Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all gods coming together & praising kanha as waman dev due to because of him they have got their place again which was lost to asoornath bali but they & the guru saying as still the problem has not gone as shukracharya is still having some powers which asoors are getting birth again so requesting to please solve this problem. Waman replies this will only happen when you process your purety & they ask how so he says by samudra manthan for which you will need asoors too. Why asoors then waman replies you have to combine them because you have no choice without them. They agree to waman’s wishes.

Asoornath bali is in devotion prayers & kansa with guru & asoors come to him to wake from his prayers. Kansa is saying that waman has betrayed us & played trick with us so to wake up tells to raja bali. Raja bali stops prayers & asks what. Kansa is explaining the betrayal happened with us but raja bali is replying that there is no point fighting as this is wrong where there is no peace. Kansa is still arguing with raja bali & does not listen to him.

All gods come to raja bali but kansa get annoyed & orders asoors to attack them but indra dev tells kansa we are not here to fight & raja bali also stops kansa saying let us try to understand them first.

Indra dev tells bali that we have brought a proposal that some useful things at the time of devashoor fight has gone in the sea so to have equal fruits of the same we to get that by doing samudra manthan together & share the same equally. Kansa says how we keep faith in you then indra dev replies whatever we get in that you keep what you want & rest leave for us then ok says kansa.

Kansa abusing kanha in currently of his trick of last birth. Kanha says it was good of doing samudra manthan to wash out all evils done & to become pure & this is was I wanted to all get their equal share of purety & the war ends finally. But you & your asoors didn’t understand this tells kansa & your mind only playing tricks.

All gods are praising waman dev & happy for asoors ready to do samudra manthan tells indra dev to waman. All are telling waman dev that they are ready for all but indra dev tells that there is one more problem in this process of samudra manthan that they have no support to keep mathuran mountain & waman dev wishes to keep this on his back by taking separate type of avatar & all gods are praising & thankful to waman dev.

The samudra manthan process starts. Indra dev advices raja bali what to do & what they will do but kansa stops & chooses either due to feels gods are playing tricks with them. Indra dev accepts & moves ahead. While gods & asoors are doing samudra manthan the snake opens his mouth on asoors & kansa are surprised.

Kanha is explaining about faith to kansa which he never kept in others & had to pay for it. So while doing samudra manthan I only saved them or if they would have listened to you then all would have got killed so because of me samudra manthan could get completed properly.

In the process shivshankar immerges from sea & all pray him. Shivshankar vanishes blessing them all.

While process is on from the mountain dhanwantari ammerges & tells he is having pure water in his hands. Asoor Kansa comes forward & asks dhanwantari it is the same water which makes all eternal & yes he replies so kansa tells him to give that pure water & indra dev interrupts that it is not yours now as you have selected what you wanted hence it’s ours now hence indra dev tells dhanwantari to give water but kansa is becoming stubborn to have & snatches the pure water pot & runs with his asoors. Indra dev is kicked by kansa but guru stops indra dev & following them & if they drink then will be calling more trouble for us.

Kanha tells kansa by running with pot of pure water was your biggest mistake but kansa ignores & replies it was my achievement. But kanha says you ended the friendship of asoors with gods by doing this which was of no use putting all my efforts useless, but ultimately pot of pure water came to gods itself.

Asoor kansa & all other asoors are now fighting within themselves for pure waters first sip. Raja bali & his father are seeing fighting within themselves & are thinking how brainless all are which has disturbed friendship with gods too. In between a beautiful woman comes sounding her voice of her strings on her legs having bells. She is dancing & attracting asoors by her beauty & eyes.


Precap: Kanha tells kansa that in this war either you or me will be alive. They throw their each others weapons on air.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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