Vikram Betaal 18th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikram gives mukti to Kapalika and saves everyone

Vikram Betaal 18th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maha Maya threatening Vikram and attacks him. Vikram fights with her. Maha Maya says you have insulted my tantra shakti and will be punished for this. She attacks him again and makes him fall down, laughs. Vikram looks at her. Betaal is in Bhadrakaal’s captivity. Betaal thinks I can take advantage of Maha Maya’s absence and can get out from here. He asks Bhadrakaal to fulfill his last wish. Bhadrakaa; says you are already dead. Betaal says I will be sacrificed soon and tells that he wants to have free breath under the sky. Bhadrakaal says you have a small thinking and makes a small hole in the cage so that betaal can enjoy the air. Betaal acts as breathing. Bhadrakaal says don’t tell that I didn’t fulfill your last wish and says where you will find such kind person. Betaal looks at the hole. Kapalika looks at the people of Ujjaini and says she will destroy everyone soon. She says nobody can stop me. Vikram gets up and looks at the sun which is going to set soon. He asks God to give him strength. Maha Maya says you can’t reach Ujjaini. Senapati says where are you Samrat? Padmini tries to come there. Vikram tells Maha Maya that he has no enmity with her, and says it is all Bhadrakaal’s trap. Maha Maya asks him to think about Ujjaini first. Vikram asks her to let him go and says I will give you whatever you need. He shows his sword and the rays from the sword falls on her. Maha Maya attacks him. Vikram cages her in her own powers and says this is rann neeti. Padmini comes to Senapati and asks if Maharaj found any solution. Senapati says no. padmini says I am sad that I am leaving without meeting Maharaj.

Betaal prays to rain to shower so that havan’s light is set off. Rain drops falls down on Betaal’s hand and he pours it on havan fire. Bhadrakaal says what is this Maya? Betaal escapes from the cage. Bhadrakaal says I will take revenge for your cheat.

Vikram comes to his room and finds Padmini there. He hugs her. Padmini asks him to save them. Vikram’s eye starts having black liquid. Padmini turns out to be Kapalika, who asks him to save himself first. Kapalika gets the mani and says this is the Mayavi Mani, with which you want to end the disease which I spread among the people. She asks what you will do now? She says I will destroy this Mani, so that there is no antidote for the disease spread by me. She is about to break Mani. Vikram recalls Devi blessing him to kill a soul, with a mantra and is about to recite the mantra. Betaal appears there and asks him not to kill Kapalika, but keep the mani on her forehead to give her mukti and save everyone. Kapalika is about to destroy Mani, but Vikram keeps the mani on her forehead and all her powers go to Bhadrakaal. A devi appears infront of Vikram and makes him fine. She reads some mantras and makes everyone fine. Bhadrakaal and Pingla get fine too. Padmini comes to Vikram and asks are you fine? Vikram says when you are fine, then what can happen to you. Devi blesses Vikram and thanks him. Padmini says everything is fine because of Mahakaal. Vikram hugs her. Betaal smiles.

Precap: Bhadrakaal wakes up another putli and smiles seeing her deadly look.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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