Vikram Betaal 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram catches Betaal

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Vikram Betaal 18th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Betaal asking Vikram to say who is he? From where he came and why is he hanging upside down on to the tree. He vanishes. Vikram falls down from the tree. Betaal asks Vikram to get up. Vikram gets up and lifts his sword. He says betaal. Betaal says it is my name. Vikram says I am Ujjaini king Chakravartin Samrat Vikram Aditya. Betaal asks why did you come here? Vikram says I came to take you with me. Betaal asks him to hug him and vanishes. He says today I am very happy and says after many years, someone remembered me. He asks did you come by yourself or someone sent you. Vikram says I will not answer you. Betaal says if you don’t answer me then you can’t go from here. Vikram says that sanyasi name is Bhadrakaal. Betaal says how can this be happen and recalls cursing Bhadrakaal.

A fb is shown, Betaal curses Bhadrakaal to remain dead until someone hits the nakshatra Rohini and Pushya. Fb ends. He asks Vikram if someone hit the nakshatras. Vikram says yes, I have done that inpossible thing possible. Betaal is surprised and says you..

Betaal says really. Vikram says yes. Betaal thinks he can become end of bhadrakaal. Vikram asks how he wants to come with him. Betaal says what do you think that I will come with you. He says Bhadrakaal has trapped you, you are in problem. He says I permit you to go from here. Betaal says it seems people says right about you that you don’t agree by talks. Betaal vanishes and then appears, and says I am not nakshatra, but Betaal. Vikram says if you are Betaal that I am Chakravartin Samrat. He uses his sword in air. Betaal says your efforts is less to make me lose and asks him to tell Bhadrakaal that he lost. Bhadrakaal laughs. Someone appears infront of him and says you think that Vikram will bring Betaal. Bhadrakaal says I am sure that he will bring betaal here. Vikram tells Betaal that he never learnt to lose and will catch him. He vanishes. Vikram tries to catch him. Betaal says who understands my pace can catch me, who belongs to this ghaati can understand me. Vikram recalls Bhadrakaal’s words and catches Betaal’s tail.. Bhadrakaal says I was waiting for Betaal since 11000 years. Betaal says I have seen your courage and asks him to leave him.

Vikram takes Betaal in the yakshiyum yantra. Betaal says I come with my wish. He sees the valley and feels good. He thanks Vikram and says this is made by me. He thinks how to make Vikram stop. Bhadrakaal thinks to give Betaal’s ahuti in the havan and then he will become Kaal, and more great than Maha Kaal…He calls himself Bhadrakaal. Betaal asks Vikram to say something or sing. He says I have many stories in my heart and I am full of stories, before I make you hear stories, hear our destiny. Vikram says I am not interested in hearing that. Betaal says you will not say anything else I will go back to my Pret Ghaati. Vikram says I know you will have nothing to say and gives him a chance to lose. Betaal says story started….he says it is a story of a princess who was caught by the devil.

A princess Sonprabha is seen singing bhajan and doing aarti. Her father Maharaj tells that he will invite many prince for her alliance. Pandit says it is a good mahurat. Sonprabha’s brother says he will invite all prince. Her mother says we shall ask her if she is ready. Sonprabha comes and tells that she shall marry someone with broad thinking etc. her mum asks her to marry someone who loves her, Her father and brother also tell their preference. Sonprabha asks if a man have all the qualities. Her mum says we will get you marry to the prince you like. Betaal tells Vikram that Sonprabha was confused when she saw three prince.

Betaal tells Vikram that a monster decides to marry beautiful Sonprabha. He asks Vikram to say Sonpraba will marry whom?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow. Marvellous episode. Both Vikram betala are marvellous actors. Aham sir u r marvellous. Waiting for Vikramaditya reply.

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