Dilli Darlings 27th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Everyone gets to hear what other felt for them

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Dilli Darlings 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shaloo is hearing what everyone said for her, Sona explains that she was always sweet and now hearing this what everyone has said will make her feel really bad. Seema also witnesses what happened on Jalesh. Then she asks what happened with her and how Manya made Pari and everyone feel threatened that if they go to Seema then she will have no relation with them, she also sees tha she called Seema a cockroach. They also witness the fight between herself and Manya, she feels that the truth came out and now all of the darlings know who was at fault.
Pooja along with Deepshika also get to relive the moment where they gave everyone else names according to pets, then how Manya along with Pari planned to make the them say it and they feel really angry, Manya makes Pari feel confident then she will

not let her anything happen to her, she feels that everyone else has plead a game and she feels that Manya is not her friend, Manya also feels the Pari was not her friend.
When it all ends then Shaloo gets up saying that she was happy that she was not on the clip, Deepshika feels that she has gotten hurt after what Manya said, then Shaloo explains that she has no care for what others say to her as she has done all of things by herself and did not care for what others have said.
Ronaq asks Guneet whey she felt relaxed, she explains that she was not showed in the footage and feels that Manya has taken the place and now she feels bad, Seem feels bad that she thinks that they care for her b*t*hin.
Ronaq says that Manya and Pari decided to apologize to to Pooja but then she went all by herself and did opt care for what she thought and that she was also involved, Manya says that she told Pari, Rashmi turns to her to which Pari explains that she did not have such an extreme fight with Pooja as much as they did, she feels threatened.
Manya and Seema both get into fight and then they blame each other’s that they were not playing a fair game, Seema says that she was using others to undermine the people that wer3e playing the game, she says that she used to threaten others character, she explains that’s the also tried to use Shaloo but she had no interest on what she said, Shaloo also explains that she also tried to make her fight against Seema but she did not do it as she thought that she has to remain neutral.
They both get into a heated argument and then others have to intervene to calm them down, Seema says that she used others to try and win the game, Manya says that she used her brains to play the games and the others who were with her should have also used the brains, Seem points that it is called undermine character.
Ronaq ask who is her best friend and she replies that it is Pari, Seema and everyone wonders if she has lost all of her relations in the circle, Pari explains that they fight and now she has become friends with her, Pari says that if she also refused to say in favor of Many then she would have surely cried, Seema points that Manya again said the justification in diplomacy, Manya asks her to remain quiet she never asked for her opinion, she explains that she can say anything which she wants so is trying to warn Pari that her friend might remain true with her.
He asks Deepshika that everyone was angry with Pooja after the conversation that they had so why was she not with her, Deepshika explains that Manya tried to act as if she is standing by her side so she had decided to let her do it, He asks Pooja what she felt, she explains that she felt lonely at the point as she thought that they both were talking together and so she felt that she should have stood by her side and then Pooja says that she has left crying and is stronger, she says that she cried for two days after incident but it will not happen.
He says that they will meet the darlings on the finals week where everyone will see what has happened and who will win.

Precap: At the finale stage the darlings are accompanied by Sarla, Ronaq ask what she likes of Pari, she responds her nails, he jokes that if he found any kidnapper who would want to kidnap Pari, he would tell them to take her nails and they will live happily on the money which they receive from it. Sarla asks them questions which results in the darlings taunting each other’s and blaming them, Manya says that even when Rashmi said that she was defecated still she gave them a tough fight.

Update Credit to: Sona

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