Patiala Babes 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Minnie’s Unique Idea

Patiala Babes 23rd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita tells Minnie that HS realized his mistake and if he hurts her feelings, he will lose her; he is not like Ashok, he forgo his self-esteem and apologized, she is sure now that HS loves her truly. In police station, HS reminisces Babita’s words. Laala walks in and asks why is he still sitting here instead of going home as he had taken half day leave; if Babita liked his gifted earrings, still veil and flowers are remaining. HS says he may not give other 2 gifts and he feels his his self-esteem died. Laala asks him to explain in detail. HS asks if he thinks Babita is very simple and easily understandable, but this is not true, she has so much ego in herself that she can bet her love, so he sacrificed his ego to satisfy her ego as he learnt to sacrifice in love; he realized that in the future, he has to handle this relationship as Babita will everything if ego comes in between; he thinks she could not vent out the frustration she developed over years and vented it out on her. Laala says how can that be. HS says he realized that he has to become Neelkanth and consume poison to perform daughter’s mother’s samudramanthan; he feels how will he live if he holds so much poison in his throat. He walks away while Laala stands thinking.

Minnie reminisces both HS and Babita’s words and writes her diary; Dear diary, her Babes is her best friend and she shared everything with her till now, but to be honored, she is confused, so she is writing it on diary; she felt HS will give the love Babes deserves which papaji couldn’t, but if ego comes in between, what if Babes breaks her project/relationship like Poonam aunty told. She frustratedly tears paper and writes again that she is very happy seeing Babita heading into new life and if HS cannot keep her happy, she is with Babes to keep her happy; her Babes is blooming like flower; she, HS, and Babes will live happily ever after as a small and cute family.

NB calls dress seller to buy Babita’s clothes. Dress seller shows many dresses praising their intricate work. NB selects one dress. Minnie selects another and says Babes will look superb in it. She notices Babita’s eyes searching HS, goes to balcony and calls HS. HS trying to start his bike outside house picks call. Minnie asks to look at balcony. HS asks what is she doing here instead of selecting dresses, she should select a beautiful princess dress. Minnie asks him to come and select dresses for her then. He says she can take her mother’s help. She says her mother is sitting sadly and she will not help her. HS says he needs to go to police station soon. Minnie says she knows what happened between them yesterday, he knows Babes acts childish sometimes, she knows HS will forgo it and they both can keep Babes happy. HS says she is really the most gorgeous girl. She asks to come in soon then.

NB tells Minnie that Babita is not selecting anything, don’t know what she wants. Babita blabbers. Minnie says she knows what Babes wants and picks a red dress, signalling HS. HS hits spoon twice signalling it is nice. Babita smiles and says it is good. NB also smiles noticing that. Minnie tries different dresses on Babita and HS hits soon twice for the ones he liked and once the one he doesn’t. Babita selects the one he likes and rejects others.

After sometimes, Khatri hires bajewalas/musicians and plays music in front of Minnie, Preet, and Mickey. Minnie says this band will not work in her Babes’ wedding. Khatri says these are Patiala’s best musicians. Mickey jokes with Khatri and asks Kammo if he doesn’t romance her. Kammo says he has not given him even a rose till now. Minnie expresses what she likes. Khatri says he will arrange it, but expense will increase, can she spend so much. Minnie says its her Babes’ wedding and she needs best. Khatri says he will arrange the best. Minnie continues chatting with Preet.

Precap: Khatri taunts Babita that these kind of unique weddings don’t happen in Patiala and congratulates her.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. I have a major complaint with today’s episode. I will come to that in a minute but first of all, though dont agree with Hanuman terming it as Babita’s ego, i understand what he is worrying about. And he is right that Babita is bringing all the pain and insecurity from the past relationship and judging him on that basis. Even Babita said that indirectly when she told Minnie ‘Hanuman didn’t leave me like Ashok and now i am convinced of his love.’ But it will be very difficult for Hanuman if Babita keeps testing him or always tries to see whether HS keeps her as top priority. I dont see this is a big problem in itself because every relationship is comprises of flawed people who learn and grow together. What i do see as a big problem is (aforementioned major complaint) why are Hanuman and Babita still not talking with each other? Okay Hanuman discussed with Lala because he needed a friendly ear. But why didn’t he say anything when he returned home? He is just assuming Babita’s ‘ego’ is too big and she will never change and only Hanuman has to compromise? Hell, two days ago Babita was adamant that she will leave the house but what everyone told her had an effect, she thought about it and chose to stay without HS uttering a single word. Does it look like the doings of a woman with a ‘big ego’. So why Hanuman isn’t discussing his fears with Babita? And Babita doesn’t realize anything from his behavior either? HS came home taking a half day but immediately left after apologizing. They didn’t talk at night and in the morning also he was going to station without saying anything. Babita doesn’t realize something might be wrong? I understand she is trying to live her dreams and planning her marriage, but is she looking at clothes at all times? And in all this, even now, MINNIE has to convince hanuman that come up, i know babes gets childish sometimes but we will manage. Seriously? It was cute ages ago when Hanuman and Babita were not sure about their future and Minnie had to go back and forth between them. But now its not funny anymore. Around them everyone is racing for marriage preparations and HS-Babita are not even talking to each other, no alone moments. No sitting down and talking about their likes, dislikes, wishes, expectations, fears… no nothing. And they live in the same house still nothing. how hard it is to find one hour and start to get to know each other? This is not a healthy relationship at all. They had some tension during that apology and Hanuman’s reaction is to stay away, go hide in the police station morning and evening, talk to Lala and even Minnie but not Babita. While Babita is busy elsewhere. If Hanuman does this everytime they have a friction between them and creates a distance, how will understanding develop between them?
    The romantic moments between them is really sweet. The proposal scene was awesome and today the clothes selection scene was beautiful too. The actors have tremendous chemistry. But romantic moments dont make a relationship strong. If a relationship is a house, the romantic moments are the final paint of bright colors that makes the house look beautiful. But if you want longevity, a good house need a solid foundation and good materials in its walls. That comes from lots of communication, understanding and trust. Seriously, i dont like how their relationship is developing. The romantic moments are all touching. But behind those scenes there are some real problems that the characters are not discussing with each other at all. I feel like Hanuman-Minnie bond is thousand times stronger than his and Babita’s bond. Father-daughter bond is fine. But what about husband and wife?
    Also, how soon is the wedding? Already they have started choosing bands and make up artists and clothes… Everyone is rushing to hear the wedding bells but the groom is worrying in his room that their future might be riddled with problems and he will have to face a lot. He said he used to think Babita is simple but in reality she has a big ego… and to be honest i was hurt that Hanuman thinks like that about Babita. If he doesn’t want to live with ‘big ego’ then for freaks sake ask for some breathing space from others and figure out your future life partner for yourself. I want babita Hanuman to grow up and solve their problems themselves without Minnie pushing them together all the time. Okay Minne is mature, but these two are years older and should have some capacity to solve their problems themselves.

    1. Yeah. And for heaven’s sake I want Minnie to be out of equation between HS and Babita. Her maturity was likable before, now I find it irritating as hell. I also don’t like that Minnie knows everything about HS and babita’s relationship, like everything!. Give them some privacy damnit.
      And when babita was pissed at HS for that paraya mard lecture people were like look into his heart and everything. They asked her to make a move to solve problem. Here, when HS is pissed at Babita, he is talking to everyone except babita. Nobody is telling him to look into her heart is and talk to her. And I am guessing, here too, burden will fall on babita.
      Not that it’s not her fault, but let’s put knock some sense in HS as well? I mean he can’t have it both ways. And if I were Babita and heard what HS said to Lala in police station, I would be disappointed. Why does he think that his relationship with her is going to be a difficult chore? Does he not know how far she has come after Ashok chapter and how capable is she of learning? Why does he think that she will stop learning from this point onwards? If he is so pessimistic about babita’s attitude then do her a favor and back off. Really.

    2. Hey Michelle, i agree that Minnie needs to take a backseat for a while. I think Minnie’s maturity made sense before because it was with respect to things like self respect and independence. Minnie is a youth of the new generation and it is believable that she would be more vocal and more confident about living alone and not care about societal restriction. It was nice to watch Babita growing with her daughter’s support… but now they are showing Minnie is more mature about relationship stuff too? Minnie is more aware of Hanuman’s feelings than Babita? This is the same woman whose in-laws still praise her that for 17-18 years Babita took care of every relation beautifully. In the Khurrana house Babita was the understanding one and she kept the house together and happy. She took care to not hurt other’e emotions and knew how to mend hurt feelings too. We are supposed to believe that the same Babita has now turned totally naive and her 17yr old daughter is understanding the situation better? It is possible that Babita doesn’t know how to handle the new relationship. But how is it possible that Babita is not even aware that Hanuman is worried about something? How can see not read Hanuman’s expressions?… and i am really upset with Hanuman’s reaction too. I mean, after Ashok i wanted a partner for Babita who will absolutely adore her and recognize her value. Here Hanuman is comparing the relationship with drinking poison. Smh! even when Babita was upset with Hanuman, she only said that she is not sure and doesn’t want to continue. She never complained about Hanuman to others that he has big ego or that she will be miserable with him.

    3. SsiyAa

      exactly…. wedding bells started to ring… they need to spend little time first. even the wedding arrangements is not shown in organised manner. Babita is in her wonderland and HS in dilemma with hurt feelings. And now that link shows entry of poonam where HS flirts her and that will again instigate babita and she will feel bad and insecure and again argument, complain will be there.

    4. Can you share the link Siya? I haven’t seen it yet

    5. SsiyAa
      they are mad to call poonam as sister

    6. Thanks Siya… These reporters themselves dont know which character is which… it seems like Poonam is asking Babita to get ready for some marriage function. Hopefully the flirting will be a light scene and not something dramatic again… Preet’s mother doesn’t look happy, lol

    7. SsiyAa

      not just these dhara..there are many, in one report of zoom they were showing cast of “tara from satara” serial as minnie and babita… one report on youtube showed poonam as sonam something and rano as villain… like seriously!!… this tells even these big platforms are not interested in sobar and grounded serials like this.. or may be because of less trp it’s not in their radar. atleast they should do their research before showing something. especially zoom like platform.

    8. SsiyAa
      next problem … kuch to log kahenge

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    This is stupidity going on… I think relationship is likr clap which can only be done by 2 hands, but here Hanuman singh has to bear Babita ego uncessarily, which is not required at all… Babita is turning selfish from selfless… Her negative selfishness might ruin everything…. I agree that sometime everyone need to turn selfish, but which way is big question: I mean babita turned selfish for her rights and as mother was good, but now she is selfish and egoist in love, as she want now everything as per her wish… This show is now turning egoist according to me… I don’t even feel like readinf and watching it any more..

    1. SsiyAa

      i’m still not convinced, how was that ego? what i feel she is still not able to trust her relation and insecure if again she will be left/ thrown out same like before. She is seeking reassurance for her unacceptable insecurity and fear… but how is that EGO?

    2. I dont think its ego either… besides, neither does Babita want everything to be according to her wishes only. When she was selecting her clothes she wanted Hanuman to be there, she wanted to get clothes that even he would like, and she was upset that Hanuman wasn’t their to give his opinion. She wants to fulfill her dreams but she also wants to do it with Hanuman. It is Hanuman who is running away because of his own overthinking and misgivings. He compared the situation with samudra manthan and drinking poison… like seriously! stop this over drama and deal with the situation like adults…

  3. Very well explained dhara….i m also thinking same that when HS returned at home in the night Babita ll wait for him…and we can see the conversation between HS and Babita…i m waiting for not in the night but i think they will talk in the morning …but again not happen that is also….why HS always in hurry ….why he can’t able to talk to babita and solved his problems….and what about telling Babita…she is just like satve aasman me ud rahi hai….i think makers are in very hurry for their marriage…and minni booked band ,parlourwali and so on…i don’t like this type of marraige in between both of them…i think instead of big shadi drama they can show a simple court marraige….now i m thinking audience like us who are very excited to watch this serial are loosing tempo to watch serial….

    1. I also liked the idea of simple court marriage. But Babita wants a wedding where she fulfills all her wishes, so i guess its okay… I just want more Babita-Hanuman scenes and their bond to grow stronger before the actual marriage happens

  4. SsiyAa

    feel like makers fear to show romance between HS_Babita before marriage.. else what can be the reason for so hurry..!… i agree i want see more story more sub-plots, but along that if they want to show Babita-HS relationship they have show us their talking too… usually couples even in arranged marriage spend hours if not in personal then on call to learn more about each other, i know HS know almost everything about babita and babita too now knows almost everything about HS but still there should be a deep and direct talk about expectations, fears, developed emotions related to each other. And now they share better bond then before they can sit and talk, in fact need to talk about everything and anything. they are more focused on justifying that babita is insecure and egoistic. and i still don’t know how she has ego

    1. Yeah. She is not egoistic, she is inexperienced. She will definitely learn if she’s told what is bothering him. But he won’t tell her. He would rather tell everyone else.

  5. Babita is nobody to test HS….she wants marriage plus apologies….which is rare….

    Better drop the marriage and bring somebody else for both

  6. Well…It is a bit difficult to analyse the present situation ..Babita is immersed in her own dreams ,so much so she fails to see that HS is hurt…and HS ,who should have apologised much earlier so that this issue wouldn’t have cropped up now ,thinks that Babita’s ego is bigger than her love for him….I agree that was the wrong time for Babita to draw out an apology ,but HS ,who should have made amends much earlier ,feels that his self esteem is lost by saying sorry now..Well,he is terming Babita’s self respect as ‘ego’ and his as ‘self esteem’…Infact a very thin line separates ego and self esteem….rather difficult to say whose is ego and whose is self esteem…Ego is nothing but inflated pride or superiority complex and we know both HS and Babits don’t have ego issues…they are down to earth persons by nature..the main reason is they still don’t know each other well…they are yet to understand each other well to adjust to each other’s negative points….HS should n’t expect too much from Babita as she had had a bitter first marriage …she loved Ashok also…but what did he do? He should give her some time to overcome her doubts and frustrations…As for Babita ,she should stop making HS a scapegoat for her frustrations ..she is too mature for that….yes,she had every reason to feel hurt for HS ‘s mean words and his subsequent refusal to apologise…but she seemed to have come to terms after her friend Poonam’s advice and accepted to marry him…..AND chose the wrong time to elicit that apology which he wasn’t willing to give ..she should have spoken to him first and sorted out this issue before going ahead with the marriage…and the same applies to HS…he knew that Babita was expecting an apology from him…instead of bringing home her estranged brother for Raksha bandhan and all that ,he should have addressed the main issue first and explained his reasons both for using those words and not apologising …Itis obvious that with so much still to understand about each other ,they are rushing with the marriage…The way HS was seen comparing himself to ‘Neelkanth’,and began lamenting the loss of his self esteem ,it is better this marriage be postponed…whatever that is going on now…the colourful wedding preparations ,HS and Babita stealing glances at each other and Minni wanting the best music for her babes marriage ..all looks meaningless as the foundation itself seems to be weak…And Khatri ,as expected ,is gearing up to show his true colours …Awaiting the upcoming episodes to see if HS and Babita will have a heart to heart talk and iron out their differences before going ahead with the marriage…Looks like the writers have decided to show the ups and downs that are normal to any relationship because without over coming them ,the relationship won’t strengthen and no story..

  7. When Babita and HS shared a landlord Tenant relationship, she used to prepare tea for HS and Lala, even she used to prepare dinner for him but now did they stop cooking or did they stop having food. After that apology incident they directly jumped to next day. So Babita dint see HS after that incident in spite of living in the same house. ?

    If HS have any issue with Babita he can directly speak to her and get things sorted out, he very well know Babita had a bitter experience so it ll b better if they sort out their issues b4 they get married. I don’t understand y suddenly such complications has raised between them. I couldn’t really understand how HS can speak such things about Babita to Lala. After that apology incident instead of running away from there he could have made everything clear to Babita. I think now HS is not happy with this marriage and makers once again want to break this relationship. It’s better if HS and Babita share landlord tenant relation and let Mini consider HS as father.

    As someone said in one of the comment Babita has to compete with Kammo and Nayimbe for best supporting actress role coz these two have more scenes compared to Babita. And Mini ll be the best lead actress..?
    Sorry now I am a bit irritated with Mini. Too much of interference.

    1. I think the day when Poonam was first introduced, on that episode Babita almost completely disappeared from the telecast. I assumed maybe Paridhi had some personal problems and so the rest of the cast got together to make up for it by introducing the news reporter track and said Babita had gone looking for new apartment. But even after that i feel Babita’s scenes have gradually declined. Earlier almost the entire episode used to focus on Babita and now she has maybe 1-2 scenes only. Other characters should get focus too but right now Babita-Hanuman relationship needs the most focus than others… I dont know if Paridhi is facing some problems in her personal life and that’s why her screen time is suffering. Other wise the director could have easily included a few scenes when Hanuman returned at night or Babita went to serve tea the next morning. They live in the same house still we didn’t get their scenes… Even in the clothes selection scene five minutes was given to Minnie convincing Hanuman from balcony to come up.

    2. Dhara correct me if I am wrong, after that humiliating incident Babita saw HS again in uniform on the day he gifted her the Jumkas right. May be when she saw him in uniform all those words reflected in her mind and she got upset.

    3. SsiyAa

      i think this whole month is of festival and in her personal life she is married and have one child too. and stays with inlaws in family… so she might not be able to make up complete time for shooting… in other serials they show the actor getting kidnapped or something.. here atleast they are showing her few scenes… she might not be on complete off that’s why few scenes are there as we can see her on shooting.. she might have taken break or half day

    4. Raj, i can’t be sure because i dont remember all the scenes. Even in the morning when HS was cleaning his bike and babita was returning from Nayeen Bi’s house, HS was in uniform but Babita did not react then. But something definitely triggered Babita’s memory. She was so happy to get the gift and she was lost in thoughts and not listening to Minnie even. So its not like she was holding the grudge and looking for opportunity to place her condition. She just remembered it and immediately said what was in her mind. I think it is better to say it directly rather than hold insecurities in your mind like Hanuman is doing
      Siya, maybe so… but i miss Babita scenes very much. I was watching some old episodes and in the pot making episode the entire episode was focused only on Hanuman and Babita only. God knows when we will get such an episode again… After the whole Imarti court case track, it seems something is missing in HS-Babita relationship. The show needs to give them more scenes to make things smooth again. I dont want stupid kidnapping scenes either. Hopefully whatever is the problem will get resolved soon

  8. MeTooPatialaBabes

    Where Poonam is shown as Babita’s sister!
    The reporters should at least first search what the plot is actually going in the serial and then telecast.

  9. MeTooPatialaBabes

    Its is not ego! If it was it was shown earlier. The way she grew after the divorce had brought that change to think before doing anything. She might have hurted HS many time, but what HS did was questioning her character just like Ashok did. Who would not clarify about that part? Obviously as many times stated that “ashok ne babita ko thukra diya”. And so Ashok said those words because he did not cared about Babita. Now when HS said, how would Babita let it go away? She will want to know that even after making a mistake can HS ask for forgiveness? Because ashok never apologized for that scene. She wanted to be make clear that she is most important to him. If HS would not had said about her character, nothing such would happen because there nothing where sorry would be needed.
    Hope I am clear!

    1. MeTooPatialaBabes

      What makes are actually showing us can be seen below! It may clear all your doubts.

  10. Perminder Virk

    I think that some comments that I have read are silly and I think thst either they have not watched from the beginning or what I don’t know.

    To blackmail for love is wrong end of the matter.

    Yes Babita is a mixed up soul, who is still not over Ashok as yet and till she gets rid of this he left me nonsense is not going to move forward.

    She keeps on comparing Ashok with HS is stupid.

    Yes HS is right to tell Lally that Babita has ego issues and he will have to tread carefully to make it work and yes he is going to be at the receiving end of her anger etc if she does not get her way. He is not wrong there at all.

    Even Mini has started to see her Mother for the 1st time for what she is and that she has a ego issues and she will see that her Mother was also guilty in the breakup of her Marriage and was not all ashok fault.

    I do want them to leave some romance for after the wedding.

    1. i remember at the very beginning of the show there were scenes where Ashok returned and he brought lots of gifts. Lovely distributed them but nothing was left for Babita. Babita did not mind and was just happy Ashok had returned. Then at night there was some issue with the AC of their room and lovely was not ready to give space in her room. So Babita slept somewhere else without raising one complaint. She even pacified Minnie that dont get angry, its okay. Never did Babita take it on her ego that she was not being given importance enough. So i dont know how you can say Minnie is seeing Babita for what she truly is for the 1st time. Infact Minnie used to always say that Babes you are stupid, grow some self esteem…
      it is the subsequent events that changed Babita. She had to go through a lot of pain and trauma and had to learn to put her foot down. She wasn’t like this before. Yes she isn’t perfect now neither was she perfect back then. But she never showed ego issues on the serial. Her verifying HS’s love or comparing with Ashok is also wrong, but not because she is egoistic, but because she is insecure and has developed trust issues.
      according to the link @MeTooPatialaBabes shared, it seems the writers will also say that Babita did some mistakes because of which Ashok moved away. But if they say it was Babita’s ‘ego’, then the writers will be backtracking on what they have themselves showed since the beginning. Poonam coming and just saying Babita had huge ego in childhood is not supported by anything Babita has done since the beginning of the show herself. I feel this ego trait is something new thought up by the writers to show issues in normal relationship. Personally, I prefer the reason Ashok himself gave. He was alone in a foreign country while his wife was busy looking after his family in Patiala. He developed a bond with Mita and fell in love with her. It happens a lot. But lets see what the writers show now as the reason…

    2. SsiyAa

      i started to watch this show from mid… somewhere from march… and today only i watched the starting 6-10 episodes… and now i can exactly relate to the scenes you just described…. both babita and minnie were complete different at that time… minnie finding it difficult to talk to her own father she was rehearsing to introduce herself and in complete 17 years he didn’t realised that minnie no more will play with dolls and there was no gift for babita and while leaving he questioned babita if she can ever forgive him… poor minnie felt like if she is talking to a stranger and not her father… and yes old lovely was less powerful than second actress… and looking at those scenes one can easily say mita as a second woman for her lifestyle and after watching her journey it was mita who touched me more…
      on getting time i will try to look more episode from how mita entered family and rest..
      but it’s very clear to me, babita wasn’t egoist she was just speaking her first thought and it that situation she end up giving putting condition as somewhere she wanted assurance that she won’t be thrown out again. since starting we have seen her little possessiveness and insecurity for both minnie and hanuman. it’s she she need to realise that and soon we may get to see that.

  11. MeTooPatialaBabes

    I bet that after Poonam enters again, Babita is not going to get hurted. Just she may be litte upset(wanting HS to be with her just like roothna aur fir jat se maan jana). Because now after this, she is confident about HS and in no way it can be broken. I don’t know but I don’t like Poonam’s character. I am not able to accept that Poonam is actually Babita’s childhood friend. Just like we accepted Sardar singh, Imarti, Mita, Lovely, Sukhiji, Rano everyone but not Poonam.

  12. MeTooPatialaBabes

    What the makers wants from us!
    “We request all fans of #patialababes to watch the show at its original time slot 8.30 pm Sony TV to ensure that d ratings increase and show enjoys a long run ? @ashnoorkaur03 @aniruddh_dave @paridhiofficial”.
    Most of us are not able to watch it in out original time slot. But it should not affect PB!

    1. SsiyAa

      they should consider online trp too.. but yes even there they get less than 1000 views which is disappointing… tV trp is 0.6 to 1 which again is not good… as i stated the reason 8:30 is prime slot with tujhse hai raabta, kulfi kumar and taarak mehta… when it was @9pm its trp was 1-1.1.. but after time slot shifted trp is 0.8 – 0.6… more people should watch it but as it has stuck on marriage track there’s hardly something extra to see

    2. 8:30 time slot is not only the reason, if u read the comments on YouTube page U can understand audience is pissed off with the current track and too much of mini’s interference. Even I don’t with it on TV now a days first I read the written updates and if I find it interesting I watch it in SonyLiv app.

  13. MeTooPatialaBabes

    What’s this?
    Imarti in HS-Babita’s haldi!

    1. MeTooPatialaBabes

      A question is asked here in last to Mini, that if Imarti comes to be a part of Babita-HS’s haldi, in reality will the ceremony will be conducted? Mini is dreaming that how will be the Haldi if Imarti was there?

    2. SsiyAa

      she is just part of minnie’s imagination. minnie is imagining if imarti will learn about HS marriage decision how happy she would be…that’s what makers have thought i guess. And as i said before that babita will get hurt from HS flirt with poonam as she is already insecure and possessive about her relation. This can be effect of that.

    1. SsiyAa

      don’t trust nexttv or similar portals..they are not genuine… they just repeat telecasted episodes in clips , no. of times and doesn’t have authority.

    2. It’s fake. This is the scene where HS apologised to Babita on that Trilok Episode.

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