Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahadev takes nateshwar form.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mahadev in his nateshwar form. King himavat gathers with devi maina, parvati and her friends and all people of the kingdom in the drama theatre. Prabhu nateshwar starts doing his act, with 2 more actors, being in the form of nandi and gadsar. Nateshwar takes the form of mahadev and starts dancing and starts the story of the demon bhasmasura.
In the act, prabhu nateshwar explains how demon bhasmasura had taken birth. Demon bhasmasura becomes a disciple of mahadev to gain powers to cause destruction and rule the world. Bhasmasura prays and prays to mahadev for years until mahadev one day appears. Bhasmasura asks for a boon, a boon to be immortal and have amrit. Mahadev denies as this is against the rule of the universe and amrit cannot be granted to anyone. Bhasmasura then asks for such a boon that whatever he touches shall turn to bhasma powder. Mahadev fulfills the wish of bhasmasura and blesses him. Bhasmasura gets his power and decides to test his powers and says mahadev I shall touch you first, I will rule this universe and if you are gone then I shall become the ultimate power. Mahadev runs for his life from bhasmasura as bhasmasura runs behind him to touch him once. Mahadev runs and then calls lord Vishnu for help, Vishnu dev understands the situation of mahadev and thus he takes a female avatar, the form of nandini devi.
While the act goes on, parvati doubts nateshwar and notices his similarity with mahadev, parvati thinks this is maybe mahadev himself and this must be his leela.
The female nandini avatar of Vishnu dev distracts the attention of bhasmasura and starts doing kathak dance to woo bhasmasura. Mahadev gets to safety and waits and watches the leela of lord Vishnu. Nandini avatar dances and challenges bhasmasura to dance the way she dances, only then shall she accept him as her partner and she will become his forever. Bhasmasura dances the way nandini avatar of Vishnu dances. As prabhu nateshwar recites this drama act, king himavat and everyone look impressed and have fun looking at this act. They praise sunatnartak avatar.
Nandini dances and touches her head, bhasmasura copies and does as he sees. He touches himself and then brings death upon himself, he turns to bhasma and bhasmsura thus is killed by his own powers due to his greed and foolishness. Mahadev comes and thanks lord Vishnu and his female avatar of nandini. Nateshwar takes back his form and dances and finishes the act. All people praise sunatnartak. Raja himavat and devi mani stand and praise nateshwar.
Raja himavat then asks nateshwar he has impressed himavat and his entire family and all his people, so what does he want from him? Raja himavat promises to fulfill any wish that sunatnartak has and whatever he asks for shall be fulfilled.
Nateshwar asks himavat that he wishes to marry his daughter parvati. Raja himavat is shocked and so is devi maina. Himavat is so shocked that he denies and gets angry at sunatnartak and says how dare you ask this? How did you think I would allow this? You are a low class nat and you don’t even deserve my daughter, she is parvati the daughter of himavat, The lord of the Himalaya mountains. Nateshwar says you said you would fulfill anything I want and I want only to marry your daughter parvati. But you can chose to break your promise. Raja himavat says I don’t care if I break my promise, I will become a part of that sin but not give you my daughter. Parvati understands and thinks I am sure this is mahadev, he has come here to test. Nateshwar then says don’t you think you should also ask the wish of your daughter in this? Himavat thinks, I am angry now but this nat is right too, I should ask parvati’s wish. Himavat looks at parvati and she nods. Himavat says to nateshwar, my daughter has decided to give you one chance to impress her, do what you can.
Prabhu nateshwar then says to himavat and devi maina that you are the parents of devi parvati. I will tell you the rules of marriage, integrity and the duty of a husband. Prabhu natheswar then tells all the rules of how parents are important, their blessings and permission hold importance and the wish of a wife too. How kanyadan is important on the part of the father as it gives all right to the husband over his wife from then after. Parvati is impressed and so is devi maina and raja himavat. Yet devi maina is unable to accept her daughter to be married to a nat and thus she gets rude towards nateshwar.

Precap: Ravana tells ganesh, how nateshwar convinced raja himavat and devi maina. Later ravana tells the story of maheshwar form of mahadev.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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