Mayavi Maling 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Arak exposes Kalindi

Mayavi Maling 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Angad saying this potion is good for daanav vanshis. Angad and Madhumali laugh. Eshwarya hugs Dharani and says its good I had gone out today, else I would have not known Maling’s beauty, what happened, are you angry on me. Dharani says you went with that jungle man, yes or no. Eshwarya says yes. Dharani gets shocked. She says you cheated me, you said you are going to meet Adhivan. Eshwarya says why would I meet him. Dharani says I took your marriage alliance for him, you too met him and agreed to him. Eshwarya asks what. Dharani says he is a suitable groom. Araj plays. Garima comes and makes him fall down the swing. He calls her mad. He says she wants to kill me, listen everyone.

Garima says you were playing with some bottle, such bottle is stolen from Pranali’s room.

He recalls Kalindi. He says no, I didn’t steal it. She looks at his tensed face. She asks when did I say it, I know you have it, tell me. She scares him. Eshwarya says no, Adhivan doesn’t like me. Dharani asks whom does he like then, I didn’t think you will make such stories. She gets insulting Chegu. Eshwarya cries. Dharani goes. Arak hides from Garima. Adhivan holds him. Arak gets scared and asks him to protect him, Garima wants to kill him. Garima says Arak has ruined Pranali’s room and has stolen something. Adhivan says no, he can’t do this. He asks Arak to say. Arak gets silent. Dharani asks Maharaj to talk about Adhivan and Eshwarya’s alliance.

He asks is this the right time, I m going for imp work, I m sure Adhivan won’t marry so soon, don’t worry, he will remain a bachelor. Dharani sees Adhivan and says I will talk later. Pranali says the bottle which you gave me, its stolen. He gets shocked. Adhivan says Arak wants to tell you something. He asks Arak to tell them. Kalindi sees the bottle. Pranali comes there with everyone. Madhumali throws the bottle away. Pranali asks about the bottle. Madhumali says what bottle. Arak says remember, you made me play a game and get bottle. Madhumali says you think I will play with him and encourage him to steal, Arak has seen some dream. Arak says no, you said a real Rajput… Madhumali asks them not to believe a big fool.

Adhivan asks her to shut up and not all Arak a fool. He says Arak can never steal. Madhumali says i didn’t play any game, these brothers are making you dance as a puppet, I won’t stay here, once my ship gets ready…. They don’t see the bottle. Pranali says we have to find about the bottle. Maharaj says I know Arak will never harm anyone, I don’t know why he went to steal the bottle, I think Angad has stolen this. Pranali says no, he can’t do this. Angad uses his powers. Madhumali comes to him and smiles. Maharaj says just three bottles are given to the heir, I can’t get any other bottle, those three bottles are the key to become the protector of maling lake, else Daanav vanshis can control the lake and change it into bad, if the bottle goes to Daanav vanshi, no, I m scared. She prays. Angad asks what are you doing here. Madhumali says I always know where you are. She sees the place and asks why did you take risk to make this cave. He says there will be ice layer on entire Maling. She laughs. They go. Haran shouts for help. He is trapped inside the ice.

Maharaj gives a bottle and says this will help us catch the thief. Angad washes his hand. His hands turn red colored. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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