Meri Hanikarak Biwi 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahira’s dad gets tricked

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 18th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pushpa and Devina arguing. They fight for the keys. They ask Akhilesh to give them keys. He feels bad to lie. Ira says we got the address because of lying. Pushpa sends them to temple. Devina asks her to get out. Its morning, Akhilesh and Ira go to the temple. He asks why are you in this get up. Ira says I wanted to calm your anger. He says what was the need for giving that ad. She says I did this for Pushpa, you never appreciate me. He asks her to listen. Mahira and her family are on the way. Her dad asks her not to get sad. She acts to cry on the cheat. He says I can’t believe that Akram and her family have hidden a big thing, Akram was a nice guy.

Fatto says they have hidden a big thing, don’t take their name. Akhilesh tries to convince Ira and takes a

sweet watermelon for her. Ira throws it. The watermelon hits a wooden stand and stall. He asks why are you annoyed. The nails fall down. The people scold Akhilesh. He says my wife is Hanikarak, I m sorry, I will help you. The car passes over nails and stops. Mahira’s dad scolds Akhilesh. He sees him. Mahira and Akhilesh get shocked seeing each other.

Mahira’s dad says he is Akram’s twin brother. Devina orders a diamond necklace. She laughs. She says once Birju comes, I will get all property and house on my name. Pushpa teases her. Ira comes there and stops their fight. She smiles. They see Mahira’s family at the door. They get shocked and start acting again. Mahira’s dad says we got a gift for you. He gets Akhilesh home, and says your other son is here, who got away from you in childhood.

Akhilesh does a drama. Mahira’s dad asks him to hug his brother. They go upstairs and call out Akram. Akhilesh says its our personal matter, I want us to solve it, let me go in. He goes in by fooling them. Pushpa asks Fatto not to hear them talking. Fatto says something is wrong. Akhilesh talks in dual characters. Fatto knocks. Akhilesh asks her to leave them alone for some time. Pushpa and Ira stay tensed. Akhilesh sees Akram’s clothes and gets dressed. He tricks them. Akhilesh cries and says Akram doesn’t want to see my face, he is saying you broke relation with him because of me, he blamed me, I m leaving. Mahira’s dad says no, I won’t let you get separated.

Mahira’s dad says Akram and Mahira will marry today. Akhilesh says I will talk to my brother, wait here. Ira says I don’t know anything, you won’t marry. Mahira says yes I will marry just my lover. Akhilesh says I also don’t want to marry, give me a chance to think. Mahira’s dad comes with sherwani and sehra. He gets a call. The man says Brijesh isn’t having food. Mahira’s dad gets angry and names him. Akhilesh looks on. He says I got an idea, see how I stop this marriage, and break relation with Mahira. He tells his plan.

Fatto sees Brijesh’s pic, and says we got cheated, Akhilesh is Akram, they have lied to you, stop this marriage, this is Brijesh’s family. Mahira’s dad gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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