Ladies Special 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Amar’s Concern For Bindu

Ladies Special 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amar nervously walks into Kangana’s cabin. Kangana asks if everything is okay. He says yes and removes stretcher and sharp objects from her desk. Kangana asks what happened to him. He says he is just taking precautions and says he cannot marry her as sometimes they think something and something else happens, they want to travel with someone and they end up choosing someone else. Kangana stands shocked. Mota Pappa/MP calls him and informs that Bindu has not returned home, he called Umedh, but his father picked and informed Umedh can long ago. Amar gets worried and leaves telling Kangana that he needs to leave and she should take care of herself. He calls Meghna and asks if Bindu’s with her. She say she left long ago with Umedh. He says Umedh reached his home, but Bindu has not;

he tried Umedh’s phone many times, but he is not picking his call. Meghna says they must have gone via local train.

Kangana picks knife. Punith rushes in and holds her hand. She insists to leave. Peon brings apple for her. Kangana says she was cutting apple. Punith asks then why did Aamr send him to be around her. She inform what Amar told and how angry she got at first but then relaxed so easily.

Amar searches Bindu at local train station. Meghna and Mandar reach there and ask Amar to relax, they will check with Bindu’s mehandi clients. Amar continues searching Bindu everywhere and repeatedly calls Umedh, but Umedh is busy getting scalp massage by his father. Father asks about Bindu, Umedh says her behavior is softening towards him. Father says then soon she will fall in his love. Umedh asks not to joke. He opens door hearing door bell and is surprised to see Amar. Amar misbehaves with him and asks where is Bindu, why didn’t he pick phone. Umedh says she must be at home and his phone is in silent mode. Amar angrily holds his collar and shouts when he cannot take care of Bindu, how can he marry her. Umedh’s father interferes and calms down Amar. Umedh informs that he is Amar and is tensed knowing Bindu didn’t return home. Amar apologizes. Umedh accompanies Amar to search Bindu.

Bindu losing her memory temporarily stands in train itself till it reaches last station. Goons enter and seeing a lonely woman walk towards her. Constable interferes and arrests goons and asks who is she and what is she doing here. Bindu stands confused. Constable takes her to SI who questions her. She sits confused. SI calls constable’s name as Amar. Bindu’s memory returns hearing Amar’s name and asks what is she doing here, she was going home. Constable informs that she was in train. Bindu says she will go home and knows her home address. SI asks to take constable along. Bindu say she can manage.

MP and MM are worried for Bindu at home when Meghn with Mandar walks in and asks if Bindu returned home. They say no and greet them in. MM offers her water, but she says she is fine. Amar with Umedh returns and asks if the got any info about Bindu. MP says no and he checked with all contacts. Umedh says she left in local train around 6 p.m. Meghna says its already 11 p.m. Bindu travels in train and asks lady time, lady says 11 p.m. Bindu realizes she had memory loss for 5 years and reminisces Meghna’s words that she stresses her mind so much, then memory loss incidents and thinks something is wrong with her and she will inform Amar about it.

Precap: Amar scolds MP and MM that they spoilt Bindu with their pampering and asks Bindu where she had been. He gets Punith’s call and asks how is Kangana.
Meghna tells Mandar that Amar is still confused.

Update Credit to: MA

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