Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh goes to vindhyachal mountain.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh and kartikeya going back. Mushak and mayur land in patal, where mahadev meditates and rishi markande waits for ganesh and kartikeya. Ganesh gets down and says brother I miss mother a lot, I wished she was here to tell what to do ahead because she is the power who is going to defeat shumbh nishumbh and their demons. Ganesh feels sad and he goes near the river and looks there. markande says to kartikeya, since ganesh has come back he seems so lost and sad, what has happened to him? Kartikeya says ganesh is missing mother a lot, that is why he is sad, I cannot see him like that, he is feeling restless. Markande says yes I can see that.
Ganesh throws stones in the water and says mother, please come back, please tell me where you are, I want to meet you, I am missing

you very much. Kartikeya comes near ganesh and says ganesh don’t be so sad, mother will come back, you haven’t eaten anything and are hungry too, please eat something. Ganesh says no brother, I am hungry but I will eat from mother’s hands only otherwise I will remain hungry. Parvati is in a cave and she listens this, she sends her 64 forms of devi’s to ganesh and tells them to go and feed ganesh food and tell him that she has sent them. Ganesh talks to kartikeya and all the 64 forms of devi’s appear and say ganesh, mata parvati has sent us we are her different forms, she has told us to feed you, please eat food son! Ganesh says no deviyo, take me to my mother, I will eat food only from her hand otherwise I wont. The 64 forms of mata parvati say okay ganesh follow us, we will take you to mata parvati. Ganesh sits on mushak ji and follows the devi’s.
As all the forms go, they reach vindhyachal mountain. Ganesh says vindhyachal? Why didn’t I think of it before? Why didn’t I think that mother could be here? The forms stop near a cave on vindhyachal mountain, they say we are entering this cave, follow us, mata is inside. the devi’s go in and ganesh is following them, as he reaches the entrance of the cave, he is suddenly stopped from some power from entering the cave, ganesh then says what is happening? Why cant I enter the cave? The devi’s go inside deeper. Ganesh says I have to enter this cave to meet my mother, if I don’t then I wont be able to know how to defeat the demons as well, they are planning something and wont stay quiet like this.
In devlok, all gods are in the court discussing about some matters. Suddenly chund and mund come in the sky and they start lightning and thundering over devlok. Indra dev says right now everything was calm, where did this lightning storm come from? Chund and mund laugh and go.
There ganesh says I have to enter this cave, mother please give me a sign as to how I should defeat the demons, only you can help me do this, only you can defeat shumbh and nishumbh and their demons. Ganesh sees in the water and looks at his reflection, he suddenly sees a saree draped over his body and sees his vinayaki avatar. Ganesh says what was that? Was it mata’s sign?

Precap: mata parvati tells ganesh, ganesh only you can defeat these demons by taking the vinayaki avatar, this journey was for you to take the vinayaki avatar to defeat the demons.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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