Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Sameer doesn’t qualify in the audition test, upsets Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina telling Sameer that she has to write second episode, they have to do a lot of work, have to write story and screen play. Sameer says everything will be done, I am with you. Naina says no and asks him to concentrate on his acting. She says Aruna ji is taking auditions and asks him to give audition. Sameer says ok. Naina says all the best. Sameer thanks him and goes to give audition. Song plays yuhi kat jayega safar saath rehne se….Sameer gives the audition while Naina talks to someone. Aruna Irani watches the audition clip and asks her secretary to rewind it. She looks on sad. Shivam sees Tanvi and Aditya in the shop and asks her to buy chocolate for her bhabhi. Aditya says I will buy. Voiceover says there was a strong friendship between Nirmala and Gauri aunty, but nobody could figure out love between Aditya and Tanvi.

Secretary calls Sameer and asks Naina to sit. They come to a icecream shop. Naina asks why he is making her have icecream as he became hero. Sameer says no, I didn’t get the role. She asks if he is joking. He says Aruna ji told that I can’t become that show hero. Naina asks him not to joke. Sameer says Aruna ji told that my acting is not upto the mark. Naina says I kept condition before her that I will write story only if she signs him. Sameer says she feels that he is not suitable for acting now. A fb is shown, Aruna ji meets him and plays his audio clip. She asks if this voice touched your heart and asks if the words reached your heart. She asks him to say truth. Sameer says I couldn’t speak out the emotions. Aruna ji says I can’t give you this role and says you are good looking and smart and asks him to give sometime to yourself, join acting classes and work out on his acting. She says when you become competent then I will stand with you. He is about to go. Aruna ji asks him not to wait for someone to offer him hero role. She says we shall see that there are many things which we couldn’t see and says you could become a good writer as you give good inputs to Naina. She asks him to do writing with Naina till he becomes an actor. Voiceover tells that they were unaware that this way is right or not, I didn’t know that naina will walk with me in this path or not, as there was only one reason to come here that to make me hero, and I was snatching that reason from her.

Naina gets sad. Sameer says we will write your show’s story and asks her if she will make him partner. Naina tells Sameer that she will talk to Aruna ji. Sameer says she told already whatever she wants to say. He says we shall try writing now. Naina says lets go back to Ahmedabad. Sameer says I am tired of giving audition and says if I have to become an actor then I will become. Naina says I don’t know. She goes home. Rakesh asks where is Sameer? Sameer comes home. Rakesh sends the tuitions students to their home. Naina tells Sameer that they shall return back to Ahmedabad. Sameer asks her to become practical. Naina says you couldn’t become what you wanted so what is the use of becoming practical. Sameer says we shall focus on writing now. Naina says your mind is shaken up. Sameer says I will not hear you now. Naina comes out and tells that she don’t want to talk to him. Rakesh says it seems today he don’t get to watch TV and will not have food. Naina throws the things in the kitchen while Sameer watches TV with high volume. Sameer’s voiceover tells that they used to fight with each other and even now fights, but for each other.

In the night, Naina tells Sameer that she will not write anymore and they will go back to Ahmedabad tomorrow. Sameer says we will not go anywhere. Naina comes out and asks Rakesh to wake her up early morning as they are going back with west express. Rakesh nods his head. Naina goes back to room. Sameer keeps his head on her head. She gets up and covers herself with bedsheet. Song plays….rut na jana….tumse kahun toh…Naina sleeps. Sameer is still awake. In the morning, Sameer sits near Naina and pulls the curtains. Naina wakes up and smiles. She then ignores him. Sameer comes to the kitchen to help her. He asks her to leave her stubbornness and get ready with her write up. He says you have to tell story to Aruna ji. Naina says she is going back. Sameer says you will leave me alone. Naina says even you are leaving me alone.

Precap: Sameer and Naina enjoy the rain.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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