TERA BAN JAUNGA: twinj~ shot 4

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An ordinary couple::

An extraordinary journey

For love ?

Tears rolling down from twinkle and Kunj eyes while reminiscing their old golden lovey moment which just filled with happiness and joy.. ?

Kunj sitting near his room balcony and resting his head against the door.

Other hand twinkle in gurudwara both finding their peace but didn’t get it their heart peace because their heart connected with each other’s. till they both didn’t come together their hearts will be restless as like their souls ?..

Twinkle get up she wiped her tears and walking here.

I know Kunj you are very much angry with me and your anger is justified but Kunj I m helpless I get you and lost as well. Sometimes I thought why chinki give me that challenge and I expect and become tara for you.

Unexpectedly I fallen for you like mad Kunj.Even my way of loving you wasn’t correct at that moment but I love you from core of my heart.

Truthfully I love you and as long as I was with you kunj I was loyal with you never cheated you.

I wish I never said those words to you. The words hurt. They sitting my soul. All the way down to my core and I can’t seem to take the pain any more.?she added.

She went and sit near water-pond cool peaceful breeze going on and hitting with twinkle face..

They said love is blind sorry I disagree.

Infatuation is blind, love is all seeing and accepting. Love is seeing all the flaws is accepting the bad habits and mannerisms, and working around them. Love is recognising all the fears and insecurities, and knowing your role is to comfort. Love is working through all the challenges and painful times. Infatuation is fragile and will shatter when life isn’t perfect..

Love is strong and it strengthens because it is real ♥️! She added and tears rolling down over her face..

And I love you kunj truly if today we aren’t together it’s okay because I wanted your happiness wanted to see you happy that’s all if i have to make myself lousy in your eyes that’s okay for me.

Pyaar ko pana hi sab kuch nahi hota hai Kunj us pyaar ke mar mitna hota hai.

Love is like life  every corner is not easy every corner doesn’t bring happiness but when we don’t leave life alone then why should we leave love alone.

Zindagi pyar dene aur pyar lene ka naam hai aur kuch nahi she fighting with her inner soul..

Twinkle went from there she went to home.

Kiara face flashing in front of her eyes and she get so happy.

Yuvi and leela was sitting in living room.

Yuvi tell leela everything today he saw kiara.

Twinkle went in her room. She get freshen up and come down back servant give her coffee she sit in side.

Do you have any picture of her Yuvi leela asked him?

Nah Maa I didn’t got time to click her photo she come like boom.Where is twinkle puppy Rambo she was running behind him in office.During meeting she entered and take her father with herself. Surprised is this Maa even Kunj leave his work and went. In college he never like if anyone come between his work and now also I find him very punctual and devoted towards his work but for his daughter he leave his work and went with her Yuvi added.Leela listening everything with a smile twinkle too.

She is damn sure so small cutie pie exactly like twinkle childhood yuvi said stop and look at twinkle who just sitting beside him.

Leela look at twinkle face and understand her emotions what she feeling right now..

but can’t do anything.

Good na Maa she have Kunj in her life have father unconditional love I can see how much she is important for Kunj Rahul told me she is Kunj everything and her name is so cute KIARA he stated.

I wish I can see her once yuvi puttar leela said.

Yeah Maa yuvi added.

Acha I’ll come after change he said and went in his room.

Kya hua puttar haa leela asked twinkle why you come so late she can see her red eyes she added?

Woh Maa I went to gurudwara she said.

Good puttar even you too see kiara haa she added.

Hmm she Hummed and tears escape from her eyes.

She cupped her face and wiped her tears.

At least I get chance to see her Maa and I m happy you know Maa when I saw her I was shocked who she is.She entered in conference room.She went towards Kunj.

I was questioning myself who she is? When she called him ‘PAPA, I was shocked that moment my world stopped.

I can’t express my feelings what I felt that moment.

I just looked up her Maa.She standing in front of my eyes she is damn cute and innocent eyes like same Kunj Maa. But I can see she is naughty like me?she added. Leela and twinkle give tearfully smile..

achaaa leela said..

I just blinking my eyes and all emotions I feeling at the same time Maa.She take Kunj.But Maa when I see her whatever happened everything echoed in my ears like anything.She is so small Kunj really love her lott she said.

Hmm after all she is his daughter after you she is with himself na puttar leela state while twinkle nodded glumly..

She is just 3 years old na twinkle beta I’m happy she is here we will meet with her okay she finished.

Na Maa Kunj wouldn’t let us meet with her and neither he will let us go closer to baby as well Maa twinkle said.

I know beta he is right at his place leela added..

Rt come there and see leela and twinkle.

What happened haan you both mother and daughter discussing something important haan he said.Leela and twinkle just looking at him only didn’t said


Yeah I guess maybe talking about that poxy baby he added.Twinkle immediately get up that word come out from rt mouth about kiara..

Papppaa she shouted in ireful voice.

meri khamoshi ko meri kamzori na samajhna papa she said and went from there.Leela look at rt.

Twinkleeee rt scream in anger.

I told you na one day when water went above her nose that day she raise her voice against you and maybe yesterday my daughter and Kunj wife was helpless can’t speak up she is under your pressure.

But today not at all and at least think before speak for whom you talking about she is your daughter baby she added.

Rt just closed his fist in anger.Leela too went from here.

Ahaha again this all started spell that Kunj name.Anyhow I made twinkle and karan alliance fixed now I have to focus on their wedding as well now this Kunj come don’t want again my twinkle become mad in his love rt state..

Kunj was sitting and looking at sunset.

The worst feeling is not being lonely. It’s when someone makes you feel special, then suddenly leaves you and you have to pretend you don’t mind at all ?..

What makes you do this all things with me twinkle haan what happened to my twinkle who loving me like anything she love me without term and conditions than suddenly why you become like your father he never liked us but you was with me you leave my hand at that moment where I needed you most.I didn’t expected from you at all.You killed our love forever twinkle he said and just than kiara come there and sit in Kunj lap.

Papap she said and Kunj come back in his sense come out of his painful world.

Haan kiara he said.

She see tears in his eyes she cupped Kunj face with her tiny hands.

Ka hua papu why this tears in your eyes haan she said in cute voice.

No tears baby just something went in my eyes Kunj added.

Hoo she hold her head kiara thought her papa crying she said.She wiped his eyes. And kissed on his eyes now fine papa she asked him.Kunj smile and nodded his head in yes.She rest her head on his chest.

See twinkle you can’t see tears in my eyes but my daughter can you become fully blind his heart speaking.Kunj caressing kiara hairs.Kiara started coughing badly.

Kiaraaa what is this again coughing didn’t you take your medicine haan kunj said worriedly.She making puppy faces.

I take medisin ( medicine) but I play in swimming pool lott there she said with puppy eyes. Kunj cupped her face.

Why bacha you know you have allergies.

Again dr uncle will scold you than don’t tell me that he give you injection Kunj said.

And kiara looking at Kunj face she get scared.

Naa ??‍♀️injuction (injection) she shouted.

Acha okay no injuction in his language he said?.Kissed on his cheeks.Mera baby he murmured.

Kunj lift her and went in room he fallen off on bed. He cuddles kiara she giggling Kunj rolled down her and ticking on her tummy she laughing loudly her sound echoed in room roofs.Dadi was passing from room only she heard and get happy.

I’m happy maybe twinkle not with Kunj but my Kunj have kiara in his life she murmured and went down..

Papu leave me I can’t she said.

What papu im your papa na Kunj said.

She cupped his face.

Achww you calling me baby bacha what about that haan she asked him like a elder.

Hmm because you are my bacha kissed on her nose tip get it he added.

Same you are too you only calling Meri Maa kiara she said.Kunj giggles.

Okay Kunj states..?

Rudra come there and hoo bhai and didi Rudra said.

Ahah I’m not your dadiii kiara scream.He come and lay down beside Kunj.

Ewww ?you stinking chachu she closed her nose go away she said.Kunj look at Rudra.

Haan so what I was went to meet With Om so we running in garden that’s why baby he added and going near kiara more.

Papa tell him na she said.

Your daughter is too much bhai Rudra added.even bhai too smelling?.

Huhu never my papa best see him she smelled him see my papa she added and cuddles Kunj.Kunj giggles.She hovered Kunj fully. I feel like vomiting she said.

Rudra making faces.

Go Rudra take shower Kunj said.

Seriously bhai you just following her huhu she is bachii Rudra said.

Haan but I’m boss ?she said proudly and lift her collar.. Rudra get up and went from there.

Haa she take deep breathe I feel so good don’t you she said.

Hmm Kunj Hummed kiara playing with Kunj hairs and Kunj remember one moments he was with twinkle.Same happened with her too.

One day in college Kunj and yuvi playing football match both drenched in sweat..

After match Kunj and yuvi both went to Kunj home.

Twinkle come and give them juice.

Eww go and take shower fast bhai she said and making faces.

Acha twinkle even your husband too here yuvi added.

I’m smelling great always he said while looking at twinkle.

Acha bachu I know ?yuvi said and both buddies laughs out.Yuvi pulled twinkle near him and going near face.

Ahah bhai leave me I can’t please you smelling so badly Kunj save me from bhai you dirty people she said.

Teri biwi na too much Kunj yuvi murmured. Twinkle push yuvi and she went in her room.

Pagal Kunj said.

Totally still you marry ?yuvi added.

Yup Kunj said?after yuvi too left.

Kunj went in his room and see twinkle he smirked and went near her and give her backhugged..

ahah Kunj she scream he nuzzled his face in her neck.

Kya hua haan he added and she turned and look at him.

Please go and get freshen up she said.

Hmm yeah I’ll let me spend sometime with me he said In teasing way?.

Acha later first go na she said.

What happened I’m your husband you only tell me that you love in my embrace he said.

Yes I do but not when you stinking ??she said.

Acha now I’ll not take shower you have to with me I’m thinking let make love he said and winked at her ??. After that together we will take shower ?he added.

You become shameless she murmured.

Less than you baby he said and peck at her lips.She closed her nose tightly and run in corner. Twinkle making faces.

You aren’t going haan he asked her in serious way.

Na she said.

Kunj looking here and there he remove his T-shirt and throw in corner.He give twinkle smirked look.she hugged itself.

Now where you will go wifey he said and run towards her while she running.

You running away from me na wait I’ll not leave you ??Kunj said.

Acha let’s see she said back..

they both running in whole room but anyhow Kunj caught her and both fall on bed.

Ahah Kunj leave me please twinkle scream and Kunj hold her feet’s. He went upon her.

Ab Bol he said their face is just inch apart. His breathe hitting with hers even her too.

I’m toh not stinking he said.

Really you are I never said you know na baby she said in puppy voice.He went closer to her. He caressing her cheekbones with his fingers she looking at him with loving eyes.

Not now Kunj she said.

Let’s kiss he said she nodded in no. But Kunj is Kunj he grab her lips and smooching her.Her hand went in cold back.

Kunj leave her and giving her winning smile.

Not bad he said.

Very bad you are she said in puppy way.

She get up and make him go in washroom she said and throw him in washroom.

Siyappa queen he murmured.

Sadu sarna she said. Flash back end.

Both mother and daughter is same to same he murmured and look at kiara.

At [email protected]

Anjali and Rahul come they went inside and firstly meet with dadi and tej.

Papa how’s you Anjali said and cuddles tej.

Even I missed you bacha tej said.

Heyy father in law Rahul said tej giggles and he take his blessings and share a hug. Rudra come down and cuddles Anjali.

Diii he scream.

Bas bas my dear saale saab Rahul added ?.

Jiju call bhai this saale saab not me he said.

Sit beta dadi said.. they all sits together.

Where is father and daughter Anjali asked.

Here Kunj said they coming down kiara was in his arms.They come down.

Hi di Kunj added.

Hi Kunj she said and he sit in side.

Heyy kiara how’s you baby Anjali said.

I’m fine bua she said.She called her and she went near her. Anjali cupped her face

My litter baby she said and kissed on her forehead.Rahul play with her silky hairs.

Sofi sofi kiara haan he said in her language?.

Yes uncle she added.

You all enjoy alone alone not fair kiara Anjali said.

Ho ho bua you only come India haan even papa too huhu she said.

I enjoy lot there haina dadi she added

Haan we all enjoyed lott tej said.

She telling them all moments how dadi scared of water and they take her for water rides and laughing Kunj just looking at her laughs.It’s giving him immense happiness.

Kitna bolti hai tu kiara Rudra said.

Bhaiya usually don’t like when anyone speak lott but he listening his daughter blabs Rudra added.

Beti hai after all unki Rahul said.

Kiara dancing and showing Rahul and Anjali they both happily seeing her,

After all she is only a kid in their family each and everyone love her lott.

She is my princess but my queen leave me Kunj murmured.

Let’s have dinner dadi said all nodded in yes.Rahul lift kiara fully and she giggles.

They all went towards dinning table.Kiara sit on top of table.Everyone took their respective chairs.Servants serving them.

I’ll feed Kiara okay Anjali said.

Okii bua she added.All started having their dinner happily.

How’s your work is going on haan tej asked them.

Good papa Rahul replies..

Hope this project get over soon than we will go back to Italy dadi said.

Why dadi so hurry haan you all just come now we will enjoy rai wedding as well Rahul said.

Even this Kunj too same for this project he Added dadi and Kunj share eyelock.

Bas bua I’m done Kiara Said and show her both hands.

What you eat nothing Kiara Haan Anjali asked her.

Hoo see this much my tummy she said she bloomed her tummy.. ?all giggles.

She get down from the table and went in living room and humming her barbie songs.

Don’t worry di she will drink milk at midnight Kunj said.

Haan bhai forgets everything but his daughter milk never Rudra added.all give smile after all Kunj world rolling around kiara only.

Other hand in [email protected] they all having dinner quietly but Avni try do initiate a conversation but nobody wanted..

Twinkle finished her dinner and take her plate and went in kitchen she keep plate in side and went in her room back.After dinner yuvi out due to some work..

Twinkle sitting alone making sketches she loves this creatives.Avni and mahi come there twinkle puppy Rambo playing in side.

What happened to Rambo geet bring him quickly Avni said( geet is twinkle pa)…

Twinkle look at Rambo and remember how kiara get behind him. A giggled smile appears on twinkle face.

Kya hua dadi mahi asked.

Nothing mahi she said and take Rambo and cuddles him he barking.

Shhh you get irritated with her haan she said.Avni and mahi get confused.

Means who irritates him both said together.

Arey geet bring him in office and you

Know there kiara gets behind Rambo she said

Kiara kaun Avni asked her.Twinkle look at her and don’t know what to say..

Woh Kunj daughter she said. Avni and mahi look at twinkle face and realised what she just said.

Kunj daughterrrr Avni said..

Hmm twinkle Hummed.

Avni and mahi looked at twinkle face she having tears in her eyes but holding them didn’t let them falls down.

Means di Kunj jiju daughter?? Mahi asked.

Twinkle take deep breathe and hold her hand.

Woh mahi today Kunj daughter kiara come in office she said.

Kiaraaaa mahi said.

Haan her name is kiara twinkle added..

Acha twinkle you saw her Avni asked she nodded in yes tears drops fall down from her eyesight.

Haan I saw her she was in front of my eyes only she running behind Rambo she wanted and scared him with stick she said and giggles tearfully even mahi and Avni too.

Hoo di you have any pic of her haan mahi said.

Nahi mahi I didn’t think about this that time when I saw her I was confused when she called Kunj papa than I get to know she is his daughter she said.

Even YOURS too twinkle Avni added..

How so suddenly she come there I mean Avni asked.

I don’t know I think today only she come and give Kunj surprise she is so small and extremely cute Avni twinkle said they can see crave for her daughter in her eyes..

Don’t be weak twinkle Avni states and hold her hand.Trio talking normally.

Our college days was amazing twinkle we enjoying lott that time no tension never thought about this our life become so complicated how we both use to teased yuvi and Kunj in classes Avni said.

Twinkle look at her she Hummed.

Than also why you give that statement Avni she said and Avni looking at twinkle she get surprised for this sudden question.

Twinkleee Avni speaks..

Haan Avni why you said that words she said. Avni don’t have any answers she simply get up and stand in side.

Twinkle said whatever I saw that’s it even I told this to yuvi and numbers of time as well I don’t have any personal issues with Kunj that you know she said.

You mean Kunj stole that money haan she said. Avni turned and look at her.

Twinkle I saw Kunj there only Avni added.

I don’t know anything Avni I just know he wasn’t you give your statement that day and changed my life she said In painful voice.

Today when I look around myself find myself all alone one side bhai who cursing me for Kunj and his friendship.

My baby wasn’t with me today my husband everything scattered in my life.

My happy life my love and me shredded I wouldn’t say you are responsible for this but I wouldn’t deny as well if you didn’t give that statement and situation didn’t come in front of me there I become heartless I have to choose one thing she said.

But itself twinkle you ended up your and Kunj relationship na even baby too avni said.

Acha do you think so avni can’t see in my eyes what situation papa created in front of me haan why that situation comes asked yourself one day she said and went from there.

Diii mahi scream she look at Avni and feel bad and went from there..

I’m really sorry twinkle with you even I lost my love yuvi I don’t know my one statement changed our life’s I just said what I saw nothing else she said and crying fully..

At sarna house..

They all sitting and chit chatting with each other’s and kiara was busy in her iPad playing games.Kunj bring her medicines.

He sit beside kiara who engrossed in her iPad.

Anjali beta stay here today okay dadi said.

Okay dadi Anjali said.Rahul give her smile.

Kunj seeing kiara medicines.He fills in dropper.Kiaraaa he called her.She didn’t listen Kunj take her iPad than she looked at Kunj he gesturing her.She see medicine and making faces.Kunj cupped her face and give her medicine with dropper she making faces.

Ahah papap yuck she scream.

Bas kiara he take another medicine and give her.She about to puke Kunj Make her drink water slightly.Done bas he said.

Kunj wiped her face.

Agains she started having cough dadi Kunj said.

Haan there she having ice cream lott dadi added..

Papa huhu I don’t like this medi she said.

Haan I know now sleep okay Kunj said she resting her head on his chest.

Kunj lets go bring sweets what’s say Rahul said kunj look at him.Kiara immediately get up.

Haan for me too round round making circle with her fingers please she said.

Round round what?? Rahul asked.

That white one and black one uncle kiara said.

Hoo I got it Kiara Rahul said.

Let’s oder Kunj said.

Now we will bring itself you come with me na Rahul said and get up.

Even I’ll too go kiara said

No you sleep I’ll bring here only kiara Kunj said.

No papa I take medi now I’ll go okay she added like a boss..

Kunj take her she will get happy or else in any corner of house she will cry Anjali said. She making crying eyes.. ?

Chal Meri Maa Kunj said and take her in his arms.Rahul and Kunj went outside.

They sit in car and left.Rahul driving the car while Kunj sitting beside him and kiara sitting in his lap looking outside.

Yuvi was sitting with abeer outside of The dhaba.

Aur Kya hua you looking so stressful always what happened before marriage you are so loving boy abeer said.

Yeah,I used to but now not at all because this world take you very lightly and didn’t let you happy with yourself yuvi said.

Acha why I don’t think so yuvi yaar I

Think something happened and one more thing that day in office Kunj said that about rt uncle her daughter was my girlfriend what does mean of this?? He asked.I mean mahi was Kunj girlfriend.

Yuvi look at him. He nodded in no.

Than twinkle he said with shocking way.

Yuvi just blinked his eyes.

But twinkle engaged with karan na maybe everything is over between them.And one more thing Kunj is settled in his life even he had a cute daughter kiara he added.

Hmm right very cute daughter yuvi said..

that baby is of twinkle only he murmured in his heart..

Which shop is good Kunj Rahul asked him.

You drive I’ll tell you which one Kunj said he nodded in yes and drive.Soon they reached rako yeha bas Rahul Kunj said.

Okay he added.

This shop is very famous here for Sweets. I used to visit here oftentimes Kunj states.

Rahul come out of the car Kunj lift kiara he went outside of the car..

Let’s go Kunj said.

Kiara get excited to see shop.. they went inside.

Haha so many sweets I wanted this and that she just pointing her hands here and there papa she added.

Haan we will take okay Kunj said.

You take Rahul Kunj said him.

Rahul take which one he wanted.

Kiara don’t move okay Kunj said.

Sweets ??she said.

Okay I’ll bring Kunj added and Oder small rasgulla for kiara.

Rahul take all sweets and pay the bill.

Shopkeeper give Kunj rasgulla in small pot..

Chalo now Kunj said hold kiara hand they went outside.

First have kiara okay Rahul said he bring for himself also.Kunj make her sit on car bonnet.he open the pot she giving him smile.Kunj starter feeding her she having happily.Abeer eyes went on Rahul.

Arey Rahulll he said and get up even yuvi too. Both went towards them.

Heyy Rahul abeer scream..

he turned and see abeer with yuvi.

Hey bro you are her Rahul said.

Yeah I come with yuvi good na he added.

Even me and Kunj too come for sweets he stated.Yuvi look at Kunj even he too.

Hi kiara abeer waving his hands she give him smile because she is more busy in rasgulla ?..

Yuvi smiling and adorning how beautifully Kunj taking care of her.She choked while having.

Aha kiara aaram se baby Kunj said and patting on her back.

Bas I’m full papu she said.

Good I’ll not give you afterwards kiara Kunj said.

Yeah I know she added yuvi smile.Kunj wiped Kiara face.

Have abeer and yuvi you both are here Rahul asked.

Woh we come here in this dhaba yuvi said.Kunj looked at dhaba and remember how he and yuvi used to come here lott their favourite place.he and yuvi share a eye lock..

Good Rahul added.Kiara stand on car bonnet.She kissing on Kunj cheeks.

Let’s go Rahul now Kunj said.

Yeah sure bye abeer and yuvi see you in office Rahul state they pass smile and bid bye to each other’s.Yuvi having chocolate in his pocket he bring out and show to kiara.

Do you want cutie pie yuvi said kiara looking at him.Than she look at Kunj who gesture him in yes.She immediately take it.

Thanks she said.Yuvi cupped her face and kissed on her cheeks.

Your most welcomed sweetheart he added they all smiling.

They sit in their respective cars and left.

Kiara keep blabbering about chocolate.

See her she get so happy with chocolate crazy girl Rahul murmured.While yuvi was too happy that Kunj didn’t stop him..

Yuvi went inside the house and he whistling and went in his room.He looking so happy after ages Avni see him and get surprised to see yuvi today..

What happened yuvi you look happy extremely tell me cause of your happiness she added.

Yuvi look at her.Hmm well I’m very much happy why because I meet with kiara and give her chocolate as well that’s why she is cause of my happiness Avni he said in happy voice for a change today.He went towards bed and lay down.

Hoo see he is so happy just because of kiara and Kunj I wishes you stay like this only yuvi she muttering to herself.

She went and lay down beside yuvi and thinking about twinkle words even she too thinking because of her one statement her life become hell is it she never thought about this and closed her eyes..

While kiara sleep in car only.They reached home both of them went inside Kunj cuddles her carefully.Rest of them still sitting.

Sweetsss Rahul said..

Anjali get up and went towards him and take all sweets bag from Rahul.

Hoo she slept ? Anjali said.

What about her sweets my baby is so excited she added.

Don’t worry Anjali she is your niece. Issne  wahi kha liye ta  ?Rahul said.

Than great Anjali said and caress her back.

Acha you all have I’m going she will wake up in noise Kunj states.and went upstairs goes in his room.

He entered in his room and went towards bed and place kiara carefully on bed and see she holding chocolates tightly in her fist which yuvi gives her.Kunj smiles and take out from her fist and keep in side table.

Kunj open her hairs and kissed on her forehead he went and bring her night dress and come Make her wear without disturbing her sleep..

He covered her with quilt and he bring one diary and started reading.

░▒▓█►─═  Flashback ═─◄█▓▒░

Twinkle hug him Kunj I love you like anything mar jaugi me tumhare bina she said and crying while Kunj wasn’t in that stage he can say anything this all making her confused he break the hug and look at twinkle.

Tummm tara??? He asked

Yes I’m your tara only she give him her phone and show him everything. I’m your tara with whom you talking everyday single and give this things to me Kunj she added.

Will you love me back Kunj she asked.

What nonsense is this Kunj said and tears escaping from his eyes as well.

Kunj was completely shocked after that he don’t know what to say.Twinkle was in front of his she saying she is his tara whom he loving..

Kunjj look at me please na i m your tara only who loving you like anything look at me please she said and crying badly she cupping his face Kunj jerked her hands.

He closed his eyes remembering all memories with Tara his he don’t have her face in his eyes but her voice is enough for him to imagined.

Than something click in his mind that whenever tara send any food for himself that was same with yuvi home food.Many times he asked Kunj as well it’s so wired na that tara and leela made same things at the same day.but Kunj always ignores.

Twinkle standing like dumb she just waiting for Kunj answer.tears drops falls down from his eyes.He turned and take Deep breathe.

And keep looking at twinkle she standing and having tears in her eyes.Kunj never thought she will be his tara.who is twinkle in reality..

What is this twinkle tum tara how can this haan he said in stern voice.

I know Kunj it’s quite shocking for you but let’s sit I’ll explain you each and everything she said.She hold his both hands.

I know Kunj after listen this you must be shocked and dishearten but trust me I never knew this will happen at the end.

Me and chinki sitting in canteen and saw you there casually you are new in college.

So we never Interact with each other lott

There chinki give me a challenge to woo you because she find you a very hot Charming boy.And I accepted her challenge just to teased you fun fully nothing else she said and Kunj was shocked she did this all just because of a silly challenge.

Are you gone crazy you playing with my feelings haan who give you this right tell me he scream loudly and hold her arms tightly..

Kunjj let me explain myself first fully yeah i accepted this Kunj but behind this there is no bad motive I even don’t know you are a bhai buddy.From bhai Mobile I got your number and I started calling you everyday and messaging its become my routine Kunj without calling you my day didn’t complete Kunj.I can’t sleep before talking to you. Trust me it just a fun full more I wanted because we both always fighting every time I thought I’ll tease you with  calls.I never keep this challenge word in my mind started enjoying with you.Don’t know when feel so good when you call me and when you asked me my name I was completely shocked if I’ll tell you my name is twinkle than you will get to know about me so that I time I didn’t get anything just simply tell you tara my name.That all gifts my love behinds them.Even you too doing things for me.

You become important part of my life I never realised when that day after fest you save me my love for you increased fully and I understand I fallen for you like anything many times chinki told me leave this but I leave this challenge long back itself I wanted to talk to you and enjoying every bit of it with you this all things which you give me it’s very precious for me Kunj.

Kunj just listening her.

I wanted to tell you that moment only how much I love you but I can’t because I’m twinkle not your tara for you.

I went home and just thinking about you only and tell each and everything to chinki about my feelings for you kunj she was too shocked she telling it just madness I cut her call and call you than tell you that I love you that’s it kunj.

There was a fear in my eyes when you see my face everything will be scattered.

And I call you here and you come to propose your tara..

And Kunj swear of babaji I love you don’t doubt on my love for you please accept my love she fold her hands she finished.

Kunj wasn’t in that stage he can think anything right now after listen twinkle story he was in deep shocked he never think about this who is behind the call..

And when today he come here to propose tara and telling her about his feelings and he get to know about tara real identity she is none other than twinkle Taneja only his best friend sister.

Kunjjj tell something please she scream.

Kunj wiped his tears and look around.

Twinkleeee Kya bolo tara you break my heart why twinkle haan tell me do I ever hurt you haan ?? She nodded in no.

Ring falls down from Kunj hands.

You love me kunjj I can see in your eyes I love you too even she said.

Your love is too fake like you tara he said.

Waha what a drama you play with me amazing..

You playing with my feelings just nothing else now you saying that you loving me try to act good so your nonsense challenge drama look great haina he said.

Nahiii Kunj trust me forgot sake I love you truly if I’ll not love you than today I’m not here I’ll come in front of you and laughing at you but I’m not kunjj she said.

This all things is just rubbish twinkle you are yuvi sister that’s why I’m leaving you go away from me don’t ever try to call get it he screamed twinkle scared after see his anger.

Nahiii Kunj don’t say I’ll die without you she said and cuddles him.

Twinkle leave me please he away her from himself he added.

Look at yourself and me twinkle you are here he raise his hand and I’m here pointing at down.

You and me can’t become one I’m middle class boy and you are great Rt Taneja daughter who’s father name comes in top richest mans.Yuvi is my friend because he never show me his status and all’s this look rubbish in world eyes end this here only he said.

Whattt no Kunj you love me na tell me this bas haan she asking him and act like mad she cupped his face bolo na mujhe you love me or not she scream fully.

It’s just Challenge i itself said this yeah you woo me fully you won it he said and clapping.Twinkle nodding her head in no tears just showering from their eyes like anything.

Bas twinkle happy he added and about to go twinkle hold his hand.

Next time twinkle don’t play its hurt lott he said in painfully and went.

Twinkle running behind him and she falls down on her knees and screaming Kunj name loudly he listen still he didn’t stop.

Aha nahiii???me maar jaugi tumhare Bina kunjjjjj ruk jaooo me tumse bhut pyaar karti hu.

Firecrackers are completely exploding in the sky and making the view is so beautiful and all lovers celebrating their love today with their loves but here

A two lovers who loving each other’s like anything but just because of some stubbornness.they have tears in their eyes and their hearts Aching But others having happiness shine in their eyes and their heart jumping with love happiness.

Today is valentine day important day for lovers but this day breaks Kunj heart fully.

Both looking at the sky and can see firework there noise echoed in their eyes because everyone is happy but they aren’t.

Why babaji jii twinkle scream loudly and her eyes went on ring and she take in her hand.

This ring Kunj bring for me means he love me too but why he leave me here like this and break everything she said herself and pulled her hairs and cuddles her knees and crying loudly..

Kunj crying inside his heart fully he loosing his tie today he was so happy and excited finally he going to meet with tara and tell her about his feelings but everything is break down..

Other side yuvi and Avni celebrating valentine day together.

Let’s call Kunj he too celebrating his first  valentine with his gf tara yuvi said

Acha who she is tara yuvi Avni asked him.

I don’t know both of them talking to each other’s daily on phone. And Kunj having feelings for her so today he went to meet with her and propose her as well too that’s why yuvi added.

Cool call him let’s see who she is Avni said.Yuvi dial Kunj number. Ring going on but Kunj didn’t answering his calls.

Kunj check his phone and see yuvi calling him and he understood why he calling him because they both decided after valentine celebration both of them meet with each other’s along with their partners today. He feel so bad what he will tell yuvi that tara is his own sister twinkle only ??.he cut the call and off his phone and moved towards hostel..

Kunj reached hostel and went inside and goes in his room.

He entered in his room and closed immediately he sits down and his eyes went on laptop which tara gifted to him. Which was actually twinkle.tears escaping from Kunj eyes.Their all conversations sound echoing in Kunj ears.One side of his mind was telling him twinkle just play with his heart other hand his positive mind was saying him that she is wrong but after listen her story she isn’t her way was that can’t deny but she really loving him.

Kunj stuck between this two and closed his eyes and he screamed loudly.

Whyyyyy tara why you playing my heart. You are the one girl with whom I’m sharing my each and everything I started feeling good.Waiting for your calls when you bring things for me I love it like anything feels like someone is in this world who caring for me.i just listen your voice only with your voice I fall in love with you.Just waiting for you wanna see you apart from calls.when you said you love me.I was shocked and I was happy inside my heart.

And today when you call me you wanna meet with me I’m extremely happy finally I’m going to see you..

Plan so much for you tara I thought my life be simple when you entered I thought even I can happy like others.

I started seeing my future with you tara today I promise my best friend I’ll bring my love in front of his eyes.What I’ll tell him haan tell me. On valentine day only you break my heart and my all dreams everything tara today each and everything celebrating this day with their loves why me only ??who give you this right haan no one..

I was shocked when I see you tara it’s twinkle ??.. really yeah I was just seeing any dream because me and she just make for fight. And you told me that you are only tara still I can’t believe it.

But I was wrong you are only tara. Who become tara just to play with my heart and wanted to win silly challenge twinkle kyuuu???????

He lay down on floor and thinking about whatever happened there only.

While yuvi get confused and worried as well for Kunj why he is not answering his calls.

I need to go hostel Avni?? Yuvi said.

Oh yuvi if Kunj not answering yours calls that’s mean he was busy with tara only na think about him first time he went for date.

And otherwise he just busy in books let him enjoy today and you too with me avni added. Yuvi think maybe he was busy so he leave it.

Twinkle face drenched in tears. She kissed on ring which Kunj bring.

I can’t let him go away from me I love him babaji I’ll get him anyhow she murmured loudly.

She get up and went towards her car she sit in her and start the car and drove off.

Her condition was same not less than him because even she too planning so much for them but she knows this will happen one day because her start was with a Lie..

The truth will never hurt as much as the exposure of a lie..

a relationship isn’t based on the length of time you spent together, it’s based on the foundation you built together..

She driving so roughly she just blabbering Kunj name only.She reached Taneja mansion she bumped her car with side wall she come out of the car and run inside.

Everyone slept till now she went in her room she closed the door take phone and started calling Kunj but his phone coming off.

Kunj please pick up my call I know I’m wrong but I really love you it’s not

Just for challenge I did this challenge over long back only I never keep challenge in my mind she said.

Twinkle went and looked herself.In middle she seeing two girls exactly looking like her but one is wearing white another one is black.

Twinkle don’t be sad you just wait and faith in babaji Kunj will accept your love and you too because you love him really she added.

Acha I don’t think so it’s not call love which you doing twinkle it’s just a challenge you just play with Kunj feelings only and he will never expect you and your fake love as well so leave Kunj you are bad and fake like your love twinkle she said.

Twinkle just listening them only she closed her eyes and scream and when she open her eyes and didn’t found them she turned and shocked nobody was there.

Ahah babaji why me???if  I’ll not get Kunj I’ll die without him she said and she too lay down on floor and thinking about their all moments who she and he talks whole nights and today everything ended.

I never thought this small lie get so costly for me Kunj but trust me I love you she blabbering and doze off..

One side twinkle and other side Kunj both of them laying on floor and tears resting on their cheeks..in their heart both of them just blabbering each other’s names only..

Ta…ra….:::. Twin…kle Kunj blabbering in sleep.

Ku..nj…I …lo…ve…you… twinkle blabbering.

After sometimes later yuvi and Avni went for their respective homes today both of them enjoying lott with each other’s.

Saala Kunj get fully busy in his tara ?I’ll see him tomorrow he murmured and laughs out and went in his room and sleep with happy face..

Next day in [email protected]:::

In hostel sunlights coming on Kunj face. Because of this he open his eyes and can’t open his eyes fully become so heavy his eyes after cried lott..

He get up and sit there only and rubbing his eyes and remember whatever happened last night again his heart started aching like anything.

Taraaa first word escape from his mouth.

Than reality again stuck she is twinkle not tara..

He closed his eyes and tears escaping from his eyes and Kunj get up and went in side and he keep his phone for charging.

He went in washroom he take shower with heavy heart..

he breaks down fully first time he open his heart for love.In first only his heart break down.

He take shower and come out of the washroom he went towards wardrobe and he taking out his clothes he see that he holding same white shirt and blue pant with tara gifted him. He feelings extremely bad.

But don’t know what makes him wear this clothes he get ready fully..

He take his college bag and went out of the hostel and walking his eyes just looking down. He didn’t have his breakfast as well..

Other hand leela entered in twinkle room because each and everyone wake up she isn’t only till now.

Leela eyes went in side and see twinkle sleeping on floor she get worried. She went towards her and sit beside her.

Twinkleeee puttar she give her voice..

she patting on her face.. she wake up due to this she open her eyes.

Kunjjj twinkle said..

Kunjj Kya Bol rahi hai twinkle leela said. She get up and see it’s her Maa leela.

What happened to you haan why you sleeping down and this your condition tell me she asked her?

Nothing Maa she cuddles her and remember last night. Tears rolling down from her eyes.

Something happened puttar ji?? She asked.

Na Maa in said voice.She break the hug and get up and went in washroom.

Kya ho jata hai iss ladki ko meri mahi ji achi hai she murmured and take out her clothes than she went downstairs.

Twinkle come out after bath she get ready didn’t apply anything just simple Indian salwar and kurta she again try to call Kunj but he didn’t answering her calls.

I need to talk to him today personally she said and went downstairs.

Everyone was sitting for breakfast she going out.

Twinkle come let’s have breakfast haan? Yuvi said.

Nah bhai i m going to college please bring mahi she said.

Wait we are coming yuvi said and both Mahi and yuvi get up .

Chal lets go together yuvi added and they trio moved outside.

I’m thinking about karan and twinkle? Rt said. Leela look at him.

She is small now let her complete her studies she said.

I wish my twinkle get partner like Kunj only he is so nice boy she think in her mind.

In whole way twinkle just sitting quietly which was shocking for yuvi and mahi she become lifeless body.They both feel strange.

What happened to di haan? Mahi asked.

Good for a change she sitting quietly?. Kunj always said can’t she sit without speaking ?his wish fulfilled today he said.

In the name of Kunj she look at yuvi face.

Kunj she whispered which gives her lott happiness.

By the time they reached college.

Let’s go inside girls we come college yuvi said.Twinkle look at college gate.

Just Kunj thought coming in her mind.

They come out of the car and went inside.

Bye bhai and di mahi said and she went her way.

Where is my Kunj Babu yuvi Speaks and looking for Kunj. Just than there Avni come.

Heyy good morning yuvi and twinkle she said

Good morning you too yuvi added.

What happened to twinkle today why she looking so off Avni asked yuvi?

Don’t know I mean yesterday was valentine day na you will many one today off ??he said.

Pagal Avni chuckled.

Twinkle went from there.They all went in class Kunj was sitting already.

Yuvi and Avni entered in class yuvi see Kunj and give smile while he lost in his thoughts.He went and sit beside Kunj. Heyy bro he said. Kunj just blinked his eyes just than twinkle entered in class Kunj eyes went on her and even hers too.

Both look at each other’s all memories floating in their minds.Kunj turned his gaze.

Twinkle come and sit next bench to Kunj.

While karan come and take next seat beside her.Just than teacher come he start the lecture.

With corner of her eyes twinkle just looking at Kunj only.

While today Kunj wasn’t in college mentally twinkle stole everything his heart and even his peaceness..

As human brings we we all wanted to be happy and free from misery.We have learned that the key to happiness in inner peace.The greatest obstacles to inner peace are disturbing emotions such a anger attachment, fear and suspicion, while love and compassion and a sense of universal responsibility are the sources of peace and happiness.Both of them become so restless.

Kunj see other girls and boys holding each other’s hands who loving each other’s than his gaze on twinkle who sitting beside karan.She just playing with a pen looking so mournful..

Twinkle look at Kunj both share a eye love painful one.Twinkle looking at Kunj with love eyes.Kunj turned his gaze down. Tears falls down from her eyes.

Class too end back to back class twinkle and Kunj didn’t know what happened in class today they busy in their thoughts about each other’s.

After lectures ends all went out of them class.Yuvi caught Kunj.

Heyy bro what happened today what happened to you. Yeh muh pe 12 kyu baaje hui hai tere ?he said.

Nothing yuvi he said in low voice.

Acha you hiding from me something happened in family everything is okay na dadi and di most papa he asked him.

Kunj look at him.He hugged him.

Yuvi sense something is not good.

Heyy Kunj tell me na man you killing me he said.Kunj break the hug.

Everything is okay just normally missing mom he said and try to convince him everything is okay.

Okay yuvi added..

They both went in garden.

Acha Aur bata I was calling you last night so much you didn’t pick up my calls he asked him. How’s your valentine night with your tara he said in teasing way which literally making Kunj loose his tears?.. bata na bhai tum mila na tara se kal Raat ko?? He added.. Kunj just looking at him.

Why you giving this sad look break up hogya Hai haan he asked. Kunj nodded in no.

Acha yeh bata how she look I mean is it she is beautiful like her voice Haan yuvi asked him. In side little far twinkle walking. Kunj eyes went on her in simply way also she shining along with sunshine.

Kunj blinks his eyes haan she is beautiful he said.

Wow Than what happened next haan yuvi asked him in excitement.

Leave about this yuvi I don’t wanted to talk about this anymore he said and went

From there.

What happened this Kunj haan? I think something happened between him and tara he said..

After sometimes everyone sitting in canteen.Twinkle sitting in side and resting her head on table.

Kunj having his coffee yuvi and Avni telling him what they had done last night.

What happened this twinkle haan naman said.

Don’t know she is like this since morning yuvi said. Kunj look at her.

See even my Kunj too looking so off yuvi said and cupped his face.Tara ne dil thod diya Kya baby?he said casually.

Twinkle raise her head and heard what yuvi said she look at Kunj.,

Heyy twinkle come here avni called her.

You looking so sad tell me too even you too went for date ??like Kunj both seemed like start hone she phale hi break up.Avni said and all giggling.

Twinkle get up and about to but karan come in her way.

Heyy twinkle coffee for you he said.

Karan side please let me go she said.

But he didn’t let her go. Already she is pissed off now he is too making her more.

I told you I don’t want anything can’t you understand and stop roaming around me karan get it she said in loud voice everyone looking at her only.She throw coffee in side and push him and went from there. Karan too went.

This angry voice always in anger mode what happened to her let me see her. Something really bad happened with her I think so yuvi said.

This karan is too much why he always behind twinkle she told him numbers of him she isn’t interested in her that also Avni said.Kunj just listen.

Twinkle crying so badly she went garden and sit there nobody was there. She crying fully,

Mene kishi Ka dil nahi thoda bhai??, Kunj please listen to me na she said,

Kunj was in second floor standing and he watching twinkle who crying like anything while holding her bag.

Why she crying haan she should be happy na now.

Your challenge is over twinkle it’s not matter for you he said.. he feeling bad for her something he will after all maybe she is tara for him but he feel for her only?.

Kunj stop thinking about her please she did just for a challenge stop your feelings for her don’t get harder on yourself he said himself try to stop his heart don’t Aching for her it’s not in his hand anymore his heart paining lott when he sees her.

Kunj punch his hand in side pillar.

Stop crying please now why twinkle haan he scream.

Whole day passed like this.Twinkle suffering like anything for Kunj why he is too same but he can’t express this.They went back to their places.

Kunj just sitting and looking at his phone and see their old call durations most of the time they spend with each other’s on calls.

Twinkle was in her room mahi bring food for her but she deny and tell her leave her alone.She get said and went from there.

I should call him babaji she said she immediately bring her phone and call Kunj.

Kunj phone ring and tara name flashing on  his phone screen he read tara name about to pick up but stop.

Stop calling me twinkle please he said and cut the call.

Why this man not I know you are angry but I’m twinkle too. She try to calling him while Kunj just cutting her calls only she crying. Twinkle closed her room door.

After sometimes later she slept without having anything and with heavy heart Kunj have little bit and he too sleep.

At middle of night twinkle wake up with jerked she see bad dream that

Kunj leave her went away from her..

Nahii I can’t let him go I love him she added.

If I’ll call him with my phone than he will not pick up my call she said.

Twinkle take landline phone dial Kunj number.

Kunj phone ringing continuously finally his sleep broke.

Who looking me at this time man he said and take up the call without seeing number..

Hello in sleeping tone he said.

Twinkle heard his voice finally she closed her eyes and tears escaping from her eyes.

Kaun hai he speaking.

She didn’t said anything Kunj feeling something his sleep gone.

Are you der?? He asked.

Kunjjj finally twinkle speak.

Kunj heard her voice immediately get to know who she is. He get up. He can sense she crying.

Kunjjj please don’t cut the call listen to me she said. He closed his eyes. His heart don’t wanted to cut the call but he cut the call.

Why she calling me haan now what she wanted man he said and lay down.

Kunjj nahi na she again and again calling him.

Kunj put his phone on silent and He sleep.

While twinkle whole night calling Kunj. Still he didn’t picking her calls she didn’t tired.

She having hope that he will one time.

Whole night passed away.

Twinkle slightly doze off but her hand on phone button only pressing back to back.

Kunj wake up he get up and sit he went in washroom and get freshen up and keep his all books in his bag he went towards table to take his phone he see his phone vibrating.

Kunj take his phone in his hand and see twinkle calling him.He get shocked to see since last night she calling him nonstop.

She is mad babaji Haan why she troubling me and herself.

She didn’t slept just calling me she gone mad he said.

Kunj feeling bad he wanted to pick up her call. If I will pick up her call she get ideas twinkle please try to understand you and me can’t become one.

Zameen and aasaman Ka fhark hai humhe. Tum woh aasaman ho and me woh zameen we just can see each other’s can’t become he said and cut the call and went in mess and sit with all students and having his breakfast…

Twinkle wake up and see herself koi na Kunj today you didn’t pick up my call but I’ll not stop my name is twinkle Taneja I’ll get your forgiveness and even you

Will accept my love as well she said and get up and went in washroom and get freshen up.

She went down and sit with everyone for dinner.All see her and get confused.

What happened twinkle? Rt asked.

Acha twinkle karan he about speak further.

See papa please told your friend son that stay away from me I’m not interested in him at all she said.

What than in whom you are interested rt said.

I’m interested in Ku.. she about special fully but stopped.. all looking at her.

Please papa she said and get up I’m waiting for you bhai she added and went.

Okay bye Maa and papa mahi and yuvi said and went from there twinkle sitting in car at driver seat.

Chal today miss Amritsar driving yuvi said and he and mahi chuckled. They went and sit in car. Twinkle start the car.

Drive safely behan yuvi said.She started driving and they left for college.

She driving fastly yuvi and mahi hold the seats.

What happened twinkle haan yuvi asked her.They both just making fun of her.

Quickly they reached twinkle stop the car with jerked.

Mahi and yuvi come out of the car.

Twinkle Chal he said.

You go i have some work bhai she said and start the car again and went in anger.

Twinkleeee yuvi scream her name.

This girl didn’t do anything with herself I’ll talk to her later he said and he and mahi went inside.

Yuvi went in class and sit beside Kunj again teacher come and explaining chapter Kunj looking at twinkle bench.

Professor girls and boys I give you  assignment do you all completed or not? He asked them. All nodding in yes.

Good he said and calling them with their name all coming and give assignment file to professor.

Where is twinkle haan he asked.

Today she didn’t come do tell her Yuvraj he said Yuvi nodded in yes.

Where she is Avni asked.

Don’t know yaar she come with us college but didn’t come inside just start the car and went in anger yuvi said. Kunj listen and started get worried about her.

Class end all went outside and walking.

While Kunj keep thinking about twinkle only.

Hope babaji she is okay in anger she didn’t hurt herself he said in his heart.

Twinkle went to beach she sit there and feel better after she come back.

Like Kunj even chinki too worried about her. Twinkle back to college she coming.

Kunj eyes went on her he get relief.

Chinki went towards her and look at twinkle face.

Twinkle are you man I mean I was worried about you haan she asked.

I’m okay chinki she said.

I can see you how much you are okay twinkle what you made yourself man she said they went in side.

Tell me please why you doing this with yourself she asked her.

Chinkiii I don’t know anything I wanted Kunj just she said and started crying.

You are gone crazy twinkle haan you have lost your mind chinki said.

Haan I’m gone crazy and lost my mind and heart everything because I fall for him chinki try to understand yaar she said.

Kunj was passing from side he heard their voice he hide behind pillar and watching them.

Twinkle try to understand it’s just silly challenge okay I’m sorry for this if I didn’t give you this challenge than today this wouldn’t happened please forgive me she said.

It challenge for you chinki but I lost my heart for Kunj completely maybe it’s just challenge but I too think I don’t know when I fall for him like anything I really love him he didn’t listening me and I know he love me too she said and crying fully.

Twinkle twinkle why this you doing okay you fall for Kunj fine but he love tara not you I told you that day only when he come to know about you that you are twinkle who chance her name tara when he will not love you anymore this just give you both pain only she said.

Haan so what I’m only tara he love tara jo me hu tujhe toh pata hai na you can’t understand me and my feelings she screams.Kunj listen each and everything.

Me usko pagal karne chali ti apne piche phar me khud hi uske pyaar me pagal hogi yes I lost myself everything I can’t think anything apart from Kunj just his name was running on my tongue chinki I don’t know why this happening with me she said and hold table crying fully.

Chinki feeling so bad for her.

I never thought twinkle this challenge which I just give you causally become so serious for you. If I had any idea you will fall for her that I wouldn’t give you this she said.

It’s not your Mistake it’s mine.I become tara and calling him just to teased but with passing time I started enjoying every bit of it. I never wait for anything but for Kunj calls I did lott???he thinking it’s just a drama but it’s not chinki I really love him she said.

Yeah I accept chinki I started this with a lie and for a challenge but I never play with his feelings I thought it will end up in 2 and 3 days but I don’t know I totally forgot about this and get busy in him.

I never felt for anyone what I’m feeling for Kunj right now she added.

Kunj having tears in his he turned and went from there he goes in his room.

Okay twinkle I can understand we will talk to Kunj later now you get up don’t cry like this she said and console her she cuddles chinki and crying bitterly..

Kunj sitting in his room and crying.

What to do babaji please tell me she saying she loving me and but I can’t forget what she had done she playing with my feelings she just doing this all things because of a challenge but when I looked into her eyes I can see love for myself in her eyes and even her face telling too Kunj said. But babaji I can’t say that I love her even can’t forgive her because of she cheating me with a lie he added..

I need to talk to Kunj once chinki twinkle said.

Matlab twinkle chinki asked her.

I’ll tell you later chinki she said and get up and they both went outside twinkle looking for Kunj.

He must be in hostel now if bhai is alone she said and run towards for hostel.

I wish babaji she get her love chinki pray..

Twinkle entered inside boys hostel all boys seeing her she anyhow went inside and went towards Kunj room.She knocking the door.Kunj heard knocked.

Yuvi hoga Kunj murmured he get up and went towards door.He open the door and found twinkle standing. He get shocked to see her here.

Twinkleeee he said.

Kunjjj please listen to me she said. He about to closed the door but before she hold the door and Kunj can’t closed because she will get hurt..

Twinkle go from here if anyone see you

In boys hostel it’s not good he said.

I’ll go first you listen to me she said.

I’m not interested i told you na it’s over you go now please he added.

It can’t be over Kunj I know I hurt you but listen to me Ek baar if not than closed your door why you not doing she state.

Twinkle tujhe lag jayegi please remove your hand he said.

I hurt you na now you too hurt me she said.Kunj look at her tears rolling down from her eyes.

Twinkle not removing her hand from the door Kunj don’t have any other way he leave the door and went inside. Twinkle immediately went inside and closed the door. Kunj back facing to her.

Kunjjj she speaks he turned and look at her.

That twinkle shine like anything who just dulled within two days only.

Twinkle just run and jumped on kunj arms and cuddles him tightly Kunj was shocked with this.

Kunjjjj please forgive me for everything she said and moving her hands and cuddling him more and more.

While Kunj was just numb he come in sense see twinkle hugging him.

Twinkle leave me he said and try to away her from himself. While she isn’t ready to leave him. Twinkleee he break the hug.

Twinkle holding Kunj arms fully.

What nonsense is this twinkle still your not happy what you have done haan he said in stern voice.

Kunjjj I’m sorry na please she said.

Kish kish Ba’ath ke life tum mujhe sorry bologi twinkle haan first you become tara and playing with me than this fake love drama he said.

It’s not drama damn it can’t you see in my eyes I love you madly kunjj do you think so it’s a drama than what I’ll do it’s prove that I’m loving you she added.

I don’t want anything you just leave me and my way stop calling me forgot sake Kunj said.

Kunjjj I’m sorry I can’t leave you what I’ll do without you haan I can’t even live without you now for a second Kunj she said and making him look at herself.

Twinkle please if anyone see your here it be bad and you are yuvi sister think about this he said .

Acha what problem you have that I play with your feelings or I’m your best friend sister haan tell me or else I’m twinkle Taneja she said.

She rest her head on his chest and crying loudly Kunj please trust me I love you it’s not part of challenge I’m sorry I’ll do whatever you wanted haan kunj having tears in his own eyes as well me nahi jee sakti humhare bina she added.

Kunj hold twinkle shoulder please go from here forget this all na he said.

I can’t If I’m  doing drama  than why you feeling bad and having tears in your eyes haan tell me na she said.

Because I never seen a girl like you who first cheated me Than now saying she loving me totally dirty he said.

Twinkle went in side and she see knife she immediately took the knife.

I can prove that I love you wanted proof wait here she said and look at knife and place on her wrist-line.Kunj get shocked

Twinkleeee Leave this what are you doing haan leave this knife please he Said.

You want prove na Kunj that I love you or not I love you like a mad and I’m crazy about you it’s sound funny but my heart gone crazy for you this tara and twinkle both of them she said and moving knife on wristline. Kunj went towards her and hold her hand and throw knife in side.

Pagal hai Kya haan what you showing you loving me it’s stubbornness nothing more so stop this madness and go from here please he said.

Why you stop me haan let me do na I hurt you and now I’m giving myself punishment as well let me she said about to move towards knife Kunj hold her hands and pinned her towards wall.

Both looking into each other’s deeply can see tears in each other’s eyes and pain as well.Twinkle looking at Kunj with hope.

Kunj closed his eyes and Leave her stand in side.

Please twinkle go he said.

Okay I’ll go Kunj if you wanted but before going I’m really very sorry for each and everything I lie with you and become tara for this extremely sorry and for all those things if I hurt you. My intention wasn’t bad behind this all and I was lost myself in this even my heart as well. If you can than forgive me please she went and give him backhugged.

Maybe you don’t love me and I hurt you as well but I extremely love you I pray I can control on my feelings I know I can’t but what I wanted I’ll get it. I’ll not force you thanks tara was lucky at least you talk to her and old twinkle with whom you fight. You calling me siyappa queen na I’m really siyappa queen and see kitna bada siyappa kar diya mene she added. Kissed on his shoulder and went towards door she lastly look at Kunj and said bye left.

Kunj turned and see she went he closed the door.

Her each words echoing in his ears like anything he become so helpless and don’t know what to do he can’t even share with yuvi as well now.

Yuvi see twinkle she coming from boys hostel he get confused.Twinkle went like lifeless body.

Yuvi went in Kunj room and see Kunj sitting sad.

Heyy buddy why you come Haan he asked him. Kunj immediately composed himself.

Aise hi come he said. Yuvi went towards him and sit beside Kunj.

Kunjj something really happened you hiding from me please tell me there is no secrets between us na he said. Kunj look at yuvi.

I’ll tell you yuvi don’t worry he said.

Chal lets go for outing today and what happened now your tara not calling you he said.

Hmm he hummed.Yuvi take Kunj with himself out.

They went to beach and sit there and relaxing themselves.

While Kunj mind just stuck on twinkle he still surprised she take knife and about to hurt herself.

Babaji this girl is mad totally it’s showing like Bhoot sawar hogaya hai uss pe he


While twinkle went back home Chinki come there she try to make her understand but she didn’t listen her anything she just saying this only she love Kunj and she will get him that’s it.

{Dil tutta ve~ male.

Sab chhutta ve

Mahiya tu ki le gaya

Jag ruttha ve

Ho rab jhuttha ve

Bandeya nu ki keh gaya

Rondi rondi akhiyon se

Supne bhi jhar jhar jaave

Ki kis nu bataave

Ki honda pyaar}

Twinkle standing in her balcony and rain started she still standing and crying. Her tears flowing with rain water.

Other side Kunj who was on bike he too drenched in rain water both of them thinking about each other’s only..

Twinkle smiling while remembering her and Kunj conversation sometimes he making fun of her she love it very much.

{Dil tutta ve

Sab ruttha ve

Mahiya tu ki lai gaya— female.,

Ja chhutta ve

Ho rab jhuttha ve

Bandeya nu ki keh gaya

Rondi rondi akhiyon se

Supne bhi beh beh jaave

Ki nazar na aave

Ki hunda pyaar..

She twirling and laughing loudly and crying she falls down on floor.

I can’t Kunj please I’ll die she scream..

Kunj increase his bike speed when he think about twinkle..

He reached hostel he went in his room.

Both of them crying fully Kunj cuddles laptop.

While twinkle cuddles that scarf which Kunj give her she went in side and with wet clothes she lay down on bed and crying.

Leela feeling wired about twinkle behaviour since 2 and 3 days..

She went in her room with food and found twinkle sleeping in wet clothes she get shocked she went towards her and see she cuddling a scarf fully.

She hiding something from me I should asked her. She wake up her.

Twinkle changed your clothes first she said twinkle wake up and nodded in yes she changed her clothes and without having anything.

While Kunj have their some conversation recordings he played and listening same twinkle both of them smiling fully..

There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reasons in madness ??..

Both of them slept while listening the recording.

Another morning.

Kunj phone ringing he wake up and get up and see his phone it’s his dadi call.

He immediately pick up the call.

Hello puttar good morning she said.

Good morning dadi how’s you he asked her.

I’m fine what about you what happened you didn’t call me haan nowadays everything is okay na Kunj she asked him.

Kunj hold his head and Haan dadi i m fine and I was busy in some work only sorry for that you tell me how’s Rudra and di and papa health any improvements?? He said.

Hmm everyone is fine here and about tej he is same puttar drs too leave everything on babaji only you just finished your studies and come here she said

Hmm dadi I’ll don’t worry he added. They talk for sometimes ended the calls.

Kunj sit in side and make coffee for himself he went in washroom and get freshen up because of last night he having cold little bit he get ready and come have his coffee.

MAA where is twinkle she become so off nowadays why yuvi asked.

Don’t know puttar come you will get late for college leela said.

Let’s bring twinkii yuvi said and mahi and leela or Yuvi went in twinkle room.

They entered in room and see her she sleeping peacefully they went towards her and yuvi sit beside twinkle and touch her forehead he get shocked to see her she burning in fever fully.

Maa she burning in fever yuvi said

What leela said Nd check her she really burning fully.

This girl didn’t listen to me last night she drenched in rain and now get ill babaji she said.

Acha Maa pagal ladki she behaving so

Strange Maa yuvi added.

Hmm she Hummed. Mahi called dr soon dr come and examined twinkle.

Just normal fever take care of her okay and she having weakness as well feed her meal on time he said and left. Twinkle wake up after injection. She look at her mother and siblings.

Oyy drama queen what happened Haan twinkle tell us if something not good yuvi asked her. She get up and sits.

Nothing bhai I’m fine just normally health wasn’t well she said in low voice.

You both go your college leela said.

Okay bye twinkle yuvi said and kissed on her forehead he and mahi left.

At college.

Kunj was in library yuvi come there and see his face his nose fully become cold.

Even you too drenched in rain last night he said Kunj look at him.

Means?? He asked.

Because even twinkle madam too suffering with high fever today she must be dancing in rain he said.

Kunj get shocked after listen this his heart aching he hold the book.

How she is now he asked with lots of concern.

Okay now she is at home only he added

Chal lets study..

Yuvi sit and started making notes while Avni come there both together making notes and discussing all things.

While Kunj mind not working at all he just worried about twinkle health.

She is a big siyappa queen he murmured and can’t pay attention on his studies he leave the library and went outside.

There he saw chinki she was busy on phone.

Twinkle please take care of yourself okay and I’ll talk to Kunj if I see him okay bye take care of yourself babes she said and ended the calls.

Kunj was standing behind Chinki back

She turned and found Kunj standing.

Kunjjjj she said.

Yes me what did you said you

Will talk to me if you will see me see I’m here tell me what you want to talk me he said.

Kunjj I just about she about speak more.

Just about tara or twinkle haan he Added.

Kunj I’m really very sorry it’s me who said her do this let’s talk na she said and hold his hand and went in canteen no one was there they sits.

I know Kunj it’s hurt you lott but trust me after some days later I started noticing twinkle she just whole day thinking about you only I means she just forgot about any challenge even I too doubt and tell her now stop this it’s over but she didn’t listen she said she love to talk to you.I know she will end up something like this she went for shopping and choose things for you after lott time.This I never see her to do for anyone trust me Kunj. When she told me that she loves you even I was too shocked like you and I try to make her understand that this all things is just madness nothing else but Kunj she isn’t ready to listen me once she completely become crazy about you she loving unconditionally. She is twinkle Taneja if she saying she love you and she can do anything to get you that’s she can Kunj she said.

I listen your all things chinki before giving anyone this kind so silly things think lott and you both besties enjoy this all things.

Here she saying she loving me what nonsense is this your and her challenge is over I told her she win her challenge she woo me more than that. Now at least stop calling me yesterday she come in my room and you know what she has done she took knife and about to hurt herself just to prove her love for me is it good you tell me you look more matured than her please make her understand I’m middle class boy who studying in her father institute after lott hard work and one more thing most important she is my best friend sister I don’t want yuvi get to know about this things it’s better chinki tell twinkle she did enough she just wasting her time only behind me.. she get better guy than me please I hope you can do this small work and I don’t have any bad feelings for you both in my heart I take tara seriously that’s all Kunj added..

Kunjj I can’t she isn’t in that stage that she can listen to me when I said what you saying she screaming and become uncontrollable I beg you think about you kunj she genuinely love Kunj it’s not drama if you saying she woo you more than this then my bestie itself falls down for you.

Beinataha pyaar karne lagi hai she said.

I don’t know anything chinki I just hope you understand what I tell you okay and tell her take care of herself he added.

If you don’t loving her than why this care Kunj twinkle is right you too loving her just denying because of something if because of your status Nd all’s than sorry she will not stop hope you too understand at least call her once maybe she will get well soon after your call at least to you Tara not twinkle she said and went from there..

Kunj punch his hand on wall..

Pagal hai dono what I’ll do babaji I think I need to talk to yuvi about this before twinkle take any step he said and went.

While leela bring twinkle breakfast she sitting like no soul in her body.

She sit beside her she take spoon and she open her mouth and have.

Twinkle bataye gi mujhe kuch haan I’m your friend you only tell me na you share each and everything with your Maa she said.

She cupped twinkle face she look at leela and tears started coming from her eyes leela get shocked.

Maaaa???.. she cuddles her and started crying loudly.

MAA me mad jaugi uske bina she said.

Leela get confused what she speaking.

What do you mean haan kish ke bina twinkle haa she asked.

Haan Maa me mar jaugi he said that I don’t love him how I will tell him that how much I love him Maa please help me na I can’t bear this pain I’ll do something with myself she added.

Leela break the hug and cupped her face.

What is this haan tell me clearly what’s going on haan twinkle she asked in worried voice.

Promise me Maa you will not tell anyone about this I just trust you only you know how papa is she said.

Haan meri bachi I wouldn’t first tell me na stop crying na she said.

MAA I love him I fall for someone she said.

Who he is haan she asked.

You know him perfectly Maa he is … ku…nj she said leela was shocked.

What kunjj she added.

Haan Kunj Maa I want him Maa she said .

Tell me each and everything she said.

Twinkle narrate leela each and everything whatever happened.After listen everything leela get shocked. How she and chinki start this with a challenge everything.

Maaa I know I start this because a challenge Maa but I don’t know when I fall for him.His goodness Maa he is very nice when we both talk to each other’s we doing things for each other’s that tiffin I took only for Kunj and this scarf he only give me and that bracelet which papa don’t like because of  class even Kunj gifted me Maa now he is very much angry Maa help me na I can’t take breathe without him I don’t know when he become so important for me please she said and hold leela kurta.

Leela just in deep shocked she look at twinkle.

Twinkle kunjjj you did this all with him haan why she asked she too find it’s not right.

Maa I’m sorry na we just do this all to teased him but I lost my heart she said and crying.

Twinkle you become mad first you did this drama play with his feelings and become tara haan.. and now your saying you love him okay fine if he isn’t accepting your love he is right because you hurt him cheat him he is right she said.

MAA I know I accept my all mistakes I’m ready to do anything I tell him punished me but don’t leave me MAA I can’t bear this she said.

Leela shocked to see twinkle passion for Kunj.

Maa he loves me too but he denying because I’m his best friend sister and more I’m rich man daughter he is middle class boy she added.

MAA even you thinking I’m doing this all drama I’m not loving Kunj Maa tell me see in my eyes love for him she states.

Leela cupped her face. Twinkle beta you are wrong at your place your way wasn’t good at all its crime beta you play with his feelings tu bata ab Kya karegi haan kunj when yuvi will get to know about this he feel so bad you know how much Kunj important for him haan at least think twice puttar she said.

MAA you are absolutely right I know if I think than today this wouldn’t happened.

I shamed for my deed Maa bas I don’t want anything Maa I wanted Kunj at any cost she said and again cuddles leela. She caressing her back somewhere she is happy because she wanted her daughter get life partner like Kunj only and she loving Kunj this much extremely surprising her..

Maa me mar jaugi uske bina kuch karo na please tell him na she said.

Bas bas first don’t cry she wiped her tears now I get to know with whom you talking every night and now your condition because of this all things only Haan she asked.

Haan Maa she added..

Leave now we will think about this later you take your medicine your health is most important for me she said and give her medicines..

MAA don’t tell anyone about this please she said.

I know you don’t worry okay you sleep now she said and covered twinkle with blanket she closed her eyes.

Yeh tune Kya kiya twinkle I don’t know how you will handle this. I can see you love Kunj Madly when your papa will get to know about this. I can understand Kunj hesitation bacha he is right your papa wouldn’t accept this relationship he just think money is important for him rich boy only can keep his daughters happy but here you fall for Kunj he is nice boy you can’t find boy like Kunj she said in her heart..

Leela went from there she went downstairs and just thinking about twinkle only..

Whole day Kunj worried about twinkle health chinki words ringing in his mind that he should call her once but his mind wouldn’t let him do..

Just than Leela get call from twinkle college.

Hello yes principle sir She said.

Hi mrs Taneja I’m twinkle principle speaking she didn’t come college today even she didn’t submit her assignment it’s important to submit today her teacher complain about her he said.

Okay don’t worry she isn’t well having fever that’s why I’ll bring her assignment and give teacher now only is it okay? She said

Sure he said and they ended the calls..

Leela went in twinkle room and asked her about where she keep her assignment file. Twinkle told her. Leela get it and she went down and tell servant see twinkle if she need anything give her she will be come in sometime and she left..

Everyone sitting in canteen and having sandwich and all’s.. while chinki mood was fully off.

Guys what happened to you all I didn’t getting first twinkle than this Kunj now you too chinki Avni said.

I’m okay Avni Bol she said.

You just saying but your face telling something else chinki Gul said she is their gang member only..

Haina kunjj see him he become Dev das Gul added and giggles fully.

I can understand his condition Kunj teri tara toh pure campus me nahi hai she is something else only we have to find out about her yuvi said.

Leave na yaar even I too why you thinking about tara only Kunj said.

Humhari miss Amritsar toh bimar hai Kunj you must be get bored na she and you fighting whole day Gul said ??.

She isn’t well man today yuvi said..

Chinki and Kunj look at each other’s.

Chinki I think you need dr naman said.

Naman I’m okay please don’t irritate me like that karan hoe he used to do twinkle she said. She hold her hand.

This both besties become mad yuvi states.

They both cooking something heyy Chinki twinkle break yo hogya hai Kya she dating anyone you must be know Haan yuvi asked.

Yuvi I don’t know anything koi break up nahi hua go and asked her only she said.

Leela reach college she went in principle cabin she meet with him and give file to her teacher.Than she come back.

They all friends coming out of the canteen.Naman eyes went on leela.

Leela auntyyy here he said.

Yuvi too see leela and get surprised to see her here..

Leela too see him she went towards him.

Maa aap yeha why everything is okay yuvi asked.

Haan everything is fine I come because Principal called me twinkle didn’t submit her assignment that’s why I come to give yuvi she said.

Hoo Maa he added.Leela look at Kunj who standing in side she can see sadness on his face..

Acha me Chal ti hu puttar she said.

Hmm Maa how’s twinkle now he asked.

Fine I give her medicine she slept she added after listen this Kunj get relief Kunj closed his eyes that Leela can see..

She going but she stop and look at Kunj.

How’s you kunj puttar she asked.

I’m fine aunty he said in low voice she cupped his face take care of yourself beta she said and give him smile Kunj nodded in yes.Leela went from there. Kunj and twinkle sad face flashing in front of her eyes.

Babaji both of them condition is same to same. Should I talk to Kunj.nahi babaji let twinkle how she will handle I have to see if she truly love Kunj than she will do something she said..

At [email protected]

Kunj sitting in Mess just playing with his food.He thinking about twinkle. Why I’m thinking about her babaji I itself wanted to end this but my mind stuck on her only.

He leave his food and went in garden he walking.

Me Kya karu I think I should change this college than she will be okay otherwise she will behind me on me and spoil her life as well I have to wait till exams he added. And walking try to runaway from twinkle thoughts but she is overpower on him and his mind..

Twinkle sitting rt feeding her soup with his own hands she looking so dull mahi and yuvi Sitting in side she having vomiting nonstop because of this again dr come and examine her and injected drip.

Bacha Kya hua do you want anything haan rt said. Leela and mahi lets go for outing anywhere where twinkle wanted to go Haan London or new York tell me rt added.

Papa new York mahi said.

And twinkle you rt asked her she look at him.

No where papa I’m happy here only she said in low voice.

What happened to this twinkle I know her health isn’t well but she is hiding something thats sure something is big matter he think in his mind..

Just than Kunj call come to yuvi he pick up.

Hello yuvi he said..

Haan kunj Bol he said.

You sounding low what happened? Kunj asked.

Haan yaar Kya karu twinkle wasn’t well again her health become worse he said as soon as Kunj listen this his heart skips..

What happened haan tell me she is okay na In one go he asked..

Calm down bro she having vomiting now dr injected her she will be okay he said.

Kunj fully become restless.

Okay what she eat suddenly her health become so bad he said.

Don’t know she hiding something Kunj even chinki too weird I’ll find out he states.

Hmm okay you see her and do tell me please he said.

Yeah you get happy she eat your head lott siyappa queen ??he said.

Pagal hai Kya yuvi okay he said and ended the call..

Yuvi went and sit beside twinkle.

Behana thik hoja jaldi se yuvi said and kissed on her forehead..

Trio siblings spending some time together after sometimes later twinkle sleep fast due to medicines while leela sleep with her only..

Other hand Kunj can’t sleep whenever he closed his eyes to sleep twinkle thought come in his mind and he wake up jerked become so restless he looking at his phone and admiring her number. He take his laptop and seeing her photos in social media account..

You are a big siyappa queen snatch my everything my mind can’t work always think about you still after what you have done with me twinkle he murmured.

Twinkle blabbering Kunj name in sleep leela heard and surprised more and more her mind and heart just thinking about Kunj only if she didn’t get Kunj what will happen.She caressing her hairs.

At early morning twinkle wake up and remove drip from her hands and get up she went in balcony and looking at sky which is half blue and half is black..

Babaji see it’s look so beautiful and peaceful my life was like this only after Kunj it’s become more beautiful now fully mess make my life like before I wanted Kunj in my life I want anything it’s my last wish if he will tell me to leave everything I’ll ready but just wanted to with him she said while looking at sky.

In morning..

Twinkle sitting and listing birds tweeting beautifully.. leela wake up and didn’t found her beside she get worried than she look at balcony door and see it’s opened she get up and went towards balcony door and found twinkle sitting in swing chair while cuddling her knees looking so sad.

Meri bachi she murmured and went from there she get freshen up and went in kitchen and make coffee for herself and twinkle she went in her room and goes in balcony.

Coffee ☕️leela said twinkle look at her she sit opposite of her and give her coffee mug.

Good morning how’s you now she asked.

Good morning Maa I’m fine she replied.

She having coffee leela give her smile.

I give your assignment and you know I saw Kunj there she said twinkle look at her .

How he is Maa she asked.

He is fine like you she said twinkle closed her eyes.

Because of me he is too in pain Maa I’m very bad she said.

Na puttar you are good my twinkle I know you did mistake your intention wasn’t bad. But I’m happy for you. You love Kunj. You know what I always praying my daughters get partner like Kunj see babaji listen to me so soon he bring Kunj only and made you for him she said. Twinkle smile.

Really Maa she added.

Yes I’m happy wish you both come together she said and kissed on her forehead.

I’m so happy Maa you understand me and my feelings as well I just need your support don’t worry I’ll win Kunj heart and his trust as well soon she said.

I know bacha she added.Both mother and daughter enjoy coffee and peaceful ambiance..

Kunj went for jogging he get his sister call he talk to her as well after he went and get freshen up and had his breakfast and went in college he sitting in library making some notes.

After sometimes later twinkle get freshen up she get ready for college and she went down sit with everyone and having her breakfast..

How’s your health now twinkle rt asked her.

Better papa she added..

Di you going college today mahi asked her.

Haan because it’s important that’s why she said.

You can rest today twinkle yuvi said.

Nah bhai I’m okay now she said.

After see Kunj face I’ll be fully well she murmured in her heart..

After breakfast today rt went with them college.He dropped them.

Twinkle walking looking here and there her eyes finding Kunj everywhere..

She sit in side there Gul come and asked her how she is she talk to her normally.

Now it’s their class time bell ring.

All students went in their respective classes.Kunj sitting alone yuvi sit with Avni they all open their laptop.Professor come.

Twinkle coming with chinki.

Come girls fast professor said.Kunj eyes went on twinkle he get surprised to see face.Fully drop down.she simply went and sit on her seat. Kunj look at her.

Let’s start the class students professor added.

He telling them each and everything.And give them their presentation topics. Twinkle move her eyes and see Kunj using her laptop only she get happy.  They all started making Presentation in teams ?professor make Kunj and twinkle in one team ??.. they both get surprised and look at each other’s only.

Now students you do your work I’ll come don’t make noise okay he said leave the class.

Twinkle you sit with Kunj so I can sit with raj Gul said.Twinkle don’t know what to say.She get up and hesitate how she sit beside Kunj.

Kunj get up and sit in another seat and give her seat she sit and her heart beating so fast..

Where I stuck babaji this professor ko bhi mujhe and twinkle ko hi Ek team me dal na tha Kya Kunj murmured.

If you wanted you can change your partner Kunj twinkle said he look at her.

Na it’s fine let’s make presentation twinkle he said she nodded in yes.

He started making presentation while twinkle admiring him she feel so good. Kunj wanted to asked her how she is but word didn’t come out from his mouth?..

Twinkle look in laptop not on me he said.

Sorry she said and started looking in laptop.Kunj smile Chinki looking at them only.

After sometimes later class end.

We will do later he said and get up and went out of the class before twinkle say anything.

Chal babes chinki said and take her.

In canteen everyone sitting Kunj sitting with sad. Yuvi come.

Heyy Kunj man what happened to you nowadays you just looking so off I think because of that tara only.

Give me her number I’ll find out her how can she break my buddy heart yuvi said.

Chinki and twinkle entered in canteen both take their coffee.

Heyy yuvi asked twinkle she is twinkle little star she knows tara ??. Yeh bhi toh Ek tara hi hai naman said loudly.

Twinkle and Chinki get shocked and looking at Kunj.

Haan twinkle do you know tara find her see my best friend become Dev das.. yuvi added

Wo bhaiii she don’t know what to said coffee mug falls down from her hands..

Care fully twinkle yuvi said.

I don’t know bhai she said and run from there.

Why she get so nervous as if we asked her something sensitive naman added.

How she will knows tara because she is only tara Kunj murmured ?

In side twinkle crying this all making her more guilty she started coughing she went

In garden and starter throwing up..

Twinkle careful why you hurting yourself chinki said and patting on her back.

Kunj come out of the canteen and see her from side.

Now what happened to her he said and take water bottle and went towards them.

Paniii he said and forward water bottle to chinki.Twinkle look at him with tearful eyes.

She give water to twinkle she take and drink few drops of water.

Tell her chinki stop this all it just hurt her only he said.

Kunjjj she said he about to go twinkle hold his hand.

Kunjj don’t turned your face like this please give me one chance she said.

Kunj remove her hand and walked out from there leave twinkle with tears.

Twinkle leave na Kunj is right it’s just give you both pain only Chinki said.

Twinkle started feeling dizzy everything become blurry she just looking Kunj who going. She hold her head and falls down.

Twinkleeee chinki scream loudly..

she sit down and take her head on her lap kunj turned and see twinkle who faint.

He run towards her.

Kya hua iss se he asked,,

This happened because of you only can’t you see her condition what she wanted just your love only Kunj chinki said Kunj get shocked.

Kunjjj don’t leave me she blabbering..

there yuvi and mahi others come.

Yuvi get shocked to see his sister

Kya hua chinki twinkle ko he asked.

She just faint yuvi she said.Yuvi lift her in his arms and went towards car he place her in and sit and start the car he didn’t wait for anyone just drove off for hospital.

Kunj put stone on his heart.He just standing numb.

Yuvi reaches hospital and take twinkle inside and dr comes they admit twinkle. Yuvi didn’t In formed anyone. Dr checking her and give her injection.

What happened to my sister dr?? Yuvi asked.

It’s okay she is under stress he said.

What stress she will be okay na he said.

away her from any kind of stress now I give her injection she is okay you take her home he said and went he get relief.

What stress why I have to asked her later he said and went inside and see twinkle face.She just looking down.

Twinkle Kya hua hai tujhe mujhe bata Kesha stress kish Ba’ath Ka kuch hua hai he asked.

Bhai please I don’t want to hear anything I’m tired she said. He hold her hand and they went from there.

Kunj will go crazy worrying about Twinkle.

He try to call yuvi but he didn’t answering his calls twinkle tell him to Leave her at gurudwara he didn’t but she is too much zidhi he leave her and went from there.

Finally yuvi pick up Kunj call.

Yuvi pagal hai I’m calling you since long can’t you answer my call haan he shout at him.

Kunjj what happened why you shouting haan he said.

How’s twinkle now what happened dr admit her haan tell me na please I’ll gone mad he said yuvi feel strange.

Firstly twinkle is fine she faint because of some stress and why you worried about my sister this much and why you will gone crazy kunjj he said. Kunj don’t know what to say how he will tell him.

Why is worried about her because he loving her like anything ??. Why not he will be man..???..

Kunjj are you der?? He said.

Haan take care of her okay bye he said and cut the call immediately.

What happened to him why he is so worried about twinkle as if she is his everything he said but leave it.

Twinkle praying for her and Kunj that babaji bring them together soon. After sometimes she went back to home.

At [email protected]

Kunj walking in his room thinking about twinkle only.

What to do now babaji how she is now.

Till when I will not talk to her my heart wouldn’t stop he said.

Twinkle sitting in her she have dinner and take her medicine too.She playing with lights switch on and off..

Kunj can’t control on his emotions finally he called her.

Twinkle phone ringing she see her phone and get shocked to see Kunj iD.. she get so happy.

Kunjjjjj she said and get hell happy she immediately pick up his call.

Hello kunjjjj tum ne mujhe call kiya she said.

Hello keshi ho tum he Said.

Me I’m fully she said smiling like anything.

Acha good take care of yourself yuvi telling me that dr said you having stress Haan why twinkle please don’t hurt yourself.I told you na I forgive you it’s hurting everyone he said.

It’s hurting everyone or else you kunj she said. He hold his forehead.

Haan it’s hurting me as well get happy he added. She get happy and tears rolling down from her eyes.

What you getting haan tell me he asked.

Nothing I’m not doing itself I’m ill it’s not in my hand she said.

I know because you giving stress yourself he said.

Why you caring about this Kunj she said.

Because of humanity that’s it twinkle please stop your madness you making everyone worried he said.

Okay I’ll stop and become like before but I wanted you kunj I love you like anything please accept me and my love she added.

Again same topic twinkle he said.

It’s not a topic it’s about my heart which beating for you now yeh stress nahi hai mera pyaar hai tumhare liye Kunj I was so happy before you snatch everything my I can’t think about anything else apart from you haan she said.

Acha what about me haan everything you did and now I’m getting punishment why he said. Twinkle hold side table and crying fully.

I’m begging you twinkle leave this things please he said.

Why Kunj you doing with me haan I know you doing this because of status na I’m ready for anything I’ll leave each and everything I just wanted you man please I can’t take breathe without you it’s getting so difficult for me to live me marjaugi tumhare bina. Just than yuvi was passing from there he stopped and listen.

I’ll die without you don’t leave me I love you fully she said yuvi listen this and get shocked.Kunj listening.

Say something please na she said.

What I’ll say now you will get hurt after this and most when yuvi he said .

You thinking about each and everyone expect than me she went in balcony.

I told each and everything about us to my Maa she added.

Are you gone crazy haan you told everything to leela aunty haan he said.

Yes because I share each and everything with my Maa you know what she is happy about this she too said I did wrong with you but she can see love in my eyes for you but you only can’t see sadu she added.. infect my Maa toh praying I’ll get partner like you and now she become more happy I only love you kunj she said..

Kunj fully shocked.

You need dr twinkle what leela aunty thinking about twinkle haan he said.

Nothing she get happy even me too now you say when you going to tell me that you love me said.

Shut up twinkle I hate you that’s it pagal bye he said.

Love you kunj bye she said and crying fully both ended the call.

Yeh ladki pagal hai babaji puri help me please he said.. even leela aunty too he went to bed and lay down.

While twinkle crying and even get happy he care about her and he call her at least.

While thinking about each others both of them sleep. And yuvi get worried about twinkle he get to know something is there she maybe love someone that’s why this all things happening..

Next day:::

Yuvi looking at twinkle with doubt eyes they were in college.Everyone get busy in presentation along with their partners.

Kunj waiting for twinkle in canteen.She went and bring coffee for them she went in library Kunj see her get mesmerised to see her simplicity still she looking damn.

She went towards Kunj and sit beside him.

Sorry I went for coffee she said and give him.

I don’t like if anyone waste my time he added.

Hmm she Hummed and Kunj take coffee both started making presentation..

Kunj this will be good she said.

You don’t know anything it’s not your make up twinkle go with my idea he added.

Sadu she murmured..?

Suna mene he said. She making puppy faces. While doing work their hands touching with each other’s both share eye locks but Kunj breaks..

naman come there and pulled twinkle cheeks

Ahah naman leave me na she scream.

You looking cute I think now I should leave chinki you become my BF he said.Kunj closed his fist.

But I’m not interested in you naman you good with chinki only duffer she said both laughs out..

In whom you are interested baby he asked.Twinkle look at Kunj. He started look down.

Okay do your work he said and went from there.

Kam kare Kunj said.

Yeah sure twinkle can see jealousness on Kunj face she giggles inside in her heart..

Avni and yuvi come and see them they both engrossed in their work they leave.

Finally done Kunj said..

hmm she Hummed. He get up and packing his things while twinkle message chinki she lock library room and nobody was in library. Kunj get up about to go.

Twinkle hold his hand he turned and look at her.

kya he said.

Kunjj I wanted to talk to you she said.

What that nonsense things na he added.

It’s not nonsense Kunj look at me na she said and cupped his face.

Meri eyes me Dekho na I know you love me after naman words you feel jealous na she said.

Why I’ll haan it’s your highest mistake twinkle leave my way he states.

Acha than why you call me last night if you don’t care about me why you become so restless she said

Answer me damn it she scream and hold his collar.

Twinkle leave me you gone mad twinkle pushing herself on Kunj. Twinkle he said.

Kunjj please I beg you I Can’t live without you I’ll kill myself she said.

Kunj hold her hands tightly pagal Mat

Ban and if you said you care about me and calling your madness you love me for that love leave me and forget this things

Tujhe meri Kasam he said.

Twinkle get shocked and leave Kunj she going in backwards.

I’ll not talk to you she said and run from library room while crying Kunj went outside yuvi see twinkle and next Kunj coming he get confused to see her.

Twinkle and kunjj what happened to her he said and get confused.

Twinkle didn’t wait she leave the college and went out her favourite place.Kunj fully tired..

At [email protected]

After Kunj words twinkle didn’t call him she was in her room only.

Kunj you are very bad tumne acha nahi kiya hai mere saath okay I will not teased you but I wouldn’t leave you I will not come near as well she said.

Pyaar karti hu I’ll do whatever you wanted she added She slept.

Yuvi was thinking about twinkle only he entered in her room and see her she sleeping peacefully.

He went towards her and see her phone yuvi take her phone in his hand he went from there.

I’ll get to know from here something.

He open twinkle phone and check her call list he get shocked to see numbers.

Kunjj ke number what’s going on Haan he said and started checking everything she clicking Kunj candid photos and than yuvi check their messages he read few things.

Twinkle and Kunj what’s the matter he stunned after see..Yuvi sleep after this.

Again morning like everyday they wake up and have their breakfast yuvi just looking at twinkle only.He have his breakfast and left for college without taking twinkle and mahi.

Yuvi Reached college. if I’ll asked anything

To twinkle she will not tell Kunj will be tell me what’s the matter he said and went in his room.

Kunj sitting he doing his work yuvi knock the door. Kunj get up and open the door and found yuvi.

Tu at this come bro he said.He went inside and give Kunj suspicious look he get confused.

What happened bro why you giving me this look Tera and Avni Ka Kuch hua he asked.

Nope tu bata mujhe I need to talk about twinkle he said.

What twinkle why with me he said and looking here and there.

I’ll tell you na bro he said and show her twinkle phone. Kunj see and get shocked.

What happened you get shocked Kunj. See my sister become mad behind someone he added.

I don’t know yuvi he said.

You know what Kunj your number is in twinkle phone you talking with her more than me haan this messages and this photos he show him bol na what is this he said.

Yuvi listen to me please he said.

Yes I’m here only tu bata if I’ll asked twinkle she will do drama tu bata Kya hai sab he said.

Kunj closed his eyes. I’m sorry yuvi.

Yes it’s my number and she talking with me only and Tara he said.

What tara means here he asked.

Yuvi tara is twinkle only he said yuvi was shocked after listen this Kunj turned and see yuvi expression.

What did you said haan he said.

Yes yuvi tara koi or nahi twinkle hi hai teri apni behan he states.

Twinkle tara hai what is this he said fully confused.

I know yuvi it’s shocking when I get to know even I was too shocked like you. When tara come in front of my eyes at valentine day when I saw her shocked she is twinkle who standing when she tell me that she is tara only my heart skip he said.

Kunj tell each and everything to Kunj from start how she message him and each and everything after he get to know twinkle is tara everything completely now she doing this all because of this only he said. After listen this yuvi shocked like anything his sister did this with his bestie.

She did this because of challenge haan kunj he said.

Hmm Yuvi just because if challenge she called me now she saying she love me I try to make her understand but she didn’t listen to me she become mad he said.

Kunj having tears in his eyes I was so happy yuvi when I get to know she cheat me and play with my feelings that’s it??. He added.

Yuvi look at Kunj and hold his hand.

I’m sorry Kunj because of my sister you bear this all I wouldn’t leave her he said and went from there.

Yuviii nahi you become mad he said and run behind him.

While twinkle and mahi reached college Kunj finding yuvi.

Where my phone went babaji she said and mahi went twinkle standing in garden no one was there everyone was in classes only.

Yuvi see her he went towards her while Avni went behind yuvi after see his anger chinki come to twinkle.

Twinkle let’s go in class she said.

Hmm she Hummed.

Wait twinkle he said.

Bhai she added.

You finding something he said.

Nahi she states.Yuvi show her phone.

This your phone twinkle he said she get shocked to see her phone was in yuvi hands even chinki too.

Bhaiii she shaking..

Yuvi went near her and hold her shoulders tightly.

What is this Haan your challenge amazing tara he said twinkle shocked ?. She take step in backwards.

Kya Hua avni she is tara we finding her in whole college who is tara and asking her she don’t know because she is only tara m I right he said in loud voice.

Tara twinkle Avni said.

Haan tara twinkle ki hai. You become so stoop you doing this because of a challenge how could you play with my best friend feelings because of you today he having tears in his eyes he said in anger.

Bhai listen to me once her lips shivering like anything yuvi throw her phone in side.

Please she said.

Yuvi closed his eyes and remember Kunj sad face who he living this days. He immediately slapped twinkle hard.She falls down and her head hit with side wall she hurt.

Ouchhh she scream. Kunj come there and see he run towards twinkle.

Twinkleeeee. He scream.

I love him bhai she scream loudly and winching in pain. Kunj come near her.

Twinkle he said and hold her hand made her stand. Blood oozing from her head and lips slightly from nose too.

Yuvi you gone mad haan how dare you hurt Haan.. he said.

You leave my way Kunj she is wrong how can she did this all with you haan he said and moving towards twinkle she going in backwards. Again he slapped.

He is toh already in pain you know what twinkle you are one girl with whom he started talking and seeing his future always telling me about tara this and that I didn’t see him this much happy but what you have done with my bestie haan answer me damn it he scream. Naman and Gul or Mahi come there and all shocked.

Again yuvi slap her with full force..

Ahah bhaii????she screaming, Kunj get angry he come between him and twinkle and hold twinkle hand and make her stand behind his back.He grab yuvi collar.

If you one more time slapped you I wouldn’t leave you yuvi he said.

Don’t Kunj she hurt you yuvi said.

Kunj push yuvi and look at twinkle her face drenched in blood she crying fully.

What she saying she love you haan he added.

Shut up yuvi behan hai teri how can you do this with her he said.

Bhaii I l…ove…him… she said in breaking voice. Kunj see twinkle can see how she love him. Again yuvi moved towards her Kunj grab his collar.

Haath Mat Laga issko ab no one will be worse than me samja she hurt me not you he said in loud voice

It’s hard to pretend that you love someone when you don’t but its harder to pretend that you don’t love someone when you really do ???.,

Twinkle falls down on her knees and crying badly.

She is drama Kunj yuvi said.

f**k off yuvi leave from here he said.

Why you thinking about her Kunj after what she has done with you he said.

Because I love her like anything samja ab he said in loud voice.

What love yuvi said.

Haan yuvi me iss se bhut pyaar karta hu yeh tara hai phir twinkle bas I love her completely Don’t hurt her I’ll forget you are my friend he said.Yuvi shocked others too.They all having tears in their eyes.

Chinki hold twinkle hand and take her from there.

She did just because of a challenge Kunj yuvi added.

Haan I know because of challenge yuvi but she really love me I too denying but when I look into her eyes I can see love for me in her eyes he said.


twinkle don’t cry Chinki and consoling her.

Leave me please twinkle said.

Butt she said.

Please she scream. Chinki went from there she wash her face with side tap and crying fully it’s hurting her.

You are too mad you slap her are you mad Kunj said. He turned and looking for twinkle.Kunj went from there.

Twinkle walking while Kunj coming towards only from opposite side.

{Meri raahein tere tak hain

Tujhpe hi toh mera haq hai

Ishq mera tu beshaq hai

Tujhpe hi toh mera haq hai..}

Twinkle stop to see Kunj he looking at her only and see her face she crying like a baby he push side tables and open his arms and gesture her.. she smile and run towards him fully she landed on his arms Kunj hugged her tightly.

{Saath chhodunga na tere piche aaunga

Chheen lunga ya Khuda se maang laaunga

Tere naal taqdeeran likhwaunga

Main tera ban jaaunga

Main tera ban jaaunga

Kunjjjjj she scream..

twinkle he said and caressing her back both share bone crushing hug.both feeling each other’s melting in each other’s embrace.They break the hug and look at each other’s Kunj cupped her face.he kissed on her eyes.

I’ll not leave yuvi he said. Twinkle look at him.

Kunjj I love you she said.And she looking at him with a hope.Kunj wiped her tears with his thumb and give her smile.

He grab her hairs and pulled her towards himself only and winked at her and grab her lips.

I love you too he said.

Sonh teri main kasam yehi khaunga

Kitte waadeya nu umra nibhaunga

Tujhe har waari apna banaunga

Main tera ban jaaunga

Main tera ban jaaunga}

She get shocked and looking at him Kunj blinked his eyes she get happy she closed his eyes and grab his nape hairs. ???


To be continued?????.,

a reporter asked Kunj a question and he lose his tempre???.. ?? What’s make him ??


Sorry ?..

how was the episode?

Thanks for your comments I love it man ??Vibhu??..

Take episode ?hope you all enjoy this love story which fully fill with love and pain ???..

no proof reading I write in hustle guys so didn’t got time to reread ignore errors please sorry ???..

give your views please.

Bye love you all

Allahafize ???

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