiled and all hold their heads. He come and sit back and looking at kiara.

Sure na he said.

Haan she open her mouth Kunj started feeding her and she having.Even you too have she almost in crying voice she added.

Okay Meri Maa Kunj said and he too have same food.All adored them.Kunj never failed them to amAzed.. she finished everything.

Good girl my he said and wiped her face.

Acha now I’m going take care of yourself he said.

Arey Kunj take twinkle with yourself dadi said. He looks at her.

Wo I have work I’ll back soon she added.

You can do your work beta tej said.Kunj

rolling his eyes. She finished her breakfast.

Twinki mumma will too go office with papu even me too she said.

Today kiara will spend time with chichii you forget your chichii after your new mumma Gauri said..

everyone get jealous with Twinkle Bhabhi because kiara always with her and leave you all rudra murmured.She went to Rambo.

Before she didn’t get mother love na that’s why Usha said twinkle and Kunj looked at each other’s.

I give her everything choti maa and it just she like her like other people Kunj said.

Maybe Usha added.

Let’s go Kunj said.

Sure twinkle added..

they both went in living room both went to kiara and kissed on her forehead.

Baby don’t do mastie Twinki mumma will come quickly she said.

Okay kiara added.

Bye meri Jaan Kunj said and kissed on her cheeks they both together left for office..

During whole ride they both didn’t said anything both reached office Kunj come out of the car and sara or Aman come and greet twinkle and Kunj. Kunj gestured them they trio went inside the cabin.While twinkle went in her cabin.

I come here to give my resignationtoday she said and she write and her pa Geet come and tell her something in mute..

while Kunj went for meeting their everyone come and rt fumed after see twinkle and Kunj.

Let’s start the meeting everyone Kunj said all nodded in yes. Aman give presentation everyone get busy Kunj enjoying rt face expression that was terrible fully he controlled his laughs.meeting end.

I’m happy you all working very nicely project will be blast Kunj added..

yeah Kunj Vikram said.others left from there except than abeer Rahul or yuvi and twinkle or Kunj they still there only sara come with files.

Sir you have meetings and mr jay come to meet with you she said.

Okay he added.

What happened Mrs Sarna abeer said.

Nothing twinkle said.Kunj looking at them.

Let’s go Rahul we have work don’t waste your time Kunj said.

Arey Kunj now you get married at least stop working like crazy man what about twinkle you guys should go for honeymoon now he said twinkle and Kunj chocked abeer and yuvi giggles.

I think you and di needed both he said and went out of the cabin they all laughs out..

Rahul and Kunj get busy in work while twinkle called by rt pa in his cabin she went with a resignation letter.

Yes papa she said .

Twinkle why you staying there don’t you know you can’t break your promise he said.

I didn’t break anything papa you do deal with Kunj I didn’t he moratorium me to go and meet having any contact with you peoples and I can’t break his rules she added rt was surprised ?.

You working with me don’t you know haan he scream:

Here is my resignation letter she said and forward him again she shocked him rt take letter from her hand and see get shocked.

Great job twinkle I must say you always stoop me down he said.

Thanks papa for deal she added and went from there she take her all things and left for Sarna Mansion back.

While kiara spending time with Gauri and others twinkle went to gurudwara and stay there for sometimes and there leela come and both mother and daughter meet with each other’s twinkle tell her everything she consoled her.

While Avni visit in office with lunch she went in yuvi cabin and set everything.Yuvi entered in cabin and see and get surprised to see her.

Avniii he said.

Haan Yuvi me see I bring lunch for you each and everything is your favourite things and I made she said. Yuvi see her and smiled but again old painful memories comes in front of his eye.

{ yes inspector I see Kunj with my own eyes Avni this words still echoing in his ears completely}

Thanks Avni but I’m already have my food long back you take please he said she get shocked and went towards him.

Yuvi I know you lying with me Yuvi she said and hold his hands please give cant we start our new life again with new happy memories see Kunj and twinkle their relationship again become same like before she added.

Yuvi side her hands..

please I already told you avni leave me alone I need sometimes alone he said.

What time haan she said in loud voice Kunj was passing from Yuvi cabin and he heard noise and stop near window and see Avni and yuvi.

Since 3 years I’m listening this only I need time only what time just because of Kunj and twinkle you spoiling our married life why yuvi what sin I have done it tell me she said.

Don’t be loud Avni get it in anger.. and you spoiled my sister life get it he said.

What did you said I spoiled your sister life really okay fine I’m idiot who doing this for you that i can mend our relationship again sorry she said tear escaping from her eyes and she went from there..

What happened between them babaji I really need to find out everything I don’t want anything happened bad in their life Kunj murmured and went inside the cabin and see yuvi all old.

Hoo this much food smell coming awesome yuvi he said. Yuvi looks at him Kunj went and sit filled everything in plate and started having happily yuvi see him and having tears in his eyes.

I must say yuvi this Dayan become great in cooking like that siyappa queen Kunj added. Why you are so nice Kunj haan you know what avni has done with you still you behaving so normally haan he said.

Leave it I have problem and issues with twinkle only she is my culprit none of them not at all he added he pulled yuvi he sit and feed him with his hands yuvi get happy there Rahul and abeer too come and see them.

What’s going on buffet lunch amazing abeer said.

Haan come free buffet yuvi said.They both come even they started having.

Who made this Rahul asked?

Avni yaar Kunj replied..

Hoo great food when you inviting us yuvi for dinner at your place Rahul added..

when you wanted bro he said.

Haan they all made tasty food leela aunty toh double awesome no one can’t beat her in cooking Kunj said. Rahul and abeer looks at him.

Acha you know very much how? Rahul asked.

Woh maybe he had lott abeer said and they giggles..

Avni didn’t went Taneja mansion she went to her mother place she was hell angry yuvi responsible her for each and everything but nothing is like she accept she deposed against Kunj but whatever she saw that only she said nothing else she added from her side why would she..

Twinkle reached Sarna Mansion after spend some times with leela in gurudwara. She went inside and didn’t find anyone.

She asked servant? Where is everyone!

Woh madam everyone went out with Kiara baby servant said.

Okay twinkle added she went in her room.

And arranging her room.She opened the wardrobe see many things she check and place everything correctly than she sit and watching movie just doing her Time pass.

All boys enjoy food lott.Thanks to avni from my side yuvi Kunj said..

hmm he hummed they went and again busy in work.After sometimes later they finished their work and all left for homes.

Kunj come back home still nobody come back.

Why so peace today where is my devil doll he murmured and went upstairs.He goes in his room find twinkle watching movie he went and sit in side. She see him and off the tv.

Tum? She said.

Yes me and you are here where you went after meeting Acha Sun I wanted to discuss something related to work Kunj said he off his shoes and loosing his tie.

What she asked. She get up and filled water glass for him she give him.Kunj take and drink water give her smile. She went towards wardrobe take out his clothes and keep in side.

Where is kiara and other’s Kunj asked?

They went out somewhere I don’t know and when I come back home they already went twinkle said.

Hmm Kunj hummed.

Acha Kunj I wanted to tell you something she said.

What?? Tell me he asked.

I resigned ?Taneja company she said and Kunj get surprised and look at him.

Why so suddenly haan he said.

I don’t wanted to work anymore and you told me I have to break all ties with my family so I resign today she said..

hmm well great ?Kunj said..

You get freshen up I’ll bring coffee for you kunj she said..

hmm he said and take his clothes went in washroom while twinkle went downstairs and goes in kitchen she making coffee for Kunj.After get freshen up Kunj come downstairs and sit in living room.Twinkle come with snacks and coffee she give him and sit opposite of him..

Thanks twinkle Kunj said.she pass smiled to him..twinkle having she was hell hungry?

What happened didn’t you have your lunch twinkle Kunj asked.

Nah I didn’t get time she said and you she asked.

Today I had great lunch Avni come and bring food for you so we all have Dayan is good  in cooking Kunj said.

Hmm yeah avni she said.

Acha can I asked you something Kunj said.

Yeah you can she said.

What happened between Avni and Kunj everything isn’t find between yuvi and Avni I saw them many times as well today also they fight in office and Avni went he said. Twinkle look at him nodded in yes.

Right nothing is find between bhai and Avni after our even their marriage life too scattered down fully she said.

Why but? He asked.

Why because avni give depose against you because of that bhai didn’t talk to avni and since that night their life break down because of me and even bhai didn’t talk to me as well he responsible avni for everything they just staying together in one roof but living like strangers I try many times to mend their relationship again but bhai toh Hating me like anything and you know how much you are important for him Kunj she said and Kunj get shocked.

It’s not good why he spoiling his own life he said.

Right but bhai is bhai she added..

Even you too understand me wrong na twinkle Kunj said she looks at him and tears falls down from his eyes and her eyes.

I screamed I’m all innocent but nobody understands my honestly but I didn’t expect this from you he said.she didn’t said anything.Just than everyone come back from out. Kiara was in tej arms.

Heyy bhai and bhabhi Rudra said and they all sit kiara slightly sobbing.

What happened to my doll Haan Kunj asked.

Her legs paining she walking lott tej added.

Aha why you take her come to me Kunj said and she making crying faces and cuddles him.Twinkle went and bring water for everyone and give them.

Today kiara baby enjoy lott Usha said.

You give me her Kunj twinkle said.

Ahah my legs paining papu she screamed.

I’ll call dr Kunj said.

Dr is here Rudra said and pointing his hand towards Gauri.

Kiara you come with me na have a something your pain vanished immediately she said.

Give her Kunj dadi said and Kunj give her. Twinkle lift her and take her in room.

She cared for her so much never feel like she isn’t her real mom Gauri said.dadi and Kunj looking at each other’s.

Ahah bas Mera Bacha she said and went towards bed..

Twinki mumma do something na she said.

Haan you sit here I’ll come she said and went in washroom filled warm water for her and check it’s enough for kiara she take small tub in room and went near Bed and keep near the bed.

What is this Twinki mumma she asked.

You come and keep your feet’s inside this water you will feel better my bacha she said.

Acha but this water is hot kiara said.

I m here na bacha she said and dip her feet’s inside the water twinkle holding her hands.Kiara feeling okay and it’s soothing her pain as well.

Twinki mumma is awesome she said.Kunj entered in room and see this he went towards them.

Hoo pedicure Kunj said.

Very funny twinkle added.

Twinkle bring towel and wiped kiara feet’s fully.

Apply this on her feet’s it’s good for her Kunj said and twinkle take and started applying gel on kiara legs fully she giving her massage.Kunj admiring this.

I’m feeling so good twinkle to see you like he murmured.

Kiara rest her head on her chest and she patting on her back Kunj bring her clothes and twinkle made her wear.twinkle smiling while admiring kiara face.Kunj adored her.

Log kehte hai Waqat kishi Ka gulam Nahi Hota.Phir kyu teri muskurahat pe yeh tham sa jata hai Kunj inner self speaks..

Kiara sleep twinkle kissed on her forehead twinkle about to get up but she can’t because kiara hold her duppta tightly in her fist twinkle and Kunj see this both smiled.

Twinkle take out duppta from her fist carefully.

Where are you going twinkle Kunj asked.

Woh i wanted to see dinner Gauri will make alone she said.

Here is servant for this all why you doing twinkle he said.

I will not do anything whatever you like it kunj it’s your decision to bring me here it’s my decision I’ll do each and everything as a bahu of this house.And you try your best to away kiara from me but this can’t happen kunj Sarna my father try his best but even he too failed falls down on his own grave she is my blood she said.

Well amazing I know she is your blood this right I give you in one second I’ll snatched this right from your hands if you staying near kiara doing her all work because I wanted get it he added and went in balcony both give each other’s Tashan and went from there.Twinkle went down and goes in kitchen and she and Gauri get busy in cooking there Usha come and help them asked about twinkle family twinkle said little bit.

At [email protected]

Kiara wake up after sometimes later Kunj went near her and cupped her face.

How’s my bacha now your pain decrease or not he asked.

Hmm fine mumma she said and making pouty faces..

nowadays you forgot your papu only mumma mumma huhu this siyappa queen snatching my baby he murmured and lift her in his arms and he went downstairs.

Heyy kiara baby Omkara pulled her Cheeks she making faces.

No her mood off today Kunj said.

Acha Omkara added..

let’s have dinner kiara baby Kunj said and they went towards dinning table everyone come twinkle see kiara..

mummmma she said and pointing her hands towards twinkle.Everyone like haww.. servant served them twinkle bring kiara food which she make in very healthy and tasty. She come and sit beside Kunj.

Don’t give her anything Kunj said.

You don’t worry I made for kiara healthy and tasty food twinkle said.she take her on her lap.

Shoo your laziness twinkle said.

Hah Kaira said.Chalo open your mouth haha she said kiara open her mouth and twinkle feed her all smiled to see this.

Kiara happily having with twinkle hands Kunj smiled and gestured his dadi she too smiled.

While Gauri see this and slightly feel jealousy and insecure as well because Kaira is for her her baby but after twinkle she totally forgot everyone..

I’m Surprised how can kiara leave Kunj bhai and Fond with twinkle lott more than us very quickly she said.She finished her food.

See papu I finished my food she said.

Good girl Kunj added.

And this food is tasty than yours Papi eww she murmured.

Drama queen Kunj added.They finished dinner.Twinkle take kiara in room and she give her medicine as well.both playing with Rambo.

Kunj sitting with Omkara and Gauri they talking normally.

Twinkle is best mother for kiara she treating her like her own baby Kunj he added.Kunj just Hummed..

Kunj bhai your never told us anything about tara and twinkle she said. Kunj get shocked now what he will tell them.

Gauri Leave this all things acha goodnight he said and escape from there.

Gauri twinkle and Tara their name is so same to same damn man he murmured they ignored and went in their room.

Kiara and Rambo jumping on the bed and while twinkle talking with Anjali she called her. Kunj entered in room and see this.

Shoo this pup Kiara Kunj said.

Baby you shoo she said and Kunj lift her and ticking her.

See she busy with her family huhu Kunj murmured.Twinkle see him loudly.

Acha okay bye Anjali dii she said and Kunj shocked and looking down.Twinkle keep her phone in side and sit beside kiara.After sometimes later they slept..

Week have been passed away twinkle leave the Taneja company rt was all shocked.

Kunj and his Tashan going on in office due to some work yuvi went out of the town he and Avni didn’t talk to each other’s while Avni didn’t come back at Taneja mansion as well.

Kiara and twinkle spending each seconds with each other’s everyone was hell happy with this she giving actual mother love to kiara which she needed..

[email protected]

Yuvi sitting all alone Kunj went towards him.

Heyy bro how’s you he asked.

Fine he said..

I know everything is not fine between you and Avni he said yuvi looks at him.Kunj hold his hands.

Yuvi twinkle told me each and everything about you and Avni relationship after get to know about you both I didn’t like it at all why you doing this with Avni Yuvi please whatever happened it’s written in our destiny only why you spoiling your life because of me and twinkle haan there is no fault of Avni in this she just said whatever she saw nothing else moreover when my own

Wife and love is ready to believe on each and everything and doubts at me yuvi and she ended everything between us I hate twinkle fully but I always failed my mind was angry but my heart always running behind twinkle and today she staying with us and giving all motherly love to my baby kiara and she too wanted her Twinki mumma not papu Kunj said and they giggles.I always think of her words is true than why she doing this leave about us promise me you will mend you and Avni relationship again please I forgive her even you too he added.

Hmm If you saying than I’ll think you have big heart Kunj yesterday you forgive twinkle today as well she didn’t deserve you kunj yuvi said.

Leave us i m handling her very nicely yuvi ji he said.He nodded in yes..

Twinkle sifting her room and thinking about their life mess she rest her head on table and went in flashback..



Rt was shocked because Kunj and twinkle marry with each other’s now what he will do while others was very happy.

Because they already knew about this  Rt never let them become one thanks to god they itself become one and give their love a name.tied in a beautiful relation..

Twinkle and Kunj come out of the Taneja mansion both looking at each other’s

Kunj where we will go twinkle asked him.

Yeah twinkle we can’t go hostel you know na he said.

Yeah she said.

That’s why I’m saying let me plan everything before only now where we will go like this in hustle he said.

Bhaiii twinkle said.

You don’t worry everyone against us you do one thing you go to chinki house and I’ll see you at night our home he said.

She hold his hands okay don’t leave me Kunj I’m waiting for you she said.

Haan I wouldn’t baba Mrs Sarna he said and both went to chinki house Kunj drop twinkle there he thinking now where he will take her.

Rt was shocked and giving look to leela..

see your daughter leela she run with that Kunj against me he said.

Papa it’s called true love that love each other’s no barriers can stopped them finally they become one yuvi said and went from there.

I understand who encouraged twinkle you all only na I’ll see how she will entered her rt said.Leela didn’t give him heed.while Kunj message yuvi.

Heyy bro and meet with me please soon he ping yuvi see his message and immediately reply him I’m coming bro.Yuvi left. Kunj waiting for him like anything.

At chinki and naman [email protected]

Twinkle sitting she was hell tense ?.

Twinkle don’t worry now rt uncle can’t do anything baby chinki said.

I know chinki but you don’t know my father how he is she said..

Have a coffee and feel better naman said and give her coffee mug.

Yuvi come to Kunj he hugged him.

Heyy bro what is this you marry twinkle without me haan he said.

Arey everything happened in hustle your sister give me time to think once even I didn’t informed my dadi as well. She warmed that’s why we marry I can’t loose her yuvi Kunj said.

But I’m happy you both give best to my papa congratulations he said.

Thanks now help me where I’ll take twinkle I don’t have no place he said.

Hmm yup right don’t worry we will find out today anyhow yuvi said.

Whole day yuvi and Kunj finding house for twinkle and Kunj. They were so much expensive not in Kunj budget. Other hand leela was worried about twinkle she called her.

Hello twinkle puttar where are you haan leela said.

Maa I’m at chinki place right now and kunj finding house for us she added.

Twinkle puttar you marry you papa is hell angry why you didn’t informed me hah she asked.

What should I do maa papa didn’t left any other way for me I wanted to become Kunj wife and I marry him finally maa you don’t worry about anything she said.

My strong baby I’m proud of you leela said.

Thanks maa I just need your support and love  she said.

My love and support always with you both just stay happy twinkle leela added they both ended the call later.

Twinkle worried about Kunj she try to calling him back to back he didn’t answering her calls..

Yuvi and Kunj reached xyz place.. a man sitting there they were fully tired.

You both come finally man said.

Haan sorry mr Chaddha yuvi said.

Haan bolo Now fast don’t waste my time he said in annoying tone he having paan..

I wanted this house yuvi said.

I know this money first deposit he added.

First we will see this house Kunj said.

Acha come fast Chaddha said and they went inside and see whole house it’s 3bhk bungalow and good but fully dirty.

Why this house is dirty Kunj said.

Haan because no one staying her from long time speak fast do you want or not yuvi Chaddha said.

I wanted Kunj said.

Good boy now money he said.

Right now I have only 20thousand only he said.

No I want 40 thousand he said.

But I don’t have right now Kunj said.

Than leave my house many one is standing in line he said.kunj and yuvi rolling his eyes.

Arey mere pyaare mr Chaddha take right whatever we have we will give you later yuvi said.

Haan it’s my promise I’ll give you soon please give me this house Kunj said.  Anyhow yuvi and Kunj convince mr Chaddha finally is right.

Okay take this house and key is here he said give key to Kunj yuvi and Kunj get happy and both hugged each other’s.Mr Chaddha left.

Finally I get house where I can stay with my life Kunj said.

Yup yuvi added.Yuvi and Kunj went outside and went near Road rt car was passing from there.he see them and stopped his car and come out of the car he went towards them and they get shocked to see them.

Papa yuvi said.

Haan papa yuvi and what happened Kunj why you running on road today only

You marry with my great rich Rt Taneja daughter he said.

Thanks mr Taneja Kunj said..

tuchtuchh Kya Hua Kunj I know you don’t have anything where you can take my daughter and stay with her you can’t go hostel he said.

Acha than great my father in law he said and walked out from there.

Bye papa it’s so hot here you go in your ac car yuvi said and run from there..

This yuviii he fume??and went from there.

Hehe papa thinking you didn’t get house but he don’t know you get already yuvi said.

I don’t know what he had when he born always showing his money power huhu Kunj said.

You leave first we have to clean this house soon than we will bring your wifey soon yuvi said.

Haan right I wanted to do her welcome nicely Kunj said.

Haan I know Chal Than.They called rohan they buy few things and went back to bungalow.

They trio boys started cleaning each and everything rohan showing tantrums while Kunj and yuvi didn’t let him do after long time finally they clean each and everything trio get tired just than there a aunty come and see trio boys.

Heh bacho she said and trio boys turned and see her.

Aap kaun Kunj said. She went towards him.

You are new here i m your neighbour heer she said..

Hoo I’m Kunj aunty Kunj said..

So good you boys clean everything impressive you trio will stay here alone heer said..

nah aunty he and his wife will stay here we are toh his friends yuvi said and give him side hug..

Hoo newly wedded couple where is your wife she asked

She is on the way rohan murmured ?.

Acha you maybe hungry I’ll send something for you both she said and they trio nodded because they were hell hungry. She went and send food for them they trio have like animals and rest.

Now let’s place everything on their place yuvi said rohan and Kunj see bed rooms yuvi Oder things for them and it’s come soon and they set everything.After this Gul come with all kitchen things each and everyone give their contribution to set twinj small house..

waha Gul impressive Kunj said.

Anything for you baby she said.

Ahem ahem Mrs Sarna will shoo you kunj yuvi said they laughs out.

Other hand Avni get to know about twinkle and Kunj she went to chinki and naman place and talk to twinkle..

Whole day went and whole house is fully dey they four of them see whole house it’s looking so beautiful.

Guys what a lovey work we have done Gul


Yeah baby doll Rohan said and they four of them share a group hug..

Now what next?? Yuvi asked.

Kunj you go and bring twinkle here we will do your and her welcome fully yuvi said.

Haan right I wanted to give her surprise he said.

You go Than Kunj and Haan I’ll message naman and chinki Gul said and message them Kunj is coming don’t tell twinkle they both gf and bf come she sending them address..

chinki and naman read Gul message they understood and looked at twinkle who biting her nails.They went in room and get freshen up.

They come out of the washroom and get ready quickly went in living room.

You guys going out twinkle asked.

Haan we have some work naman said.

Acha Avni tu bhi aaja Kunj will come twinkle soon bye chinki said mad drag Avni they went from there and tell avni as well she get happy and trio left..

Where is Kunj hope is fine and get place for her.

Kunj first went hostel and packed his all things in a bag and send with rohan to their new house..

Kunj reached chinki and naman flat he smiling fully he ring the bell and twinkle scream Kunj name and went towards door and opened the door immediately finds Kunj

He standing with a bright smile.She immediately hugged him.

Kunjj where are you Baba i was worried about you she said and break the hug.

Hoo I’m not small baby he said.

For me you are my baby twinkle said.

Acha Chal He Said.

Where she asked.

I’m taking you for dinner he said.

Acha chalo even chinki and naman too went out she said with puppy face.

Hum he hummed.

He blind fold her why you doing this Baba she said.

Bas shh don’t speak anything I’ll kiss you here only he said and she making faces and Kunj hold her hand and lock the flat..

they went downstairs and Kunj bring his bike and twinkle sit carefully she cuddles Kunj. And Kunj start the bike.

Rest of them reached and they went inside and see whole house and get mesmerised.

Waha amazing bungalow chinki said.

After we clean this house and set everything rohan and yuvi said..

I’m loving yuvi Avni added they all hugging each other’s and waiting for twinkle and Kunj.

Anyhow yuvi bring mahi she come and meet with each other’s. While boys smirked and they went in room and set whole room fully. All girls and boys laughing after set room.

Kunj and twinkle reached and they come still twinkle eyes blindfolded.

Where you taking baby she said.

Wait baby he said and hold her hand and he message yuvi and everyone was ready.

They standing at door entrance everyone see twinkle and Kunj.

Now open my blindfold Kunj please she said.

Yup Kunj said and off the blindfold and twinkle open her eyes and slowly and see her whole gang staying together.

Where we are she said.

It’s our home baby he whispered in her ear.

What she said and turned and look at Kunj. He nodded in yes she get hell happy. All gang come.

Now let’s do their welcome Avni said.

Mahi and yuvi bring tali and kalash.

Twinkle and Kunj smiling.

Now twinkle you push this Kalash with your right feet yuvi said.

Acha bhai Kunj gesture her she nodded in yes and push the Kalash Than dip her feet’s in red water and leave her footprint. She look  here and there.

It’s so beautiful house haan I love it she said.

I know sister we all did so much for you both yuvi said.That’s true yaar true friends mine Kunj said.

Thanks buddies they share a group hug and twinkle see her little sweet home.They all sit together.

Dii I’m so happy for you and Kunj jiju mahi said.

Haa mahi even me twinkle and cuddles Kunj.

Ahem ahem everyone coughing.

Shut up guys now we are husband and wife Kunj said peck on her cheek?all making faces.

How you get this and you all clean this.

Rohan and yuvi tell her each and everything twinkle get hell happy and see her all friends love her lott..

I must say this bungalow is really sweet Kunj Avni said.

Finally Dayan like something Kunj murmured and all giggles Avni throw cushion at Kunj.

I m hungry twinkle said.

Haan lets have dinner yuvi said.

Than go out Kunj said..

nope we will have here and treat from my side after all they marry today only yuvi said all nodded in yes.Yuvi Oder everyone favourite food.. soon food come avni and chinki take and set everything on dinning table and they all went and take their respective seats and served each other’s.

Kunj feeding twinkle and she too him while Avni and yuvi or chinki and naman as well only Gul and rohan left??.

I think rohan you feed Gul yuvi said.

Acha Gul added and rolling her eyes while Kunj and yuvi feed Gul and twinkle and Avni to rohan they all enjoying each and everything.They again set in living room and chit chatting with each other’s.

Guys we have something for you all said.

What twinkle and Kunj asked. ??

Come with us they said and hold their hands and blindfold them.They them upstairs goes in room.They off their blindfold. Twinkle and Kunj see the room condition they was shocked and surprised fully after see room ambiance room fully decorated with flowers and candles ??.

What is this they both said.

Acha you both don’t know yuvi and rohan said.

It’s a small token surprise for you both from our group side yuvi said.

Acha what surprise this Kunj said.

Arey today you both Marry right chinki said twinkle and Kunj nodded in yes.

So basically tonight is your first night as well Gul added??.. twinkle and Kunj blushed.

Acha amazing surprise Kunj said.

Shame on yourself guys twinkle said.

Acha twinkle all girls scream she blushed hard.

We all wanted you both enjoy every bit of it and stay happy you both yuvi said. He cupped twinkle face now stay happy sissy don’t worry about anything we all here for you both yuvi added.

Haan twinkle and Kunj call us anything naman said.

Thanks guys for each and everything words will be less for you all they said..

Chal now don’t waste your night enjoy and winked them they all giggles and bid bye each other’s and went. While Kunj went and lock the door. Twinkle sitting and admiring whole room Kunj entered in room and closed the door and went to her sit beside her.

What happened haan he said.

Nothing I’m hell happy seemed like i come in dreamworld she said.

Haan dreamworld now let’s enjoy night he said and winked at her.

Shameless sarna she said Kunj hold her hands.

Yup mrs Kunj Sarna now no restriction everything is allowed to me he said and bite her cheeks she blushed more harder..

I love you kunj she said and cuddles him.

I can’t waste my buddies hard work he said and rolled her on bed.She giggles Kunj sealed her lips and started kissing each other’s fully..

Flashback end..

Twinkleee dadi give her voice and she come out of her thoughts.

Twinkle open her eyes and she realised she just lost in her thoughts. Babaji I was hell happy with Kunj why now this pain and barriers come between us she said and went downstairs.

Haan dadi you calling me she said.

Haan you come with me dadi said take her with him..

Kunj all family members went for some function even kaira too …..

Twinkle and Kunj said they will came at night you all go ….

Twinkle was at home  kunj was at office…..

Kunj was telling rahul that haan yaar everyone went just me and twinkle didn’t went …..

So may be we will go at night if i get free ….

where is twinkle Rahul asked?

she was not having work so she is at home. He said

ohh Rahul added

hmm Kunj hummed

Rt heard that and think something this is the right chance to meet with twinkle ….

He went to Sarna Mansion he rang the bell…

Twinkle open the door …

papa you are here she said

haan i m here chalo fast we are going from here I’ ll hide you somewhere that kunj sarna will not he able to find you he said

but why i don’t want to go twinkle said

shut up twinkle i didn’t asked you i m saying you you have to come with me he said in Loud voice.

not again papa …i will not go this is my decision she said

what decision haan …i can see your  decision.because of your decision this kunj is showing me so much haan it was not right at that time  and not this time as well he said

It was my best decision papa she said

i m not here to listen your nonsense you are coming with me and that’s final he added.

He hold her hand forcefully and dragging her ….

In this process her hand got hit by table and blood started coming from her hands….

Mean while kunj too came Kunj saw the scenario…

mr rt leave he said shouted.Rt still didn’t leave her. i said leave mr taneja how dare you to behave like this to my wife  he said

Rt leave her hand what wife haan ….

You married her by cheating rt added

we both know who is big cheater so please don’t force me to open my mouth ..it will be not good for you he said. Rt fume in anger and leave from there ….

While twinkle ran towards her room and started crying cuddling her knees didn’t pay heed to her wound.which was bleeding…..

Kunj too come behind her his heart clenched after seeing her whatever twinkle did but he can’t deny na his heart is still beating for her only he still love her..

twinkle kunj called her

Twinkle didn’t looked at her She was crying on her fate why always whom she loved the most .they hurt them .First her papa and now kunj …

She knows she didn’t do goof with kunj but it was for his betterment only..

Kunj saw her hand which was bleeding…..

twinkle he called her again he took her hand in his hand and said ….twinkle see kitna khoon nikal raha hai wait mai first aid lata hoon he added

Twinkle jerked his hand no need why do you care you toh hate me na..so why did you care haan .mai mar bhi jaun toh kya fark pad jayega kuch ni kishi koi fark ni  padega so let it be …she said

While kunj got angry after listening this words.though he hate her for that words but this not the truth his heart still crave for her love, still he feel pain whenever he saw her in pain how can she say that fark ni pdega …

He hold her from shoulder….what did you said haan ….

Frk ni padega really twinkle….how can you say this haan i agree i hate you but for a reason it don’t mean you can use these words samjhi .Her lips were shivering due to pain and crying…..

He looked at her lips and immediately grab her .Showing his possessiveness as well as aggressiveness….

Twinkle didn’t push him .let him do whatever he want ….

He kissed her for almost 10 minutes then he leave her …Twinkle started breathing heavily…..

dobara mat bolna fark ni padega kyn ki padta hai samji he said

He took out first aid from drawer and does her bandage.She smiled little bit after seeing his concern still kunj care for her…..

After bandage he picked her in bridal style and  laid her on bed didn’t said anything……

Kunj got call from dadi .

where are you and twinkle ? Dadi asked

:: woh dadi we will not be able to come as i m having an important meeting in office he said

ohh koi na we will come tomorrow in evening she said

okay and do take care of kaira and  her medicine he said

haan don’t worry she added

While twinkle was still sobbing hiding her face under the pillow .

saw her and think don’t know babaji.what i m seeing and what she said on that day .two totally different things .don’t know kispe trust karun …jo isne us din kha tha …ya aaj jo iski condition hai he said in his heart

Bit first i have to see this mr taneja how can he hurt my wife huh he murmured

now stop twinkle why are u crying so much it will be okay in 2- 3 days  he said.

hmm you go for attending the function leave me at my condition she added

i m.not going anywhere i informed dadi that we are not coming he said

why ? She asked

thinks i can’t tell her because of her condition..woh because i can’t trust mr taneja kya pta fir se aaje koi kand kar de he said

thinks ohh …mujhe laga meri wajah se .leave twinkel tu soch bhi kese sakti hai ki jo tune kiya uske baad woh tere liye ye sub karega she added.

Later kunj came with dinner…

Your  dinner Kunj said

i m not hungry i don’t want it she said

i said have  your dinner Kunj said

Twinkle thinks this sadu can’t see my wound haan how can i have my dinner.

Twinkle tried to have it with her left hand but she was unable to have it .Kunj saw her …

ho gya tumhara ya or kuch baki hai he said

i toh told you i don’t want it but you are one who is ordering me she said

huh he made her have dinner Twinkle looked at him..

don’t look at me and have it he said Twinkle had it …

After this she thought to change but problem was that her how she will wear her kurti because sleeves will trouble her wounds….

Kunj was looking at her from couch as he was sitting their and doing his work….

Kunj went towards wardrobe and took out a nighty trendy one without sleeves.

You can wear this don’t wear that kurti he said Twinkle looked at him. what..? Rolling his eyes….jayada dimaag me load lene ki zarurat ni hai this nighty will not hurt you that’s why he added

Twinkle took the nighty and went towards washroom and change.Twinkle come out from washroom…kunj looked at her she was looking stunning.Kunj was just lost….

While twinkle blushed.they both forget everything for some time and get lost in each other Twinkle laid on the bed and kunj too came both looking at each other’s having my emotions and feelings inside their heart which running.

Kunj closed his eyes and hold her hand and come above twinkle.He caress her cheeks bones she closed her eyes.

Both looking into each other’s and lost fully.

Kunj cupped her face and started kissing her fully she moaning his name.Kunj lock her lips with his. And both get engaged in liplock Kunj moving his hand on her bare hands. Kunj break the kiss and grabbed her neck and kissing her fully.Twinkle moaning his name loudly.

Just than Kunj phone ringing he about to get up.

Don’t leave me kunjjj she said and Kunj cuddles her fully. They get busy in their love world after long time feeling each other’s:

And scene freezes

Na toh chehre se hui na teri aankhon de hui hume to tujhese mohbbat teri baaton se hogayi.?..

Log qismat ko doss Dete hai yeh nahi sochte hai ki Beej humne hi boya hai?


How was the shot?

Hope you all like it thanks for comments.

And haan busy?..next be soon?

When twinkle love Kunj than why she leave Kunj and kiara??

Bye love you all


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