Vish 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohit arranges Jagraata at home

Vish 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya and Alia are together. Aditya sings ‘Bann Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda’ while they dance together.

Sabrina reaches outside and thinks since there is fire outside, the two may possibly be inside.

Alia and Aditya dance together.

Sabrina hug upside down through the window, she spots then and thinks she stake her life to catch them and here they are partying around. She was about to bite Aditya by an extended tongue. Katrina throws a stone towards Sabrina from behind, she falls off. Aditya notices something strange just happened to them and goes out to check. Sabrina hides behind the wall, and a pot fell over her head. Katrina had climbed a tree to hide herself.

Aditya and Alia were sitting cozy around the fire. Sabrina reaches the window again and tries to sting Aditya. Sabrina thinks she found Aditya’s Trishol locket, then why she got the shock.

Alia had tired her locket to Aditya’s hand, saying Aditya has the mark and needs protection more than her. Sabrina walks into the room and spots the locket in his arm. She teases she knew they were romantically involved. Alia explains that they had only come for a long drive and the car went out of order. Sabrina asks them to come home, Mohit must be waiting. Through the window, Katrina peeks inside and thinks Aditya was saved by Alia’s locket.

Maria comes to Sabrina’s room and looks around for any remedy to protect her son. She finds the book in Sabrina’s wardrobe and skims through it. She reads that a ‘Suhaagan (married woman)” holds enough power to fight a Vishkanya.
Mohit was concerned for Aditya already as Sabrina called him about the accident. Sabrina wonders why he called her. Katrina comes with a drink in hand, Sabrina thinks she is the all radio broadcaster. Mohit was tensed that initially he had an accident and now it’s happening with him. Sabrina tells Mohit not to overthink. Mohit takes Sabrina by shoulders and says he is concerned and has arranged a Jagraata. He smirks as Sabrina’s face whitens watching the preparations already complete. Sabrina was worried that if she touches the Aarti thaal, she will turn to Vishkanya. Katrina whispers to Sabrina that she wishes so, so that she can take over Aditya and turns to immortal. She taunts that Sabrina had intended to transfer the body of Vishaila to Aditya, but the plan was flopped. But Katrina’s plans never flop.

Alia packs her bags. Aditya comes to her and says she can’t leave. Alia was in tears, as Sabrina had decided that Alia was appointed for Mohit and must leave. Alia says she is after all a guest and will leave after Jagraata. Aditya says he will soon talk to Mohit about them both, and he will be happy. He will get their wedding announced exactly after Jagraata today. Alia asks if they are hurrying things. Aditya asks if she doesn’t want to marry him. Alia replies she does, but she hardly believes she can get such love in life as well. It feels too good to be true. Aditya assures he will bring all the happiness of the world to her, it’s his promise. He tells her to unpack his bags. He will leave this house only to return as a bride. He requests her to get ready and come downstairs. She nods.

In the Jagraata, Aditya playfully holds the back of Alia’s chunri. She walks closer, and pulls it off his hands.
Sabrina comes to Jagraata with Mohit. She was tensed and feels awkward. Katrina smiles thinking Sabrina is gone. Alia brings the Pooja flowers but Sabrina avoids and poses to be tensed. Some of the sindoor fell into Alia’s hairline, she wonders if it’s a signal from God. Maria notices this and recalls reading the powers of a married woman.

PRECAP: Katrina comes to the kitchen and finds milk. Sabrina says Katrina can’t get the milk, and must instead go to Jagraata as Sabrina. In the Jagraata, Sabrina announces marriage of Aditya with Katrina.

Update Credit to: Sona

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