Raja Beta 18th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Purva confronts Pankhudi

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The Episode starts with Pankhudi recording video for Vedant and telling that she agreed for alliance with Sanju, knowing Purva di will never let her marry him. She says she will separate Purva and him, and then will marry him. She sticks his pic on the mirror and dances. She imagines him and smiles. She says I know Di’s weakness very well, I will take advantage of those weakness and separate you both. Door bell rings. She thinks again Dr. Vedant came and thinks she can’t forget this day. Purva comes there and slaps her for playing tricks with her, and says everytime misunderstandings get created between Vedant and me. She says everytime I support you, and says when you have to marry him then why did you refuse infront of me.

Pankhudi says Dr. Vedant came here and folded his hand and requested me, so I couldn’t refuse, as he is my wife. Purva says he is your boss in the hospital. She asks her to marry Sanju or refuse, do whatever you want, and says I will do my responsibilities of a bahu now. She says you have betrayed me so much, not anymore. Pankhudi says destiny made you against me. Radhika is talking to Prateik. Gomti comes there. Radhika changes her talks. Narendra tells Ramesh that Sumiti wants to talk. Sumiti tells that they shall think about Radhika’s marriage. Ramesh tells that there is a son of his friend and says if everyone goes well, then Radhika and Sanju will marry on the same mandap. Radhika gets tensed. Sumiti asks her to be careful doing the work.

Purva hears Radhika talking to Prateik in her room. Prateik asks her to tell everyone about them and show courage. Purva comes inside and asks what is happening here? She says you said that you are just friends. Radhika says we love each other and wants to marry. She says she don’t want to marry anybody else. Prateik says I will marry Radhika only and asks will you help us. Purva says this time and the way is not right to talk about this and asks him to go before anyone sees him. Prateik goes. Vedant calls Purva. Radhika asks her not to tell anyone. Purva says I have to talk to Vedant. He tells that he used to come home to rest, but now when he comes home, he feels relaxed seeing her waiting. He asks what happened? He asks if she is worried about Pankhudi. Purva says Radhika and tells everything. Vedant gets worried and asks what are you saying? Purva asks him to understand Radhika’s situation also, before they take any wrong step like Sanju. Radhika comes there and says sorry. She says Prateik and I….Vedant asks what is this boyfriend and affair. Radhika says Prateik is a good guy. Purva says I met him twice, he is a good guy. Vedant says you would have told me, I am your elder brother. Radhika says everyone is against love marriage. Vedant says I will meet him first and asks what did he do? Radhika says he is a fashion photographer. Vedant asks her not to worry and says he will agree only if he likes him. Radhika says ok. Vedant asks her to be away from all the things which proves costly for you.

Pankhudi records video again and tells that she dresses up for Vedant. Purva comes to bed and lie down. Vedant smiles and switches on the lights. She switches it off. Vedant says do you think I am an owl to work in darkness. Purva says owl wakes up in night, and asks what she shall see. Vedant says how much good husband you are, etc. Vedant says I will work using the night lamp. Purva says she wants complete darkness. Vedant goes out of work. Purva thinks he shall concentrate on me, and he went. She comes out and sees him working out. He asks if the light is coming inside. Purva says she is feeling hungry. She comes to kitchen. Vedant comes closer to her and takes the bottle from the fridge. He takes grapes and eats. Purva takes apple and eats it. Vedant says wife’s ada…

Precap: Dadi asks Pankhudi to keep the kheer as bhog and says it is made by Purva. Pankhudi shouts that it is curdled. Ramesh blames Purva for making curdled kheer. s

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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