Kawach 8th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sandhya misunderstands Angad

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The Episode starts with Madhuri calling Usha and other bahu and tells that she let that soul kill Manju, but she will not let her do anything. She says I saw her from the terrace, and says she is a dangerous woman with scary voice. She is scared and tells that soul returned. They all get scared. The doors and windows start opening and closing. Madhuri says that soul has killed that man to stop kuldevi puja. Her younger bahu says we shall tell everyone. Madhuri says we shall stop the inauspicious thing which is going to happen. Angad comes to Suman and asks about Sandhya. Suman says Sandhya went out. Sandhya thinks of Nisha and Angad conversation and misunderstands them. She thinks Angad tells that he loves me since 2 years, but why he is seen with Nisha always. She thinks if Shiv ji has chosen Kapil for me, but my marriage with Angad is tomorrow. She comes near the cliff while walking and doesn’t recognize that she has reached the cliff. Witch comes there and makes Sandhya fall from the cliff, but she holds the edge and is hanging. She prays to Shiv ji for help. She is about to climb, but is about to fall, Kapil comes holding the roots and holds her hand. He helps Sandhya to climb up. Sandhya then helps him climb up. She asks are you fine? Kapil asks why did you come here and scolds her. She says you are scolding me? he says yes and says if something happened to you then what would have happened with me. She says if you had died here then Angad wouldn’t have known and says he don’t care for you else he would have been here and saved you and not me. He says I reached here hearing your scream, seems like God sent me for you. Sandhya looks at him.

Crime branch officer tells Angad, Nisha and others that Ranjana and her father died 1 week and 12 hours ago, but both of their bodies are rotten and damaged. Nisha says post mortem reveals that they died of heart attack, but there was no history of any heart disease in their family. She tells Angad that if their dead is related to any ghost as Sandhya’s Dadi told us. Angad says we are doing bad to hide this from Sandhya, her friend died. Nisha asks him to tell after the marriage.

Kapil cares for Sandhya’s wound and blows on her hand. She applies medicinal roots on his injury. Piya song plays….Kapil feels the pain. Sandhya says sorry for hurting him. Kapil says I hurt you and said so much that you are speechless. He asks her to be normal. Sandhya thanks him for saving her and says I came to know that you are very concerned for me and says only those save lives who are…Kapil says whom destiny brings together. She asks him to talk practically and asks why did you risk your life for me. He asks her to go home. Sandhya says my life has become jig saw puzzle and asks him to answer. Kapil says some answers make the life complicated. Sandhya asks why you come infront of me and what do you want from me. Kapil says my answer will take you to the place and will make your family against you. She asks him to tell why he comes infront of her always. She says I can listen and asks him to say. He holds her face and comes near her. Sandhya moves her. He asks her not to complicate things and let herself become Angad’s wife. He says you can’t do anything. She is about to say yes..but Kapil leaves. Madhuri, Usha and Chachi come to the temple. Madhuri tells that they want to meet Nageshwar baba and tells other Pandit ji that she can feel the bad sight of someone in their house and asks him to do something. Pandit ji recites some mantras and gives coconut wrapped in the cloth. He asks her to tie it in the house and says it will protect you all. He asks her to remember that nobody shall come out of house today.

They come home. Madhuri asks Ankit to tie the coconut outside the house. The evil soul is outside the house. Ankit is tying the coconut evil soul breaks the table and makes him fall down. Madhuri asks Pratibha and Usha to tell everyone not to go out in night. Sandhya returns home and thinks she will not go to room as mangalsutra is inside. Suman asks if she is fine and asks her to get ready. She says we have surprise for you. Mangalsutra is seen hanging on the door. The witch couldn’t enter the house. Servant comes home. The witch calls her name and kills her. She takes her avatar. Archana and Suman take Sandhya out. Sandhya asks why did we come here. They ask her to wait and go. Sandhya is scared. Electricity is switched on. Sandhya sees the decorative lights. Angad comes there and says I love you. he makes her sit on the table. Alvida song plays…..He lights the candles. She asks why it is needed? Angad says everyone helped me to decorate this place and says your siblings, my siblings and my friend Nisha. Sandhya gets upset and asks what are you hiding? Angad says I am not hiding. Sandhya asks him to tell that there is nothing between Nisha and him. She says you are having an affair with her. Angad says I love you and have an affair with you since 2 years. Sandhya says you kissed and hugged her on the corridor. Angad says it is a misunderstanding and tells that he held her as she slipped. She asks why he was telling Nisha that she shall not know something. Angad says I can’t tell you now and will tell after marriage. Sandhya says then marriage will not happen tomorrow. Angad asks her to trust him. Sandhya says how to trust you. Angad says did I betray anyone and asks her to trust him. He says if I had loved someone else then why would I marry you. He asks her to look in his eyes and sees her face. Song plays…..

Witch comes there in Servant Pallavi’s avatar and interrupts their moment. She asks them to marry today itself and says today is the big night, if anyone changes the garland tonight then their marriage happens. She says Shivji blesses the couple and says that Jodi who is not compatible or betraying each other can’t reach that temple. She goes. Angad tells Sandhya that they shall go to temple and marry tonight, if she wants his proof of love. Everyone is enjoying food in the house. Phupha ji eats something and asks for water. Angad’s mother Malini asks about Angad and Sandhya. Ankit says I will call them. Madhuri asks them not to go out tonight. Vinayak jokes that he will lock the door so that no soul comes inside. Madhuri asks them to do as she says.

Sandhya gets ready for the marriage. Archana tells that Dadi asked them to stay at home. Sandhya tells that there is a misunderstanding between them, she wants to go to temple with Angad today. Suman asks her to go. Archana asks her to smile. Angad gets ready for the marriage. Ankit comes and asks if he is rehearsing for marriage. Angad asks him not to tell anyone. Ankit, Archana and Suman come out and tell that Sandhya and Angad want to have food together in room.

Sandhya thinks Angad didn’t come till now. She goes out of room. Ranjana appears and says don’t go out. Sandhya goes to Angad’s room while Angad comes to Sandhya’s room. He sees Nisha standing. Nisha tells that she saw mangalsutra here and says it is unique and beautiful. They hear someone crying and come to kitchen. Nisha sees the message on mirror warning them not to go out today.

Angad asks who wrote this. Mangalsutra falls down from Nisha’s hand and they feel the strange things happening as the utensils move in air. Nisha is pushed out of kitchen and the door gets locked. Nisha sees witch holding her neck in the mirror. Angad comes out and asks what happened? He asks Nisha to calm down. Sandhya comes there and sees Nisha and Angad on bed and misunderstands them. She locks the door and goes. Angad says you are misunderstanding me. Sandhya comes out of room and sees Vinayak and others having food. She comes out of the house. Crematorium ground and witch is shown.

Precap: Sandhya comes to temple and questions Shiv ji. Kapil comes there and tells that Shiv ji brings them together. He tells that their garlands and his blood in her maang is all destiny.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Indeed strange that a ghost ‘s face ( if at all Kapil is a ghost) was shown to Sandhya in the temple but I think whoever gets into that temple on Shivaratri night and manage to do the prescribed rituals,the God allows those girls to see their destiny…and …every girl’s destiny need not be rosy …..it can have a ghost also ,but as Lisa said it is incorrect to say that Kapil is visible only to Sandhya….the only strange thing is Kapil seems to prefer Sandhya’s company rather than his best friend’s….

    1. But how is it possible Anu that a ghost/evil spirit is not under the control of God the most supreme being, but i guess after today.s episode it is clear that Kapil was only visible to Sandhya, but if it was really Shiv’s decision to make a ghost Sandhya’s husband, likeLakshmi pointed that all girls’ married life cannot be rosy, i wonder in what way Sandhya will act as a Kawach to a ghost, and from all the episodes till i do have a feeling Sandhya was just marrying as though an obligation, while she was kindda falling in love with Kapil

  2. I am sure, Kapil is not a human, I also like sandya Kapil pair, but it won’t happen, Kapil is only visible to sandya

    1. i felt the same about Kapil, that he is related to ghost (ghost’s long lost son i guess), and he is doing all this for his mother. But how is it possible that in Shiv’s mandir where God’s presence is said to be the strongest, the ghost can do her tricks, to show Kapil’s face as Sandhya’s would be husband,,,,are Ghosts stronger than Gods?????strange. i don’t think that Kapil is only visible to Sandhya because during the ring ceremony when the ring fell from Sandhya’s hand and rolled towards, angad asked “Kapil ring de!”, that means he is visible to angad as well, and the girl pointed out “Aapke dosts bohut slow hein?”, so i don’t think he is invisible,,,,,moreover i don’t understand the point if Kapil is trying to trap Sandhya, then why is he saving her everytime?? Like you Anu…i too like Kapil-Sandhya pair, but god or rather ghost knows what is going to happen

      1. I think kapil is visible only to sandhya because angad didn’t introduce kapil as his best friend formally. During their first meet kapil himself spoke to sandhya and as soon as lights were on, they proceeded with engagement. Talking about angad asking kapil to pass on the ring it c be like he is addressing to actual kapil who was standing next to our protagonist kapil. Even he bent slowly to pick the ring and that’s why suman would have told your friend is slow. As far as I have observed this so called kapil didn’t speak to anyone other than sandhya. I guess this is the probability for him being visible only to sandhya.

      2. Hey Lisa,
        My thought is correct.
        Kapil is invisible to others, real Kapil is other one and he was trapping sandya.
        I am not sure about Kapil face is shown in temple, I thought bcoz of that night devils are not under control of shiv ji
        May be they show reason like this

  3. Interesting I think Kapil is not Kapil Sandhya problem mein hai toh har baar Kapil aajatha bachane ke liye such mein shiv ji bej raha hai Kapil ko ya Kapil bhi booth hai ye samaj me nahi aa raha hai
    And I think Sandhya likes Kapil more than angad and one more thing woh booth Sandhya aur angad ki Shaadi rukhna chahthi hai par Kyu??? ye patha nahi and Sandhya ka misunderstandings badtha ja Rahi hai
    Sandhya ka kisamath me angad hai tho Kapil ka chehra Kyu dikhaya shiv ji ne shiv mandir mein Kapil such mein booth hai it’s really confusing
    And Sandhya aur Kapil will do marriage in today episode I think bahuth sari problems aane Wala hai Sandhya ki life mein

    1. Last week I was in a dilemma about who is the nicer of the two ….Kapil or Angad.. …both are good looking ,in love with Sandhya and simple…..that’s what I thought but this episode shows that Kapil is not a simple guy ….he came to his so called best friend Angad’s marriage with a hidden purpose….and the way he was filling Sandhya’s ears against Angad should have alerted Sandhya….she finds all the reasons to find fault with Angad and misunderstand him but never gets any doubt why Kapil is never seen in the company of his supposedly best friend Angad for whose marriage he has come…on top of it he keeps searching for opportunities to be with Sandhya….Instead of finding faults with Angad ,Sandhya should examine her own feelings ….is she really feeling bad to see Angad with Nisha or she just wants to get rid of Angad now as she has realised that she loves Kapil who don’t seem to be human also…..Felt bad for Angad as his love for Sandhya is genuine….As for Kapil ,we have to wait and see….he is very mysterious and not normal for any girl to be comfortable with…..

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