Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha jumps in yamuna river.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all people coming to the Yamuna river to taste its water. The people taste it but spit the water out as it is all salt water. Brij bhanu says how did the Yamuna river’s water turn salty? Girdhan says brij bhanu ji, the ocean waters have entered the river, something has happened. Some men say but how can the ocean enter this far? The ocean is way far from here, and the Yamuna river is away from it. Girdhan says the ocean can do anything, it can go anywhere and engulf our houses if it want. Brij bhanu says some evil is inside the water, otherwise the ocean water wouldn’t enter the Yamuna river. Radha looks inside the river and thinks what is happening here? Ratnakar starts calling radha and radha hears his voice. Ratnakar says come to me daughter, come to me, my daughter radha. Radha gets caught in the voice of ratnakar and enters the river water and goes deeper. Kirti screams and says stop radha. All people and brij bhanu try to stop radha and say don’t go inside, there is something inside the water. Radha doesn’t stop and goes inside as ratnakar calls her.
In the ashva lok, in the palace the king of the ashva, has the 4 rishi kumar’s tied up and he says, sanath, sanathan, sankadik and sanarthan, you four give me your devotion and bhakti towards god willingly so that we destroy it and so I shall become the ruler of this world. Sanath says if you think you will tie us up and take bhakti/devotion captive, then this is your misunderstanding Balhuk! The power of devotion is even greater than your powers. Balhuk says stop talking, if you don’t give your bhakti to me willingly then I can also steal it from you, after that I will kill you all. Kanha and balram watch this. Balhuk says after this, even devotion will be destroyed from this world. Kanha says brother, these horses are following adharma in ashva lok. Balram says the four brother horses whom we were finding are right here but they follow adharma, we came to tie them to our chariots but they are thinking o killing the rishi kumars. Kanha says it is our duty to now, to free the rishi kumars, after that we will think of the ashva. Kanha and balram are going when they see everyone has disappeared and they get shocked, how did they vanish from here?
Radha gets caught in a whirlpool and is getting pulled in the water. Kirti screams and cries and says save radha someone. Brij bhanu jumps and swims towards radha. All people are worried and the men throw a rope inside the water. Brij bhanu holds radha and takes the rope, he gets to the bank safely with radha. All people and kirti thank the god for saving radha. Brij bhanu says lets go from somewhere, there maybe a demon inside the river like kaliya naag and he can bring us huge trouble, lets go. All people go.
Ratnakar appears and says daughter radha, I have come to take you. Whatever may happen, I will take you and go, because only if you come I will be Ratnakar again.
Kanha says to balram, we have to find the ashva and balhuk and save the rishi kumars. Because they hold the power of bhakti in the universe and if they go, all devotion will end. Balram says we came here to do something else and see what is happening. Kanha says yes brother, we came here to give our chariot to the four ashva brothers, balhuk being one of them, we were going to tie them to our chariots but they themselves are doing adharma and have become egoistic. Balram says think again kanha, should we focus on tying the four ashva to our chariot or save the rishi kumar? Kanha says we will get the four horses but now we have to save devotion from being destroyed in the universe because now Balhuk is walking on the path of adharma and under his effect, all horses are doing adharma too. Balram says okay kanha, lets find the rishi kumars first.

Precap: Kanha and balram fight balhuk but get injured. Radha is imprisoned by ratnakar under water as he plans something huge.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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