Agnifera 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Agni And Sakshi Shift To Kishan’s House

Agnifera 18th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agni gives property papers to constable and asks if he can tell how there are 2 papers of same property. Constable checks papers and asks Sakshi if bought property from Harikrishna agent, he is a big fraud and conned many people. Agni asks constable to find out where this agent is. She tells Sakshi that daadi would have bought this house when Sakshi was a kid, so she should not interfere in legal issues and let her handle it. Sakshi yells at her. Agni says chachi/Shristi was a big lawyer, then how can Sakshi break rules. Agni continues yelling not to take her mother’s name, etc.

Kishan returns home and tells his mothers that the property which father asked to get vacated, Agni and Sakshi stay there with their daadi, he unkowingly sent vacation notice to them. Mothers say Agni and

Sakshi will stay in our house, they can do at least that to return their favor. Kishan gets happy. Badki thinks she can test Sakshi and Yashi thinks she can test Agni.

Agni tells Daadi/Revathi that she has already given application for quarters, so they will stay in police quarters. She packs daadi’s suitcase. Sakshi enters and throws clothes back and says she is her daadi and will stay with her. Agni says she is also her daadi. They both fight. Daadi reminisce Shristi’s words that she wants both children to stay together. She shouts to stop fighting. Door bell rings. Sakhi o\pens door. Kishan enters. Sakshi asks what is he doing here and tells Daadi that he is the one who is expelling them out of their house. Kishan tells Daadi that he is the culprit and sent notice unkowingly, so he wants them to stay at his house. He tries to convince her. Agni says she has only one daadi and wants her to stay with her. Kishan tries to explain Sakshi. Sakshi to oppose Agni agees. Daadi also agrees. Kishan thanks Daadi and Sakshi and says if doctor stays at her house, his mom’s condition will improve. Agni says she will not come, so Sakshi and Agni can go. Daadi agrees and walks with Sakshi.

Sakshhi with Daadi reaches Kishan’s hhouse. Agni also reaches. Sakshi yells. Daadi scold\s them to keep quiet. Kishan’s family greets them. Daadi says she came here on Kishan’s insistence. Daadi and Yashi bring aarti thalis and perform Agni and Sakshi’s aarti.

Precap: Kishan greets Agni and Sakshi and walks towards them, slips and falls on mat. They both try to pick him up and fall with him. Daadi enjoys their drama.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Anyone else finding this story line boring? Sakshi is trying to portray her fathers gangster mode but I have to say Agni is goofing a good job.
    I think original members like Vidvaan, Dulari etc should be spoken about or be told what happened to all because us viewers are left in the dark.
    How can Kishan’s family live so peacefully and in harmony or will we see something else soon? Also I’m thinking Kishans house is the old set of Vidvaans house yet when Agni and Sakshi went to visit their old house it was a completely different one.
    By the way what and how can Sakshi and Revathi afford and do with such a big house πŸ€”

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