Vikram Betaal 28th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Witch kidnaps Padmini and takes her disguise in Palace

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Vikram Betaal 28th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a witch/chudail shouting aloud and telling that she wants a princess to scare everyone. Padmini and Vikram come to the tree to do puja. She says you have come at right time to do the vrat puja. Vikram says this vrat is the superior of all. Padmini pours something on the tree roots. Vikram prays to pitr and asks them to bless them. The pitrs (ancestors) come infront of him and call him. The witch is in the jungle and thinks to complete her 35 years old work. The pitrs tells Vikram that they are very happy with them and asks him to call them if needed. Vikram tells Padmini that he is feeling good meeting his pitr and going with her on the horse. He sees the jungle fruit and tells that he used to get it in his childhood. Padmini teases him. He says he will get it for her and gets down from the horse. Padmini thinks Maharaj took her joke seriously. Chudail comes to Padmini indisguise of an old lady and asks for food. Padmini says I have Prasad and offers her. Chudail says my hairs are open, I can’t take Prasad. She asks her to tie her hairs so that she can take Prasad. Padmini sits to tie her hairs, but she couldn’t and questions her. Chudail turns to her and says nobody can tie my hairs as I am a chudail. The chudail holds Padmini by her hairs and flies in air.

Vikram hears Padmini’s voice and runs. He sees her in air. Chudail drops Padmini from sky and laughs. Padmini shouts Maharaj and gets locked somewhere. She is seen running towards Vikram. Vikram runs towards her. Padmini says she was saved from the woman somehow. She says I thought I will never meet you. She turns and it is shown that she is a witch. They rech the Palace. Vikram asks her to make arrangements of food. She asks what kind of food he wants.

Vikram gets doubtful seeing tulsi plant turning black. Acharya ji tells about the Puja for the peace. Vikram asks Kaviraj about the dried tulsi plant. Kaviraj is shocked. Suddenly soldiers tell that fire is caught and run to get water. The cooks come and tell that all kitchen stuff is burnt suddenly. Vikram asks Acharya. Acharya closes his eyes and says it seems some evil spirit entered here. He asks if something wrong happened with you. Vikram says not with me, but with Maharani. Acharya says what are you saying? The chudail comes to her real avatar and says whatever she lost 35 years ago will find here, today my wait will be over. She becomes Padmini again. Acharya asks how did you search Maharani? Vikram says she came herself. Acharya says whenever chudail takes somewhere, she don’t that person easily. He asks where is she? Vikram says kitchen. Acharya says we have to go there. The place catches fire wherever she goes. Chudail comes to the place and says she is searching it since 35 years and it is here. Vikram, Acharya and Kaviraj are coming there and see fire. Acharya ji says my fear my come true. Chudail digs the wall and gets inside. Vikram comes to know that padmini went to north.

Vikram comes to Padmini and she turns into Chudail. He gets shocked and asks where is Padmini. Chudail says nobody will be saved and attacks Vikram.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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