Pyaar Ke Papad 8th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Jaya troubles Shivika

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Pyaar Ke Papad 8th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Omkar helping Shivika. Jaya says I m going for shopping, I m preparing for Shivika’s rasam. Shivika says I will manage the work here, you may go. Jaya asks her to feed Mikki and made her do homework as well. Omkar asks how can Shivika manage so much work alone. Jaya says if you feel its much, you can help her. She asks Shivika to do as much as she can, she has no expectations from her. Jaya and Maya leave. Shivika says I said I will do. Omkar asks how can you do so much work alone. She says I used to do all work in my house. He says fine, I will work with you. He sits to help her and wash utensils. He says I held your hand to support. She stays upset. He washes utensils. She makes him away. He reads the newspaper and says husband and wife should get equal property, why not work then. She asks him to go to bank. He says I want you to join the bank soon. She washes the clothes. He helps her. Janam Janam….plays….

Neighbors ladies see them romancing and laugh. Omkar gets a call and goes. She gets Omkar’s message and says he goes to bank for work or messaging. Mikki refuses to talk. Nandu asks her to talk, Jaya will come late from market. Shivika comes to feed Mikki. Gupta says let it be, I will take care of Mikki. Dolly comes to talk to Shivika.

Dolly tells her about the work offer from GST. She says I thought to set with GST, it will be fun, I mean part time job. Shivika says you want to join him for work, you can, if you think to fall in love, then don’t, love just has cheat and sorrow. Dolly says I don’t need advice, you need advice, you don’t see Omkar and his love. Shivika says you do anything with your life, but don’t tell me what to do, leave me on my state. Dolly asks her to set the room well to feel good. Mikki plays with Gupta. Dolly says make Omkar yours and also this family. She helps Shivika in cleaning the room. Mikki falls down and cries. Shivika and Dolly go to her. Gupta consoles Mikki and goes to get medicine. Shivika does the aid to Mikki and pacifies her.

Shivika says Mikki and wound will get fine now, any wound can heal soon if the aid is done right, it takes some time, but it eventually heals. Gupta sees Shivika. Jaya and Maya come home and find the house very clean. Maya praises Shivika. Jaya taunts her and asks about Mikki. Nandu says Mikki got hurt. Jaya shouts and goes to see Mikki. She asks what happened. She scolds Shivika. Mikki is sleeping. Shivika asks her to talk slowly. Maya asks how did you not know when she got hurt. Jaya says you will make excuse and not accept your mistake. Gupta says its not Shivika’s fault, Mikki was playing and fell down, come out, let Mikki sleep. Shivika smiles. Jaya says even he is supporting Shivika now. Maya asks Shivika to make food today, its her rasoi rasam. Jaya asks will you make food for everyone, if you are tired, tell us, rasam isn’t imp.

Shivika says I will make. Maya tells the menu and asks her to make it before 9pm. Jaya says dad takes medicines early. Shivika says I will make it. Mangal asks is this hotel menu card. Jagat says it seems so. Omkar worries and asks how can Shivika make so many things alone, sweets are made in rasam. Jaya says she made tea in morning, she has to make dinner now. Jagat asks how will she make everything alone. Shivika says its fine, I will prepare everything. Jaya thinks I will think how she makes food in 2 hours, its impossible.

Shivika makes food. Maya says she is working so fast. Omkar smiles. Shivika drops the hot frying pan and cries. Jaya asks how much time will you take. Shivika says I couldn’t make pau bhaji, I will tell everyone that I couldn’t do my work.

Update Credit to: Amena

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