Vish 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Alia brings Good Aditya back

Vish 23rd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Alia hugs Aditya but faints. Aditya says look its me. Sabrina calls Alia. Aditya gets evil again and thinks that she cheated you, she is not your wife, let her die. He starts leaving but Alia calls him. Aditya gets senses back and says she is my Alia, he takes her from there.

Aditya brings Alia in their room and clean her wound, he says it must pain but its for you. Alia smiles and thinks I will bring him back. Alia says you are a good person and no poison can take that away from you. Sabrina calls him. Aditya gets poisoned again and pushes Alia away, he goes out of room.
Sabrina is in her room and says Aditya you cant be out my trap, his poison level is weak so Alia might bring him back and takes out poison from him, what happened with Shekhar, I wont let it happen with Aditya.

Shekhar comes to Alia’s room. Alia says what if Sabrina sees you? Shekhar says I have sent Maria’s kid away from this city, he is safe. Alia says thank you, you know Aditya cameback to senses but when he hears Sabrina’s voice, he goes back to evil. She says I can take him away from Sabrina. Shekhar whimpers. Alia asks if he is fine? He nods and shows her some herbs, he says you have to make Aditya drink it, it will take out poison from him.

Alia sees Sabrina mixing poison in Aditya’s juice. She thinks I have to make him drink my herb before Sabrina. She throws soap water on floor and leaves from there. Sabrina comes there and says I will make Aditya drink this poison. Sabrina doesnt step on water and use skaterboard to go from there.

Sabrina and Alia come in Aditya’s room. Aditya is beating a servant and about to bite him. Sabrina says bite him, it will give you peace, kill him. Alia silently changes Sabrina’s juice with hers. Aditya leaves servant and says its fine. Sabrina gives him juice. He drinks it. Sabrina smirks. Aditya coughs and feels dizzy. Sabrina thinks poison is working, he will do as I say. Sabrina asks Aditya to go and beat that servant. Aditya glares at her and slap her. He says how dare you fool me? I am not under your control, he leaves from there. Alia thinks that thank God that herb worked. Sabrina says how poison didnt work? She smells herb in glass and says who did it? Alia comes there and says me. Alia says you tried to beat me but God is with me, I have a plan to take Aditya away from you. She leaves. Sabrina is angry.

PRECAP- Sabrina sees bags and asks Aditya where is he going? Aditya says it doesnt concern you. Sabrina says you cant go. Alia says you are not my boss, I am daughter in law of this house and will go anywhere I want with my husband. She holds Aditya’s hand and goes to sit in car. Sabrina hides in luggage to go with them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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