One week later of Avni and yuvi marriage.very next day of their marriage they went for honeymoon to Cape Town both were enjoying Lot.They had good time avni was overwhelmed to see yuvi love and care.They had been come back last night only due to some reason yuvi and Avni come back quickly they went for 7 days only.

Om got invites from some sculptures exhibition at night he was talking to mahi..so om asked her to accompany him for exhibitions as she like these things….

Mahi:ok done we will go tomorrow..

In [email protected]

Mahi get ready fully she was blushing while reminiscing their moments few. She went downstairs and had her breakfast with everyone Kabir and rt left for meeting while Bebe and Malika went for yoga ?‍♀️classes.Mahi looking at Leela she is nervous how she ask to Leela finally she ask.

mahi:maa i m going with some friend for exhibition


Meanwhile om came to pick her but he was liitle bit far from her home  so she went there Duo went there they enjoy exhibitions..After exhibitions…

om:lets go for a lunch as its lunch time…& i m hungry….

Mahi:ok chalo..Both were enjoying their lunch sometimes maintaining eye contacts with each other some time smiling each other Something stuck on her corner of lips…

Om:points her there is something….

She tried to clean it but it went vain. may i ??

Mahi : sure.He clean it with a tissue….

Meanwhile kunj and rahul to came there for some meeting..

Their meeting get finished they both were too hungry they about to passing from Omkara and Mahi direction just than Rahul eyes went on them he get shocked to see them together having food.

Rahul :bhai dekh tera philosopher bhai ashiqui kar rha hai

Kunj:kha ?

Rahul:see there …Kunj saw them

Kunj:thinks in dono ka kuch jyada hi ho rha hai i have to talk to om.before some issue created by them…

Rahul:what are you thinking?

Kunj:you know about yaar hope this time nothing get wrong.otherwise we all know about chote paa…

Rahu:true Chal lets go.let them enjoy till..

Kunj:hmm Chal.Omkara hold Mahi hand both were talking to each other’s about their likes and dislikes.

Mahi: you are too funny like Rudy..

Om:haan bhai hai na mera after all.Both giggles.What about you you toh totally different from nowadays girls even your sister twinkle not likes you.

Mahi:haan im like this only.Even you too. Our thinking matching so much haina.


Mahi:whatever you wanted.

Om: acha ji. Om Ofer her favourite ice cream she get surprised how she knows. Twinkle bhabhi told me ?.

Mahi: hoo.They both feed each other’s ice cream. And having great time with each other’s.

After sometimes later Leela call twinkle.

She was busy in kitchen.

Twinkle: haa Maa.

Leela: haa Maa ki bachi now you don’t have time for your Maa. She chuckled.

Twinkle: sorry Maa I didn’t get time nowadays after Avni and yuvi wedding so much work comes on my head even Kunj too busy we didn’t have time to talk to each other sorry.

Leela:acha okay I toh just call you missing my twinki.if you free than come here na.

Twinkle: hmm I’ll see Maa if I had time than me and Kunj will come at night you make my favourite food okay.

Leela:okay I’m waiting for you. Both mother and daughter for sometimes later twinkle finisher her all kitchen work she went in living room there all ladies of Sarna Mansion sitting together. Twinkle went and sit beside Lata.

Twinkle:mummy ji maa calling me she just call me if you permit me than me and Kunj can go..

Avantika:why not you don’t need to take my permission.


Anjali:but Kunj toh busy it’s been a week I didn’t see his face.

Twinkle:haan di he come at late night and went early even he didn’t wake up without meeting with me he went.

Avantika:haa they having work na.

Twinkle:hmm even I told this Maa but insist Lot.

Lata:koi na you go beta.. twinkle message he didn’t saw she went in their room try to call he didn’t pick up after 2 and 3 rings he pick up.

Twinkle:sadu where you are busy haan.

Kunj: Kya twinkle I was in meeting that’s why. Acha Bol what work you have.

Twinkle: can’t I call you. Haan.

Kunj: hmm I’ll talk to your later now I’m busy.

Twinkle: acha okay do whatever you wanted just do one thing come soon today I’m going to Maa house with you I don’t want any drama she cut the call before listening Kunj.

Kunj:twinkleeee Shit.She is too smart.

I’ll see her later he again busy in his work. After sometimes later in evening . Kunj and Rahul or Manohar tej come back from office they all very tired Kunj fully messy hairs he loosing his tie shirt coming out.They all sits in living room.

Kunj closed his head while Aayat come from back and stand in couch she moving her fingers in Kunj hairs he smiled and understood who she is.Kunj feels so good.Everyone see them. Priyanka went in kitchen and told twinkle to make tea for everyone.She make quickly tea and French fries.And take in living room her eyes went on Kunj.

Rahul: uff my back is paining so much.

Rudra starter pressing his back with full force. Ouchhh. Saale.. Omkara and Rudra look at each other’s.

Aayat: hooo pa see what he just said. Rahul open his eyes and look at who looking back. He making puppy faces all giggles twinkle served everyone tea and snacks.Aayat see fries starter jumping.

Usha:Arey Kunj puttar what happened.

Kunj:kuch nahi choti Maa.

Rudra: Maa bhaiya get tired.

Rahul: haan when you have to do work like us than you will get to know.

Tej:acha I toh don’t know about this what work you doing in office after yours condition seemed like you both

Breaking some stones.Kunj open his eyes he and Rahul look at each other’s.

Avantika:tej tum bhi na they work so much still you behaving like this.

Lata:Haan tej always behind my Kunj.

Twinkle give fries to Aayat she started having and showing Kunj while having and making faces.

Anjali:Kunj tea.She Offer him.

Kunj:no.He get up and take his coat and went upstairs Avantika looking at tej.

Avantika: tum bhi na..

Lata: go twinkle give him.

Twinkle:hmm she went in kitchen and make coffee for him while Kunj lay down on bed on his stomach.She take and went in their room she entered and see

And smiled and went towards him and sit beside Kunj.Arey Kunj wake up don’t sleep at this time. Lo I get your coffee now get up fast.he didn’t said his face become all red twinkle caress his hairs and bend slightly kissed on his temple. Acha Baba wake up get angry in this small. He open his one eyes and look at her.

Kunj:huhu never leave me let me sleep please twinkle I’m tired fully.

Twinkle:hoo Kunj you always tired didn’t have time for me you sleep tomorrow is your Sunday na now get up fast go and get freshen up you are my innocent baby na.

Kunj:huhu don’t apply butter on me.

Twinkle:go na please we have to go Maa house.

Kunj: twinkle you go with anyone I can’t let me sleep.Now I don’t have energy.

Twinkle:bas this line you know perfectly Kunj you don’t have time for me in your life just work work that’s it if you not go with me than remember I’ll not come back. He turned and look at her.

Kunj: great. Twinkle shocked. Tej and Avantika passing from the room tej heard twinkle fake crying voice he and Avantika stop and went in their room.

Tej: what happened beta why you crying twinkle see tej and smirked.Kunj put cotton in his ears ??.

Twinkle: papa ji see this Kunj he didn’t listen to me.

Tej: what?

Twinkle: haan papa ji Maa calling us but he wanted to sleep not going with me I’m pleasing him so much he scold me for that.

Tej:what.. kunjjj he didn’t listen Avantika giggles.Avantika shake him he open his eyes and see tej and immediately get up.

What did you said to twinkle haan kunj just blinking his eyes tej see Cotton in his ears he take out. Great Kunj haan what is this we all are mad here you put this in your ears.

Kunj:no. Pa.. woh just she eating my head.

Twinkle: see papa i m eating his head haa. Crying more. Kunj get shocked to see her.

Tej:you don’t cry twinkle beta let me see her his mother spoiling him by taking his sides.Wake up Kunj from your sleep don’t forget me.He bow down his head twinkle bite her finger. She saying you to go with her Taneja mansion why you denying him Haan. Go and get ready go with your wife if I listen twinkle complaining about you than..

Twinkle:no papaji please.

Tej:go fast.Sleep in nights.Day by day  becoming like spoiling kids.Tej went from there Avantika and twinkle giggles. She too went Kunj look at twinkle give her frown look he lay down again.

Twinkle:papajiii. Kunj get up and look at her.

Kunj:you siyappa queen I’ll see you later. Huhu.

Twinkle:washroom go fast.Kunj went in washroom while gritting teeth at twinkle She giggle take out her and Kunj clothes.After Kunj come out of the washroom see twinkle is fully ready.He take his clothes twinkle come to him to closed his shirt buttons.

Kunj: I can manage Samji ja tere papaji bula rahe hai chamchi..

Twinkle:aww looking super hot in anger my baby she pulled his cheeks and closing his buttons she tickles him Kunj try to control but he too started laughing him her. Sorry.Pouting Kunj smiled and peck on her lips. Twinkle peck on his cheek

Kunj: chale we will get late.

Twinkle: Haan how I’m looking. Kunj see her head to toe..

Kunj: hmm great why you get ready this much haan.

Twinkle: because my husband ji toh busy he didn’t pay attention on me so I thought at least for others ??.Incircle

Her arms around Kunj neck.

Kunj: acha ji.

Twinkle: really Kunj you ask to yourself since we come back you don’t have time for me we didn’t sit for a minute talk personally something you just busy even you went without me come back after I slept why.

Kunj:woh toh I’m busy and I don’t wanted to disturb you that’s why and you can see your papaji how he is Than think about me when he is in my boss role uff what position??.Even I’m too tired wanted to spend time with you sorry for that. Just let me finished this project twinkle it’s my dream project once I finished this successfully my all hard work from start to till now all worth it.

Twinkle:I pray your all dreams come true after all my husband is so talented. Sorry for papaji he really scold you I thought.

Kunj:don’t be sorry I didn’t felt bad some stranger didn’t scold me after all he is my father he Can I never felt bad in this small things I used too. And by the way you find yourself your father in law scolding his son for his bahu.

Twinkle:woh toh I’m ?that’s why everyday thanks to babaji for giving best family.

Kunj:because of me only both joint their foreheads.And went downstairs.They take Lata and Prithviraj permission and

Went Kunj bring his car both sit in car and left. While in the way twinkle saw pani puri , gola & chat stall…

Twinkle: kunj stop please i want to have all these things.

kunj:its not good for your health ..it is so unhygienic.we will go to some restaurant there u can have.

twinkle:no kunj jo maza roadside street stall pe hai woh restaurant me ni hai please na..

kunj:no..twinkle made puppy facezkunj get melted and stop the car don’t make puppy face go had it …..

Twinkle:Bhaiya 2 plate pani puri.

Kunj:i ‘ll not have you have it..

Twinkle:1 plate pani puri bhaiya thiki wali .she start having it  it was spicy… she take another in her hand and gesturing to Kunj open his mouth he deny she insists him he open his mouth. She put one in kunj mouth.

kunj:its so spicy pani ..bhaiya give him water..after this she went to gola and she demand for all flavours gola…her tongue become multicoloured…kunj was admiring her .kunj said enough now lets go we have to go taneja mention also for dinner.They both sit in car.Twinkle smiling like anything.

Twinkle: thanks Kunj for this today I enjoyed Lot after long time. Kunj

Smiled he start the car they drove off for Taneja mansion. Suddenly Twinkle was not feeling well but she thought if she will say about this kunj then he will start his lecture.. Kunj look at twinkle face she get quiet.

kunj: are you okay.?

Twinkle:hmm mujhe kya hoga. Soon they reached and  they went taneja mention.

Twinkle and Kunj went inside they meet with everyone and all get happy Kunj see Mahi face and thinking something.

Bebe:come Kunj puttar Kabir take him and they all sit Malika come Kunj teasing her.

everyone was chit chatting but twinkle was not talking too much .

leela: lets have dinner they went and sit Mahi serving everyone food twinkle sitting beside Bebe. Everyone enjoying food just.

Than twinkle she feels like vomiting she hold her mouth and get up she run towars  washroom. Everyone get shocked to see her Kunj immediately get up.

Kunj: twinkleeee. She come back after 5 minutes later.  What happened to you haa Kunj get worried about her she take deep breath.

Twinkle: nothing just feeling like vomiting, Leela look at twinkle.leela become happy she thought there is some goof news.

leela:kya hua twinkle are you ok..

Twinkle:haan maa just vomiting. Not feeling well feeling like to have some sour can i get lemon water…

leela:haan abhi lati hu she went and bring lemonade. she drank it but does not eat anything.

Hansh: have your food toh.?

Twinkle:don’t have mood to eat …kunj was thinking.

Kunj: or kha jab maine mana kar rha tha tab toh manna ni hota hai ghar chal phir batata hu twinkle understand his silent ..she thinks now he will give me lecture after reaching home after having dinner. Mahi served them dessert they all enjoying twinkle didn’t let Kunj have but he had. After sometimes later they leave while going Sarna Mansion kunj see a panipuri stall.

Kunj:twinkle see panipuri stall ???Do you want to have it …twinkle knew he is teasing her..

Twinkle:??no i don’t want ..

Kunj:??kyn kha le .tujhe bada maza aata hai na road side khan mein.

twinkle:sorry na ..kunj …she keep her head on his shoulder..they reached. went to their room

twinkle change her dress still she was not feeling well so she laid ..kunj knew she is not feeling so he made oats for twinkle and give her medicine.she admire kunj. later she slept hugging kunj

in morning

leela called avantika Told her about twinkle vomiting & having lemon water & weakness..avantika get super happy after listening this.

Avantika: really leela ji..

Leela: haa..

Avantika: aww wait let me see her first she cut the call and rushed towards twinkle in excitement. she directly went to twinkle And Kunj room

twinkle and Kunj were sleeping she called them twinkle and Kunj wake up at same time..

kunj goes and open the door avantika see twinkle is still in bed.

Kunj: aap??

Avantika: haa where is twinkle she went in room. kya hua beta are you not feeling well koi weakness toh ni feel kar rhi ho.or vomiting fir se toh ni hui na. Twinkle and Kunj get confused how she knows..

Twinkle:nahi mummy ji aap ko kisne bataya.

Avantika:woh leela ji ne.

Twinkle: maa bhi itni si bat me pareshan ho jati hai.

avantika:Itni si baat ni hai beta aisi condition me ye sub normal hai twinj were like kese conditions maa.ab twinkle is expecting na so its normal like vomiting, weakness etc..twinj were shocked at same time.

twinkle:no ma  ??there is nothing like that actually i had street food yesterday that’s why i was not feeling well..i think that food was not good

avantika:ohh.her face drop koi bat nahi beta aagey se dhyan rakhana Avantika leave.Kunj went towards twinkle.

kunj:are you sure i mean ..

twinkle:no kunj its nothing like that ..i m not pregnant.

Kunj:but how can be you sure …lets go to doc na..

twinkle:I’m saying na just. This Maa bhi na kuch bhi sochte hai. Kunj laughs out loudly.

Kunj:hehe twinkle this pani puri make your puri puri ??after have this pregnant what a logic???.Twinkle make faces.

Twinkle:shut up Kunj don’t said anything.You are very bad.In anger twinkle went in balcony she call leela and talk to her while Kunj lay down and slept again.After talking with Leela twinkle clear her thoughts. She come back in room and see Kunj he slept back she smiled to see him. Let him sleep after so many days later he get time. After all today is Sunday.She went in washroom she get ready beautifully and went downstairs and get busy in Sunday breakfast preparation. All siblings sleeping peacefully today.Tej and Manohar wake up they reading news paper twinkle served them tea.

After sometimes later others wake up and come for breakfast Rahul who still blinking his eyes. Everyone sat for breakfast.

Rudra:waha my favourite breakfast.

Aayat:mine too.

Tej:where is Kunj.

Twinkle:he still sleeping.

Usha:at this time.

Lata:let him sleep he didn’t get time to sleep.Just than Kunj come downstairs while rubbing his eyes.He wish good morning to everyone and take sit beside his both brothers.

Tej: Kunj and Rahul come out from your sleeping land both look at tej and bow down their face all giggles to see them. They all having their breakfast.

Rahul:tummy. Who made this.

Kunj:tasteless. ??.

Avantika:I made this.

Tej: my wife food is tasteless really.

Twinkle: I toh love it.

Usha:our Kunj changed Avantika both crying fakely..

Kunj:I didn’t said like this.They all finished their breakfast.Kunj stretch his arms uff today I’m free they all siblings went and sit in living room they all watch cricket match together Rudra having popcorn Soumya teasing him while Omkara was busy in his phone he was chatting with Mahi.Rahul see Omkara who smiling like anything he gestured to Kunj.He too look at him.

Leave na just for friendship.Priyanka and Rudra screaming Kunj pulled Priyanka pony.

Priyanka:ahah bhaiya I’ll tell pa.

Kunj:than keep silence.Anjali and twinkle busy in house chores.

@At Luthra mansion.

Avni finished her all work yuvi went to office just to check their work.He come back avni doing her work. He give her backhugged her and lift twirl her fully. She smiled place her on bed.

Yuvi: hii.

Avni: you come back so soon.

Yuvi: haan??

Avni: great chalo lets have lunch I made everything for you.

Yuvi: sure before I’m thinking let’s.

Avni: uff yuvi tum bhi na after honeymoon also you didn’t fulfilled.

Yuvi:nope.He push her on bed and come hover on her and nuzzles his face in her neck started kissing her fully Avni just moaning his name.

Just than Anita knock the door both get shocked and look at each other.Avni push him and went towards door and open the door.

Anita:beta? Come everyone waiting for lunch:

Avni: Haan mummy ji I’m coming..

Anita:okay she went Avni give look to yuvi.

Yuvi:Arey Avni Leave food I’m here na. She chuckled and went downstairs.Yuvi too went they all sat for lunch and having and praising Avni Lot maya helping her.

Surjit: lets go somewhere?

Yuvi:lets go to nani house even we brought gifts for them let’s give them and meet as well.

Anita:haa even I didn’t went during this days.

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At Sarna Mansion they all finished their lunch.Twinkle busy in kitchen while Kunj finding twinkle everywhere.His all gang was in room. He went in kitchen saw her. He went toward her and give twinkle backhugged..

Kunj:twinkle sun na…..

Twinkle:haan bolo….

Kunj:see today is sunday.and everyone is busy in their life’s.

Twinkle:so what ?

Kunj:syappa queen samjh na….lets do it na…we have enough time for ourselves can enjoy.. since from a week we didn’t get time for each other’s today is Sunday and I’m free.

Twinkle::i tell you tumhare dimag me sara din yhi chlta rhta hai na.god knows office me kam kese krte ho…..

Kunj:haan toh apni biwi ke bare me hi sochta hu na.kisi or ke ni toh isme kya burai.haq bnta h mera.aisa sochne ka.after all i have such a beautiful, s*xy and hot wife..

Twinkle:blushed..tumhara kuch nahi ho sakta hai.leave mjhe kam krne do….

Kunj::koi kam krne ki zaroorat ni hai when i m saying toh just concentrate on me .leave other things.itna hot handsome goof looking husband tera….

Twinkle:acha ji mujhe toh pata hi tha.

Kunj:pata kese hoga sara din…toh kam me lagi hoti hai now leave this…made a puppy face …

Twinkle:acha ok Don’t make faces.but I’ll come you go.

Kunj: no na twinkle now you and my time even you don’t have time When I m at home also huhu.

Twinkle: Arey Kunj what about this work.

Kunj: tell servant.Mujhe apni biwi se baat kar nahi hai kuch.

Twinkle:acha baat..??

Kunj didn’t listen to her he picked her in bridal style and took her in their room.

He laid her on bed and locked the door..

While twinkle was shyly looking here and there.

Kunj: tera dhyan kidhar hai. tera hero idhar hai.

Twinkle: acha Kya baat kar nahi ti tumhe.

Kunj: I’ll tell you na jaaneman..

Twinkle:smiled.Kunj nuzzles his face in her neck hook.kunj its a day time if someone will come then.

Kunj:no one will come and now don’t spoil my mood lets do it. Let me love my wifey.

He started kissing her twinkle making faces thinking about him how zidhi he is.

Twinkle: you are so mean you just come to when you needs me just for your romance na Asha and Chinki was right.

Kunj: what?

Twinkle: every husband is like this only man will be man huhu. Kunj giggles.

Kunj: great thinking.

He cupped her face and started kissing her fully rubbing his feet’s on her feet’s.and made love for 2- 3 hours..

Twinkle:kunj now i m tired please leave me na…

Kunj: abhi toh start kiya hai twinkle you get tired soon..

Twinkle:us abhi ko 2 hours ho chuke hai now stop na..

Kunj:please for some time….mera maan ni bharta tujhse. i love you soo much..

she didn’t said anything just peck him on his lips.Twinkle and Kunj again made love now kunj got tired so he slept on her chest. Twinkle caressing his hairs and thinking about Kunj he love her so much and smiling so much.

At [email protected]

Luthra’s come with Taneja’s they come together Avni calling everyone they all come get so happy to see Avni and they all sit in living room. All chit chatting with each other’s.Just than.

Bebe: Arey where is twinkle and Kunj? Rahul looking here and there.

Rahul: pata Nahi kaha hai aaj kal humhare Kunj toh room ke bhar hi nahi nikalta hai. All giggles hoga apni biwi ke saath..

Twinkle see Kunj slept.Twinkle laid him on pillow and went for freshen. Wear saree looking beautiful and look at Kunj.

Twinkle: how shameless he is just now he wake up again he sleep after his work out. Shameless sarna kunjj wake up na I’m going down composed yourself she went and covered him fully and closed the door and went downstairs.

She comes down and got shocked as everyone came home  Avni and her family.

Twinkle:thinks now its gonna be so

embarrassing.Twinkle looking here and there thinking how she went to them.she tucked her hairs and went towards everyone.

Priyanka:Arey bhabhi. All look at twinkle.

Twinkle: Arey Avni tum.

Yuvi: kaha ti haan ab tak we all waiting for you both only where is your Kunj ji. Twinkle didn’t said.

Tej:beta please make tea.

Twinkle:sure papa ji…

She went into kitchen.while twinkle started making tea.Fish babaji everyone was downstairs only me and Kunj wasn’t here what they all must be thinking about us this Kunj wouldn’t listen to me never because of him I bear this embarrassment.now he sleeping peacefully shamelessly.She lost in her thought.Just than Anjali and entered in kitchen.

Anjali:kya bat hai twinkle.what were you doing??.

Twinkle:nothing di just sleeping.

Anjali: acha ji at this time you never sleep. ???.Twinkle look at Anjali face.

Anjali:you this new saree looking beautiful.

Twinkle:hmm.They made tea and take outside he served everyone.They all siblings and cousin sit alone in side couch area. Or avni how was your honeymoon.

Avni blushed good bhabhi.

Anjali:you tell twinkle your wet hairs are telling us different story.??.


Kunj too came after some time and  freshen up.he tell servant for coffee Kunj drinking water with bottle he went inside to everyone.He looking hot.

Rudra: bhaiya see this pinku irritating me lot. They look at Kunj.

Twinkle: think finally this sadu come.

Kunj: hi Avniii how’s you.

Rahul:use chod man you tell us what were are doing.

Kunj:just sleeping why? Servant give him coffee he take.

Rahul:really m i looking fool to u ?he sit beside her.

Kunj:what happened.

Rahul:you and twinkle both are having wet hairs ??you are saying just sleeping you liar. At this you never???. Twinkle bite her lips Kabir and yuvi giggles.

Kunj:shut up..

Rahul:acha ji tum kar sakte ho hum bol bhi nahi sakte.

Kunj:you asked your jiju na hows his honeymoon….?

Rahul:no need i have most interesting topic..

Kunj:what is this ?

Rahul: you saale…..my sala is more interesting then my jija…

Kunj:chup ….aya bada..

Rahul: enjoying your Sunday haan.

Kunj: shut up you were very much interested in my personal matter.

Rahul: no matter romance.

Kabir: what’s going on Haan?

Kunj:nothing kabir day by day he becoming shameless di pay attention at him.

Rahul:acha ji we all finding you everywhere but you toh busy in your room .

Kunj:so what do you have any problem with us.


Avni: I bring gifts for you all.

Yuvi: me too. All get excited Avni and yuvi give them their gifts all like it. Kunj and Rahul looking their gifts.

Rahul: pen??

Kunj: haan?

Avni: this yuvi brought.

Yuvi: you both just playing office na that’s why ??.

Rahul:acha what about you that means I should bring for you——-that you

Playing romance romance all mouth get open to see Rahul. Kunj and Omkara covered their mouth between Kunj get up and went from there.

Anjali: rahullll he was too shocked what he just said.

Rahul: sorry my tongue slip,.??.

Yuvi: what a man yaar uff.While in corner Kunj and Omkara Rudra trio brothers laughing while holding their stomach like anything.

Rudra: yuvi bro your time just come G teased us lot ?.

Kunj:not teased shamelessness elders get confused to see them.

Lata:what happened why you trio laughing like this haa?

Om:nahi dadi Rahul just cracking jokes.

Rahul throw cushion at them.

Kunj: sorry Rahul but you are really very shameless.

Rahul:don’t come to me.

Kunj: tell this to your wife.Trio brother went from there in Tashan.After sometimes later tej and Manohar get call from their client after listen him they get shocked tej call his pa and employee.Soon they both come.

Tej:what is this Haaa Shazam.

Shazam: sir sorry.

Manohar: didn’t submit file as well.

Tej pa: sir Kunj and Rahul. Tej closed his eyes he was in anger this project is really very important for them. All others get confused.

Tej: kunjjjj and Rahulll in loud voice.

They all sitting when they both heard their voice falls down from couch and get shocked.

Kunj: pa.

Rahul: Hitler ???. Again he give them voice Kunj and Rahul run to them all come Kunj and Rahul walking like zombies.Tej standing at staircase they went to him.

Tej: what is this?? Haan.

Rahul: what… ?. Omkara and Rudra enjoying.

Rudra: aaj gaye dono. Uff.

Anjali: good both showing their teeth’s Lot na while Avantika holding her head.

Tej:where is file I told you both know submit on time mr Verma was waiting for file you both didn’t submit it haan.

Rahul: sir file.. Kunj and Rahul look at each other’s both completely confused because they give Verma pa.

Kunj: file..

Tej: haan while yesterday I give you both presentation It’s ready or not. They again look at each other’s and pass death glares both totally forgot. I said something ready or not in loud voice those who are not aware of tej anger level they all get shocked. Rahul and Kunj bow down their heads hold their hands behind their back.

Do I’m looking mad.

Tej pa:sir I told them they didn’t do it.

Tej: are you both deaf-and-dumb?? Haan. Answer me Kunj and Rahul don’t make me angry. Both together.

R&k: no sir under process we have time na.

Tej:acha time.Really you didn’t finished simple work you will do this haan.He closed his fist.

Rahul: sorry sir..

Kunj: woh… he said he will do it..

Rahul: woh..tej walking towards them while they going in backwards.Kunj and Rahul hold each other’s hand their condition is like a fish without water?. They stop by pillar and closed their eyes.

Tej:Manohar does they give you another time I told you to take from them.

Manohar:haan they give me..

Tej: and you Shazam try to start again this is very important for me he take laptop And try to start the system. Both hide behind pillars.

Kunj: pa next time I wouldn’t I will give you now only.

Prithviraj: tej leave na.

Tej:no papa I wouldn’t from many days I seeing them they totally going out of my control haan and you kunjjj I personally I tell you to give file to Verma before time what happened to you haan you force me to do something with you haan.

Rahul: sir listen to us.

Tej:I don’t want to listen anything.You side Rahul.Kunj phone ringing Rohan calling him continuously he try to cut but again he. who’s important call coming haan.

Kunj:…wo..h his hands shivering fully.

Lata: tej calm down.

Tej: I told  na you both at the first time when you both standing in front of me and I you both aren’t my sons and I’m not your fathers just boss and employee.Both nodded their heads.Tej irritates with calls he take Kunj phone and throw it in side. Kunj get shocked he take step in backwards.Rahul looking at Avantika praying to god.Don’t dare to make like others don’t forget I’m your father. If you learning this kind of irresponsibility things.

Shazam: sir this not working.Tej scold Kunj and Rahul so much his all anger come out on them.

Tej:you all can’t do a single work on time.

While Kunj and Rahul didn’t said a single word in their defence just listen quietly.

Kunj you try this..

Kunj: haan in shivering Voice.he take the laptop.Try to open the system.Kunj typing so fast after see his typing all get stunned his finger running on keyboard like a water ways he just looking in side and without looking he typing twinkle mouth got open.

Tej:what happened why you wasting your study.

Kunj: kar raha hu na..??. After so much he open the system and take deep breath.

Hogaya he handover laptop to Shazam he check.

Shazam:wow Kunj amazing I try from yesterday but you do it in some times.

Tej:now you both go and do the work fast tomorrow I want everything is ready on my desk.And you both go and finished this work with them immediately if next time this happened again I wouldn’t leave you for sure that you both knows very well and you kunj specially fit in your mind. Till you complete data of all the old files .don’t show me your face you both..

They went with them without staying anything.

Lata: tej you over reacted for small things.

Tej: nahi Maa let me handle them they both understand my this language Tej moving his eyes before it’s falls on Rudra And Priyanka they both run from there.

Manohar: Leave you come with me. Others sit.

Twinkle: bichara I never knew papa ji ko itna gussa aata hai they didn’t said a utter word.

Anjali: bade Papa anger you didn’t see till now twinkle he is very punctual towards his work they scold when they does something like this.

Mahi: still.

Om: Kunj is like this he can’t speak for himself at our time he save us every time.

Rahul and Kunj get busy in work.

Rahul: f**k we send file yaar.

Kunj: Leave na.

Rahul: without doing any mistakes scold so much. YAAR Sahi kaha hai kishi ne jo jitna hasta hai utna hi rota hai see today we laughing Lot now get scold as well. Sunday become scoldday even bezti day too. Huhu I’ll shoo this Verma saala.

Kunj: chood now don’t argue I didn’t like this if we said pa than you know just matter stretch only. He is our father.

Rahul: I know Yaad mere as Jada he scold you.

Kunj: I’m used too he wiped his unshed tears. Both get busy in work again.

After sometimes later others enjoying at home tej And Manohar finishes their small work at home only later in night.Everyone one is sit for dinner just than Kunj and Rahul come back home they went to them and give him CD they made presentation.

Rahul:sir finished.

Tej:hmm.Keep in my room.


Prithviraj: go and get freshen up and come have your dinner both went from there just than Manohar get call from Verma.

Verma:Arey Manohar sorry.

Manohar: for what?

Verma:haa tej son give file to my pa she didn’t in formed sorry for that.

Manohar:what?? Okay he hold his hand and cut the call.

Tej: what happened ??

Manohar:bhai saab Kunj give file to Verma pa she didn’t told him he just call me and informed me apologies for that.All look at tej.

Lata: see tej without their any fault you scold them so much. Tej hold his head.

Tej:hmm.Just than Kunj and Rahul come both sits while Kunj was fully scared of tej. Slowly he try to open up again something happened again he.sorry you both give file to Verma his pa fault is there.They both look at each other’s you should in formed me.

Kunj:it’s… oka..y.. all smiled Kunj hands shivering he can’t even hold spoon fully.

Om: kunjj.

Kunj: I’m fine.Avantika look at Kunj she felt so bad than tej. Kunj get up.Sorry I’m full he said and went from there.

Tej:Kunj come in my room afterwards.

Kunj:okay.. sir.. he went.. even Rahul too went all look at them.

Prithviraj: tej you shouldn’t behave like this.Twinkle and Anjali look at their husbands feel bad.But can’t say anything Kunj firstly clear her if anything happened between him and his family she never speak a single words. Anita and Surjit look At Each other’s.

Surjit:  kya bhai saab aap bhi na kuch jyada hi bol gye..fir bhi uff tak ni ki unhne..ni toh aa kal ke bche ek minute ni lagate argument karte hue ..mean while looking at yuvi..

Anita: means dono ki koi mistake ni thi still both were listening that much…

Tej:they should have told me ..but don’t know unki zuban open hi ni hoti mere samne.

anita:he is scared of you na…

lata:ni anita they respect us a lot that’s why they never argue with anybody rather its their mistake or not..

avantika:ek ye Rudra hai who is always ready for argument..

Anita: even yuvi is like this only…yuvi realised his mistake.

Yuvi:sorry mom and dad

Rudra:sorry maa i will not do now.

Kunj and Rahul both get busy in work. After dinner twinkle give them dessert.

Prithviraj:now you should be sorry to them.

Usha:tonight mummy and papaji wouldn’t get sleep.Today you hurt their heart Kunj. All smiled.

Tej: whatever I’m doing just for them only bhut mehant ki hai mene yeha tak un dono lane ke liye aur aisa banane ke liye. I know what is good for them. He said and went from there after sometimes later everyone went.

Twinkle entered in room and find Kunj busy in his work she went to him and sit beside him.

Twinkle: waha kunj you are amazing I never knew my husband is so talent KY typing hai teach me too na.

Kunj: acha I’ll. Twinkle look at Kunj face.

Twinkle: Kunj don’t feel bad papa ji misunderstood that’s why.

Kunj: I know why you telling me this twinkle get surprised he didn’t feel bad.

Twinkle: are you okay I mean If I scold this much wouldn’t stop crying at least for two days.

Kunj:acha ji. But I’m not like you na cry baby.Twinkle hold Kunj hands.

Twinkle:Kunj why you get so conscious and nervous in front of papaji haan.

Kunj:aise hi you leave this you had your dinner or not.

Twinkle:hmm I had just because of you i know if I leave for my husband than you feel bad.Your happiness in their and I’m with my papaji you should in formed him Kunj smiled and cuddles her.Twinkle and Kunj lay down.

Avantika: tej you are very mean how you talk to my sons like this.

Tej:now you don’t.twinkle sleep Kunj didn’t get it he went in poolside and lay down there.Tej went towards window he saw Kunj. And understand him. Avantika went to Rahul and feed him food with her hands even tej too went and apologies him. Than tej take food plate and went to Kunj he pat on Kunj shoulder he open his eyes found tej and get shocked. He immediately get up.

Kunj: aap..??. Tej smiled and hold his hand and make him sit itself beside him.

Tej:don’t be afraid I’m your father only.

Kunj:what i have done??

Tej:nothing.You didn’t have your dinner how you will get sleep haan.And did you take your medicine haan?? He nodded in no.Tej show his anger eyes Kunj

Immediately bow down he smiled and bring his medicine.Now open your mouth. Kunj open his mouth tej give him his medicine.Now have your food too take tore the morsel gesture to Kunj.He get surprised open his mouth tej feed him. Why you didn’t tell me haan. You know how punctual I’m Kunj.

Kunj:hmm sorry..

Tej:it’s okay.I just wanted to see my Kunj and Rahul more successful than me and everything.Tej hold Kunj hand feel his hand is so cold.He feed him more he happily eat. Avantika standing at window along with Rahul twinkle didn’t find Kunj beside her she get worried and get up come towards window just than her eyes went on Kunj and tej.Tej wiped his unshed tears. Lafzo Ka Yeh rishta nahi play in bg.

lafzon ka ye rishta nahi

lafzon ka ye rishta nahi

Sadion ka ye hai waasta

Hai rooh ka raasta

Na ab kabhi najdeekiyon ki fiza ye

Aaaye na doori dilon mein

Karti hai aankein dua ye…

twinkle see them and smiling like anything.

Rahul:Hitler is bitter but somewhere he having honey too maa??.


Rahul:you find wrong wait for me na?. She slap him playfully.

Avantika: pagal.

Twinkle:aww this this so beautiful moment. Babaji. It’s true Maa aur baap ke gusse me bhi unka pyaar chupa hota hai. Kehte hai phar Kahene nahi dete hai.

Kunj just look at tej he chocked tej patting on his back.

Tej: are you okay.

Kunj:haan im fine. He smiled tej make him drink water with his hands…

There is always a love behind parents scolding for their kids.They knows what good or bad for us.

Parenting is the toughest job on earth as you are responsible for the physical and emotional or mental development of another human being.

Parents were the only ones obligated to love you from the rest of the world you had to earn it.

Scene freezes on their faces.


Next:everyone going for picnic.take view of their old memories again fresh them.

All get shocked to see Kunj clip..

How was the episode?

Hope you like this episode.

Bye love you all leave mistakes..

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