Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj makes plan to escape, fooling Mayura and Ram

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 23rd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rivaaj thinking to go back to room hearing Mayura and Ram coming there. He opens the duct and jumps inside. Mayura hears the sound and asks Ram if he heard. Ram says no. Mayura opens the lock. Rivaaj thinks my luck is bad and thinks if they doubt then he will be locked here for life. He ties himself and sits down quietly. He sees the duct open and thinks to close it son. Mayura and Ram come to the second room and then enter Rivaaj’s secret room. Mayura looks at the room and thinks if this chair is in this position. She thinks something is wrong, don’t know why? She looks at the duct and finds it closed. Ram also looks there. Rivaaj looks up and sees the duct closed. Ram asks Mayura if she is sure now. He says jackal has no way then to bite his nails. Rivaaj asks him not to do mistake of thinking a tiger as jackal. Ram calls Mayura as fiance and says let go out and enjoy life. Mayura smiles. He tells I want to insult you and says I will make your baigan ka bharta. He says we will watch him live on CCTV. Rivaaj thinks how did I forget about this? Ram takes Mayura from there. Rivaaj thinks he has to do something with CCTV. He thinks there must be some way to come out of this and sees the bowl. He thinks to take the risk and makes map of the house on the floor.

Mayura thinks when they went to room, Rivaaj was seated and tied. Ram brings flowers for her. He gives her white flower first. He thanks her for trusting him and gives yellow-orange flower. He says I have just one rule of my life, that to break bone, but not someone’s trust and hope. He says I won’t let even a scratch to your trust and gives her many more flowers. He asks what is the color of this flower. She says baigani color. Ram says Shakespear had said what is in the name? He gives her red flower and says when heart is pained, then you will get relieved by this. Mayura says I will take the yellow flower for the unbreaking trust. He says I will always stand by you and says lets get ready for next surprise. Mayura looks on. She says today you are gone Rivaaj.

Ram is exercising holding dumbbells. Premraj comes and holds him, says how you will get saved now. Ram says if you do this with me then this will happen and drops dumbbells on his foot. Bhanu comes and says bhaiyya ji. Ram asks him to shut up. Premraj says Director called and asked when you will come for shooting. Ram says he will not go, tell them that Rivaaj went for a holiday, I want a break. Premraj says if you don’t go then who will work with you. Ram says if they want to blacklist their industry by blacklisting them. Premraj says everything will be ruined and your career will melt like icecream. Ram picks the call and cancels the shooting. He thinks his plan worked and hopes Mayura’s plan shall work too. Mayura thinks of Rivaaj telling that Ram doesn’t know about his secret accounts details and he will never find it. She searches it and finds a file in his laptop. She says you bribed so much to enter politics, this is the golden ticket to ruin your career and thinks to make this info leaked in media.

Mayura is about to check him on CCTV, but just then Roop comes there. Rivaaj gets clothes from the cupboard and some stuff, hoping nobody is watching him on CCTV. Mayura closes the laptop before Roop could see it. Rivaaj changes his clothes and makes a dummy with the stuff and covers it up with his clothes. He says well done. He then moves the CCTV and thinks Mayura will be a fool, she will not know when I ran out. Roop says this is Bhaiyya ji’s stuff. Mayura says I am his wife, he gave me access to this. Roop says you wanted to take his advantage. Mayura says you are shameless to eat rotis at wife’s house and goes. Roop is about to check the laptop, when she comes and stops him. She asks if he wants to go to his sister and asks him to leave if he don’t want her to tell Rivaaj. Roop goes. Mayura looks at the CCTV, sees dummy thinks he is Rivaaj. She thinks he can bite her at anytime.

Precap: Rivaaj tries to break the door. He sees ants and thinks Rivaaj will follow them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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