Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th January 2019 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti gets rid of Nagin.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saxena calls nagin and says you hate Vibhu bite him dont brother others, Vibhuti says are you mad, Saxena says chill just saying, Tiwari makes fun of vibhu and both get in argument, Hapu says you two enough and keep quite. Saxena calls nagin,and says we are here to talk come soon, Nagin comes and possess Teeka and says yes im here tell me what you want. Nagin possess Badami, saxena welcomes her and says we know you faced injustice. Nagin possess malkan and says give me justice give me Vibhuti, so i can bite him and my husband will be back.

Saxena says that’s not possible you have to get over him, Nagin possess tilu and says what nonsense are you talking, Saxena says yes the body is no more, nagin possess tiwari and says i dont care but i want to bite him and want justice and complete revenge, Angoori says and what about his wife how will she live without him, Nagin possess teeka and says like i lived without my husband, nagin possess hapu and says baba put my husbands soul in this man, Saxena says but you have taken revenge from him. Angoori says i feel your pain as im a women too but vibhu is innocent and if you bite him you will spoil a women life for the sake of your husband,nagin says okay i agree on your point now go live happily and leaves.Everyone praises Angoori.

Angoori in Mishra house singing, Tiwari walks to her and joins her, Angoori asks how come you singing today that toi old songs, Tiwari shows her Carvan and says heres for you,angoori says it reminds me of my childhood radio,i use to take food for daddy in farms and he use to play songs on radio, Tiwari says this caravan will play songs which you like,and its a gift for Tiwari plays song and both start dancing.

Boys at tea stall singing songs, Gupta walks to.them and says wow boys you sing so well, malkan says but we get no break in industry, tilu says and if we do we will beat all the singers, Gupta says i will give you chance, Malka asks how much will you pay, Gupta asks why. malkan says no free show, Gupta and boys final on food and Gupta says but you will sing just old songs in party,boys say deal. Gupta says see you at 8. Boys start rehearsing, master walks to them and scolds them and says students are in school stop making noise and whack them.

Angoori in kitchen singing, Vibhu walks to her and joins, Angoori says even you, Tiwari also joined me in morning, Vibhu says dont compare me with that donkey,Angoori scolds him.

Boys at tea stall dressed and singing, somebody takes them as beggar and pays a boy’s discuss about having drinks,malkan says drinks only after finishing program,teeka says pelu went on date so no auto, Gupta walks to them,and says i don’t need you anymore i will play this carvan at my kids party.

pre cap: Tiwari says to Vibhuti Angoori told me you use to do bike stunts since childhood and so in fare you will.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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