Dilli Darlings 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Sona invites Seema to her kitty

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Shaloo goes to the Mandir to pay her respects and pray along with a gift, she is really happy to go there and pray, she asks the Pandit that she has something to give top the god, the Pandit also assure her of a successful party.
They group receives a message from Sona regarding the theme, she explains that she has also sent Seema an invite as it would mean that she would also come back, Seema is also happy to receive the message hoping that she would be able to go and reunite.
Pooja is calling her son who has just started to help his father, she is calling him but he doesn’t listen, she has eventually to go to his son’s room where he is busy in his phone, she calls him to get ready but he does not listen. She feels that he is acting weird from the past couple of days, she goes to ask what the matter is, he explains that he wants a car for himself as his friends have their own cars, she feels that now she will have to talk with his father and would have to hear his scold.
Reena is looking at the old photos where she finds photos of the era of her sweet 16. She explains that she was madly in love with Anil Kapoor and Madhauri however her father would not allow it and so she went secretly, then she requested him so he arranged a meeting with them over lunch.
Manya calls her husband , when he comes asking what is the matter she explains that the theme of the party is based on the 16 year old self however she cannot recover it, she is very worried, he goes back and then comes back with a tablet, where he has stored everything which was on that particular drive.
Pooja goes to her husband explaining what their son wants and the reason he is angry, he explains that they have a car which is sufficient, he eventually gives in explaining that his wife can make him do anything by just talking with him.
Deepshika is looking at her old photos however she doesn’t feel to dress up like that as she was really fat which was why no one would ask her out, her mother comes in asking what the matter is and what she is doing, she explains that she is reliving her old self, her mother wants her to come and live with them for a couple of days so she can groom her again.
Pooja asks her husband what he has thought regarding the car which they would buy, they call their son, as soon as he comes they make him sit with his father asking about his choice, he explains that he wants a fortuner, they agree however there is a fight on the color but the boys eventually win over the color which is white.
Reena is finally sure what she will be and that is a school girl as she was really popular back then, she goes to her wardrobe but is not able to find anything, Reena then calls Neha who is her designer, she explains that she wants her to design a school costume for a kitty.
Shaloo is with her friends asking them what she should about the kitty, she explains that she had a very good time with them as she was able to relieve the past time, they shortlist some photos and have a blast about what she would wear, she is advised to make a puff just like in her old days

Precap: Manya is talking with Seema, she explains that she is going to have some parties, Manya explains that she will not come, they have a heated conversation after which Manya leaves.

Update Credit to: Sona

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