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TERA FITOOR (Hate Full Of Love)??
Scared love planning
Shot 12 ..
The Episode starts with Kunj standing shocked with the reality of twinkle goes missing he was having weird weird thought …

What if she leaves him again ?
Where did she went ?
Will he able to forgive himself ? If anything happens to her ..

He took out his phone dialling her number again and again but with each passing second the same line was repeating making him worried as hell ..

The number you are dialling is currently switched off please try after sometime

Sweat beads formed on his head while he was walking to and fro while dialling her number even Sanju was shocked seeing his condition the restless nervousness and anxiety clearly visible on his face ..

Kunj sir calm down she will come back soon Sanju said ..
Sanjana can you do one thing for me ? Kunj asked while she nodded in yes ..

If twinkle comes back home ? Make a call to me Kunj said handling his number ..
Okay sir I’ll Sanjana assured him while he left to search for her …

Firstly he went to her work place with the thought that may be she would have went there ..but when he reached he find it shut off …he asked the security if twinkle came there to which they denied ..
Where she can go yaar ? She is not used to this city too where I should find her ?
Ahhh Kunj you are really mad what you did now where you will find her I just hope she is fine if anything happens to twinkle how I’ll live ..what I’ll answer family ? That I failed as a husband ..no no nothing can happen to her she is my life …

Babaji please help me to find her I promise I won’t do this stupidity again …

He was panicked he searched everywhere near his apartment twinkle favourite coffee shop park he even went to office to check cctv to see where twinkle went but it didn’t showed much too …

Dejected he went to the nearby temple to pray for her ..

Babaji please help me where I should find her i have no one here except her please make me reach her soon she is the most important part of my life please don’t let anything happen to her please babaji
He was praying and tears were rolling down his cheeks ..he was lost in his thoughts when his mobile starts ringing .
Everyone present in the temple gets distracted by his ringtone and looks at him when Kunj sees them and went aside to pick up the call ..

He took out his from the pocket Hoping it would be Sanjana call stating twinkle has returned back ..but to his dismay it was arhaan call …

He clutched the mobile tightly and took a deep breathe and picked up the call ..

Hey arhaan I am busy can I call you after sometime ? Kunj said as soon as the call was answered ..

Arey Kunj ? Why and where are you man twinkle is here and I thought you must also be here that’s why I called you arhaan said ..

Kunj didn’t paid any heeds to his words Wahi yaar I will call you in sometime Kunj said he was going to cut the call soon arhaan words registered back in his mind ..

Okay bye arhaan said ..
Wait Kunj screamed ..

What happen brother are you alright ? Arhaan asked ..
Yeah what you said just now Kunj asked ..

You are fine na ? Arhaan asked ..
Yes yes now tell me Kunj replied .

I said twinkle is here on beach me and Amaya came here to have dinner and found twinkle she and Amaya were talking but I didn’t found you anywhere I thought you both came together arhaan said ..

Thank god Kunj said ..
What ? Arhaan asked ..

Nothing I am coming there in 5 mins he said and ended the call …
Thank you thank you babaji you are best thank god she is fine Kunj said ..he took the blessings ..

And drove off to the beach where twinkle with arhmaya is present ..he again called arhaan to ask where they are he located their place and moved towards them ..

Arhaan hug Kunj while he looked at twinkle and Amaya ..twinkle didn’t maintained any eye contact with him …
Amaya hugged Kunj too while arhaan smiled ..
Long time Kunj heard you are very much busy Amaya said while Kunj passed a sheepish smile ..

It’s so long we didn’t went on any outing neither dinner so it’s perfect that we all met here today unexpectedly arhaan said .

Yeah now baby I wanna have food I am starving Amaya added ..
Yeah let’s go arhaan said ..

You both proceed I’ll come with my wife Kunj said ..while twinkle looked at him ..

Ohooooo quality time Haan Kunj Amaya teased and the duo arhmaya walked ahead leaving twinj ..

Thank god you are fine Kunj said ..while twinkle didn’t paid any heed to him and started walking towards restaurant ..which pricked him …but he knew he deserved it ..
They both went and joined arhmaya on the table …
Ahh love birds here arhaan teased but twinj were in no mood to reply anything ..

Let’s order arhaan said and called the waiter ..
This dish is amazing we will try this what say twinkle Amaya said ..

Yeah but I don’t feel like having anything twinkle replied ..while Kunj looked at her ..

Arey don’t be a spoilt brat taste it then you will love it Amaya said they order the respective foods ..

They indulge in talking while arhmaya non stop banter was going on and twinj were stealing glances of each other ..

Soon their food arrive and they started having it while twinkle was thinking something she choked in the middle badly while everyone was worried ..

Kunj rubbed her back gently while twinkle whole face turned red due to continuously coughing and tears started flowing from her eyes ..

After sometime she was calm and they sat back on their places ..
You are fine na twinkle ? Amaya asked ..
Yes twinkle said ..

Soon they finished their dinner and came out of restaurant and again walked back to the beach ..

Twinkle and Amaya were walking ahead while Kunj and arhaan was far away from them ..
What’s going on Kunj ? Arhaan asked seriously ..

What ? Kunj replied ..
Everything fine between you and twinklee na ? He asked ..

Now how I should hide from you actually Kunj said and narrated him how he was frustrated and he ended up on bursting on twinkle ..

Kunj what you did man I mean seriously you and twinkle still strangers for each other me and Amaya got close in one month only after wedding arhaan said ..
While Kunj looked at him ..

But that’s not the case with us Kunj said ..
Why ? What’s special you please specify arhaan said ..

Twinkle was my girlfriend during college Kunj said ..
Han so what ! Arhaan said caring less then looked at Kunj ..

Whattttttttttttt ?????? Girlfriend twinkle you knew her Fromm before when she was your girlfriend what happen then ? You should have been living happily with her saale why you didn’t told me about it arhaan said ..

Calm down let me explain Kunj said ..
Yeah she was my girlfriend we were really happy and he started narrating him everything about them and lastly how he found out that twinkle left the college ..and yeah then I got to know that she had left the college Kunj ended …

What’s was the need to become maahan Kunj ? You should have told her clearly why you were ignoring her arhaan said while Kunj stayed silent ..

Continue so you didn’t met her after that ? Arhaan asked ..
Nah I saw her on your wedding and was myself hell shocked Kunj added ..

That’s why you never wanted to marry anyone else arhaan asked while Kunj hummed in response ..

Kunj listen to me first sort out all the differences you both had first clear out the misunderstandings before it’s too late and you both ended up with something more destructive arhaan ..

Hmm yeah Kunj said ..now will you please take your wife I wanted to talk with twinkle Kunj said ..

Hoooo saaale first you sort everything with twinkle then I’ll give you punishment of hiding this from me arhaan said ..

Huh we will see that Kunj said ..and they smiled ..
Amaya arhaan called out ..
Yeah she asked ..

She and twinkle were sitting on the sand water touching their feets ..
I think it’s too late shall we go back home arhaan said ..

No I want to stay Amaya replied …
Acha then atleast come with me na baby you always complain that I don’t give you time but now got stick with twinkle arhaan said ..

Haan Amaya go or else he will get jealous of me twinkle said ..
Okay fine Amaya said getting up she and arhaan left from there ..

While twinkle was looking at the water hearing out the voice of waves ..Kunj sat beside her ..
Hey he said .. wrapping his hand around her shoulder ..

Leave me twinkle said ..
No I won’t Kunj replied .. tightening his grip while twinkle looked at him teard eye ..

Why you didn’t went home you know how much worried I was Kunj said tears formed in his eyes too those few minutes Shaked up him very badly ..

You only asked me to leave twinkle replied ..
Haan to I am idiot and dumb I say alott if things na ..

You are stupid twinkle replied ..
Yes I am Kunj said ..
Leave me and go na twinkle said ..

I didn’t married to leave you baby Kunj said moving more closer to her ..he hugged her tightly while twinkle was shocked ..

I am sorry twinkle but I was frustrated at that time I didn’t wanted anything more worse to happen so I told you to leave Kunj said ..twinkle didn’t said anything and was looking at him ..

Please forgive me Kunj said holding his ears ..you can give me any punishment I’ll bear but don’t stay quiet …

Huh go from here twinkle said ..
Acha where ! Kunj asked ..

Wherever you want to go I don’t care ..twinkle said .
But I care who will handle your Siyappa if I go anywhere Kunj said ..

Twinkle looked at him and started beating him with her fist ..
Ouch twinkle lag Rahi hai Kunj said ..
I hate you twinkle said ..

Oh really Kunj replied raising his eye brow ..
Huh twinkle said and got up from there I won’t talk to you see twinkle said ..

But you are talking to me Kunj replied blinking his eyes innocently ..
Shit twinkle said ..and started to go ..

But Kunj pulled her and lifted her from back let’s celebrate baby he said ..
Leave me Kunj twinkle replied struggling on his shoulders ..

See everyone is looking at us it’s so embarassing twinkle added ..
So what I am with my wife not my neighbours wife Kunj said ..

I’ll kill you twinkle said ..
Huh I’ll put you down but say Kunj baby I forgave you Kunj said ..

Huh never twinkle said ..
Then stay like this Kunj replied .
Okay fine twinkle said ..

Say in words Kunj demanded ..
Now you are doing much Haan twinkle said .. okay I forgave you now leave me twinkle said ..

You forgot Kunj baby Kunj added ..
I’ll kick your ass ? twinkle said ..

Haww cruel lady Kunj replied ..
I am serious twinklee said ..

Okay fine that is enough for today but next time I want Kunj darling baby Shona or something Kunj said ..
My foot twinklee said ..

Acha let’s have ice cream atleast Kunj said ..while she hummed and they joined arhmaya ..
The 4 have fun and left back for their respective homes …

Twinj went to their home while Kunj told her to meet Sanjana as she was worried too twinkle agreed and she met Sanjana
Where you went ? You know how much Kunj sir was worried about you Sanju said ..

Yeah I met my friend and didn’t notice time twinkle lied ..
Okay good night Sanju said they hugged

Kunj went to their apartment ..
Kunj quickly changed while twinkle came back after sometime she saw Kunj in her room ..

You here ? Twinkle asked ..
Yeah my room is dirty so I am sleeping with you today Kunj said ..

I’ll clean it twinkle said ..
No it’s already late Kunj replied .

While twinkle went to change and Kunj smirked ..soon she came back and went on bed while Kunj was checking his mails ..

He see twinkle who was fast asleep and went beside her ..

I need to get rid of my this habit soon or else I’ll ruin everything even I have to sort out our past with twinkle but making sure that I don’t loose my cool ..he said and pecked twinkle forehand and slept beside her ..
few days later
It had been few days since that incident Kunj made sure that he keeps a comma on his anger issues ..while twinklee went back to her professional mode …

It was Kunj birthday in next 2 days and twinklee was busy planning it while Kunj who doesn’t celebrate his birthday was avoiding it this year too he wasn’t at all excited about anything …
@ Amritsar :::
Kunj bday is in two days I think this year we should celebrate it with him after all twinkle is there too ..bebe suggested ..

Yeah even I am thinking same he is angry with us that we didn’t stayed with him Manohar said ..

Yeah before Ammu wedding it will be good we will go there and come back with twinkle and Kunj Usha said ..

Yeah call Tanejas too we are going to Mumbai Manohar said and all agreed and went to pack their things ..
@ Mumbai :::
Samar and Rhea was at their home while Naman aryan joined them after few minutes ..
Ahh you both are here Samar said ..

Yeah so what’s the plan ? Aryan asked ..
We want to arrange a birthday party for Kunj what say ? We call him every year but he goes somewhere this time he is married and he won’t go anywhere leaving twinkle so I am thinking to why not we all celebrate his birthday samar said ..

Yeah and we have to apologise to twinkle too may be with this thing our relations with twinklee will also gets better Rhea added ..

Yeah it will be good I think we should add twinkle also in this plan Naman said ..
I called her but she didn’t picked up Rhea added ..

Well no worries we will do the best all joined their hands …
@ twinj house :::
Yeah make sure everything remains perfect twinkle added on call while talking she sees Abeer call coming ..
How’s you sista ? Abeer asked ..

I am fine bhai n u twinkle asked ..
Yeah fine guess what’s happening Abeer said .

What twinkle asked ?
We are coming to Mumbai to celebrate your husband’s birthday Abeer said …

What seriously bhai that’s so good Kunj will be hell happy twinkle added ..
Yeah that’s why chal see you soon Abeer said ..

Are I planned mine and Kunj evening but no worries this is way more better we all together Kunj will be very much happy with everyone around twinkle said ..

All hoped for an amazing evening around

To be continued
Hah done with this shot ? ..
So many plans for Kunj birthday ..
What will happen ????
Intensions are good will the outcome be good too ????
Stay tuned to know more ..
Ignore errors no proof read
A quick update hah keep it in advance as the next will be late probably ??
Thanks to all who commented on last one ..
Thanks for your support on Humsafar too ..
Will be back soon ?
Bye allahafiz ?

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