Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update – Krishna’s birth celebrated with all including Rukmini.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rukmini is personally looking into all arrangements of shrikrishna’s birthday ie. Janmashtami while she is telling all people all to do all things in very proper way without any mistakes. She is personally volunteering all things are prepared as per liking of shrikrishna or no. Gurudev seeing this tells Rukmini that Prasad is also to be prepared for Krishna so she replies yes as I have arranged all 56 items to be prepared as per choice of shrikrishna for his Pooja. Gurudev says in himself that it is only you who can understand about the choices of shrikrishna & he blesses her.

All the villagers are enjoying dancing & singing songs for shrikrishna.  Mahadev & paravati mata too are enjoying by dancing. Seeing this balarama is very happy &

Krishna is also very happy & delighted by the people dancing & singing while enjoying his birthday. Balarama is saying that it feels like the whole dwarka has fallen in love with you so Krishna is telling Balarama that this is my honor that all these people love me so much & they have made my birthday as their own celebration so Balarama replies that actually this is their luck that you personally are here to give them blessings or people do not get your blessings so easily but Krishna tells balarama that there are various forms in people of their gods so whenever they come to meet me I find them in various forms & this is their love for me to see various gods in them. Balaram says I can’t understand you by my brains & Krishna leaves saying Rukmini must be waiting for me as we will chat this later. So Balarama says I understand that you will immerge for people in your various forms.

Rukmini is walking with decorative items plate in her hands towards shrikrishna’s room to do make-up of him. Rukmini talks with Krishna saying I am blessed by your existence & now I wish to do your make-up so permit me. Rukmini starts her make-up on shrikrishna’s body happily. She informs Krishna that the time has come for your celebration hence please give your existence to all the people in your this form. Shrikrishna is happy.

A maid comes to give Rukmini the garland as per order so Rukmini says in her mind this is not just a garland but is the bond between me & shrikrishna.

Gurudev sees the night moving into moon & says this is the start time of shrikrishna’s birth celebration so rishi’s sound play shank while mahadev & mata paravati immerge in the palace. All are singing songs for shrikrishna & Rukmini in between the palace is very happy while Krishna comes out playing flute & all pray shrikrishna saying “Dwarkdhish Shrikrishna’s jai”. Krishna playing flute sits on his seat.

Krishna prays mahadev & all gods saying I am happy to see you here while mahadev is also praying Krishna. Mahadev says after seeing you we are very happy too & we have come here to take Krishna punj which never gets after doing deep meditation too but this we will get by your help. Krishna accepts mahadev’s advice. All gods are also requesting Krishna to bless us with this punj.

Krishna is walking down the palace in between near Rukmini standing & all people are singing & dancing. Shrikrishna & Rukmini are too enjoying seeing in each other’s eyes constantly. Krishna takes along rukmini with him towards his seat to sit with him. She sits & rests her hands on Krishna while he is playing flute & she is constantly looking in his eyes very dedicated. Gurudev is also happy seeing this.

All are happy dancing & singing while Rukmini gets up blushing & Krishna too gets up seeing all & he immerges in simple form releasing all his gods punj for all as Rukmini seeing this is very surprised. Mata comes to inform her that he is now in simple form of human so you have to achieve him immediately or if all gods punj enter into him again then he will again become non-existed for you. Mata give her the garland so she takes & puts on his body.  All gods punj ask krsihna now how we should enter into you so Krishna tells them that this is fate as Rukmini is my half body none other than an avatar of mata laxmi & without her I was incomplete so after she accepting me we both are complete now & you are not incomplete as you are also going to become complete. Rukmini is happy hearing this.

Rukmini & Krishna immerge as half attached with each other & gurudev seeing this is praying them.

All people are enjoying celebration breaking the pots hanged above.

Krishna is explaining Arjun about if it is draupadi or Rukmini all women are form of laxmi & who ever tries to tie them or do injustice with them then he has to face this battle field. Arjun ask my question is this itself that is woman’s rights are only our duty & if drupadi wouldn’t had been there or injustice wouldn’t had happened with her then we couldn’t had fought with dooryodhan for our rights & was there any need of this war in this mahabahrat.

Krishna is explaining Arjun about incidents happening in this world are already pre-decided in which draupadi ‘s existence is also a reason behind this mahabharat. They are talking about the human births also which is pre-decided too. Krishnna is explaining Arjun about all the incidents of mahabharat of which draupadi was also a big reason behind this too. Krishna is telling him that draupadi was on her right path in which your brother’s fought between your selves for wrong reason. Krishna is telling Arjun that you only understand draupadi as wife but I understand her inner feelings so to understand mahabharat first you need to study draupadi’s life since her birth & last birth too. Arjun tells Krishna to explain in details which I am eager to know so Krishna is telling him that draupadi’s life starts from there when you for your guru dakshina you won war against Panchal naresh & you handed him to guru drone.


Precap : Krishna is telling Arjun that question is why draupadi became the reason behind mahabharat.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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